• Show Me a Miracle.

    Posted by MissMalini
    February 12, 2009
    Larra Shah and Aarti

    Larra Shah and Aarti Surendranath

    Sabina Chopra, Larra Shah and Dolly Thakore

    Sabina Chopra, Larra Shah and Dolly Thakore

    Larra Shah, Pritish Nandy, Mehra, Dolly Thakore

    Larra Shah, Pritish Nandy, Dolly Thakore
    Mona Singh and Larra Shah

    Mona Singh and Larra Shah

    You know how much Mumbai’s glitterati loves all this hocus pocus business right? Well good thing for Larra Shah who launched her do it yourself Tarot deck called “Miracle Cards” at Olive (Mahalaxmi), Mumbai. The cards got a test run with Pritish Nandy, Dolly Thakore, Sabina Singh, (Larra’s buddy) Sabina Chopra, Aarti Surendranath and Madhoo Shah. Even Mona Singh popped in for a suprise visit as did Nalandaa Bhandari and Rehan Shah.

    I admit I’ve gone the tarot route on occassion when I couldn’t make up my mind about some stuff. And more than anything else it gives you clarity (at best hope) about a situation you may be struggling with. Shirley Bose has always been quite comforting and I’d recommend some face time with her if you get a chance and I quite like Larra’s do-it-yourself option too. In fact she’s on air with me every Monday so call in for a free miracle card reading on 66943943 or send an SMS to ONE <space> your date of birth and your question to 53650.

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    • lakshmi

      My name is Mrs. Lakshmi Pillai, 39 yrs age. Staying in Mumbai, I am suffering from severe kind of allergy due to which I am getting continuous sneezes for the past 26 years. I am allergic to many things like, sour food, cold food, change of climate, dust, etc. Because of my sneezing regularly, both of my ears have got affected for the past 25 years I am suffering my ear disease in which a buzzing sounds in both my ears are coming nonstop buzzing / ringing sounds (sounds similar to lots of bees make humming sounds) comes continuously from both of my ears – 24 hours daily for the past 25years.. This buzzing sound has made my life miserable & disturbing me a lot. I cannot sleep properly. My hearing is also not very clear, there is some percent of deafness also to my ears. I have tried various treatments like, Allopathy, Ayuervedic, Accupressure, Accupuncture, Reiki, etc. but there is absolutely no improvement in my condition. I am very frustrated with my life. Sometimes I feel death is better than my horrible life. I would like to know whether my ear disease will be cured or not ?

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    • Haaz

      Could someone please send me Shirley Bose contact number, email address and resi address please….I have been desperately trying to get in touch with her for a reading since the past month. Appreciate any help please.


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