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    The Birla Bodyguards

    Yash Birla

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    Avanti and Yash Birla

    Avanti and Yash Birla (file photo)

    Just recently Mridula wrote to ask asked me to clarify if Yash Birla was ever married to the actress Heera Rajgopal and how Avanti fits into this picture so I dug up this info: Avanti and Yash met in college and married a year after the tragic death of his family in a plane crash on February 14, 1990. I don’t think he had time to be married before (although I’m usually too distracted by what he’s wearing to focus on what he’s up to!) As far as Heera Rajgopal goes apparently she was known for serious skin exposure in her films across Tollywood and for an alleged romance with Ajith Kumar which ended when he married Shalini. She married Nikhil Nagarajan in 2000 and now lives in the US after her divorce.

    Randomly enough, last night my friends spotted Yash & Avanti Birla at Riyaaz Amlani’s Salt Water Cafe in Bandra, Mumbai (they serve an amazing breakfast by the way.) Expectedly they were wearing their usual bizarrely coordinated and undoubtedly expensive outfits (like two Hells Angels barbies.) How scary is it that someone gave Yash an award for being the most stylish Industrialist by the way? They also had several buff bodyguards surrounding them at all times. It’s possible these were just their personal trainers as well, no one really knows for sure. But I’m curious why the young Birla scion would need so much security on a night where he and the Mrs. were “grunging it” (relatively speaking) with the rest of us mere mortals?

    It would be pretty ironic if they were doing it to just draw attention to themselves (then again, surely they must know their collective wardrobes take care of that already.) My guess is they’re not taking any chances incase they run in to the fashion police!

    Apr 11 , 2009 4:55 pm


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    1. Shetty
      April 14, 2009 at 7:39 pm

      I am a Tamil film buff!! Actress Heera was married to Avantika’s brother Pushkar Natu in 2002 in Chennai. It was featured in the newspapers and magazines. Avantika and Yash were there. Where this Nikhil came from God knows? Who is he?

    2. Malika
      April 17, 2009 at 6:52 pm

      LOL and LOL. Why do good looking actresses marry bald ugly fat men? That should be your headline. There are plenty. Boy, Avanti and her brother Pushkar look like carbon copies. And Yash looks like a midget…he he he…this woman’s site is interesting. I can see the confusion over who is married to whom. And the Birla’s deliver entertainment no doubt.

    3. Rockon
      October 19, 2009 at 3:23 am

      Are are, chalo is bahne toh Birlo babar ka chance laga. Avanti connections. Manna padega, what a hot top, what a hat body.

    4. PreeT
      June 22, 2010 at 4:49 am

      Snooping around hon and guess what I found? This is an oldie post I know but the news is news darling. If 2 + 2 equals 4, then actress Heera was married to Avanti Birla’s (aka Avanti Natu)brother Pushkar Natu and their family has been “squatting”in Mumbai!!!!! This is behind the scenes of this society babe….tch tch..still choking and not envying their designer duds anymore.

    5. I couldn’t currently have asked for an even better blog. You are there to supply excellent assistance, going instantly to the point for quick understanding of your readership. You’re undoubtedly a terrific pro in this subject matter. Thanks a lot for currently being there guys like me.

    6. Its a Best Blog. I found it on Bing. I will be back here sometime.

    7. missmalini
      April 18, 2009 at 11:42 am

      Oh oops I did my research via Google… basically was trying to figure out if Yash and Heera ever had a thing going, thanks for the info! :)

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