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    Shruti Hasan's all growns up.

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    Shruti Hasan

    Shruti Hasan

    Kamal Hassan with his family

    Kamal Hassan with his family

    Its amazing really how fast the next generation of Bollywood has come of age (or is this just me cringing from falling into the “older” generation category.) I kind of understand now how my mom feels about the Bollywood stars of her youth. The kids came along but she couldn’t really relate to them. They seemed like sad little replicas of their parents. And now I’m on the other side watching them make Bollywood debut agter Bollywood debut and all I can think is “But he’s no Aamir Khan.” Anyway here’s yet another superstar kid who’s come of age. Watch her opposite Imran Khan in “Luck.”

    Shruti Hasan (who’s interestingly chosen music over film) is Kamal Hasan’s daughter and she’s the star of this Raghav Sachar video. (Raghav incidentally is super talented, he’s learnt an instrument every year of his life and plays a really mean flute. My favorite song from his collection has to be this one… (listen for the flute!)

    Apr 5 , 2009 1:28 pm


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    1. pixie!
      November 17, 2009 at 7:20 pm

      oh nooo! This is soo NOT Shruti Hassan. (in the video).
      I was in the media in South India and I can recognize her in a glance!!

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