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    Gautam Rode: “I don’t believe in live-in relationship!”

    Gautam Rode

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    Gautam Rode

    Gautam Rode

    I just realized its been AGES since someone’s PR sent me one of these very random (and yet so very entertaining) puff profile pieces on struggling stars. Well the PR machinery rarely disappoints! Here’s one I got today; meet Gautam Rode, the first thing you should know about him (as the email I got ensured I did) is that he doesn’t believe in live-in relationship (not relationships even, just the one apparently) oh go break my heart why don’t you.

    PR: “Having done more than 40 commercials, 2 big banner movies, many television shows and music albums, Gautam Rode speaks about the wannabe woman in his life.”

    From this I am not entirely sure if Mr. Rode (or the PR) knows what “wannabe” actually means…

    PR: “What ideal qualities would you want in your woman?”
    Gautam Rode: “She should be clear-hearted and caring. More then external beauty I would prefer my woman to be internally beautiful.”

    I could make some clean artery joke here but I won’t.

    PR: “Hottest getaway with her?”
    Gautam Rode: “I would love to spend my days with her the beautiful city Trivadrum.”

    Unclear again if the her he’s referring to here is his wannabe woman or the beautiful city of Trivandrum.

    PR: “Would you go for a live-in relationship if necessary?”
    Gautam Rode: “No, I don’t believe in that. We have to respect and follow the rich culture of our great country India.”

    Yikes. (Love the :if necessary” part by the PR too.)

    PR: “If you found your partner having a fling with your best friend, what would you do?”
    Gautam Rode: “See, first of all a person becomes your best friend only after you know each other in and out. Then too any such incident happens than I will prefer to come out from that relationship.”

    Awww, sounds like he speaks from bitter experience doesn’t it?

    PR: “Would you allow your future wife to wear short outfits?”
    Gautam Rode: “Yeah, why not? She can wear anything she likes depending on the occasion. But at the same time she should be sensible enough to understand whether that particular outfit suits her beauty.”

    PR: “Can men and woman ever have a platonic relationship?”
    Gautam Rode:  “Yeah, they can surely have it.”

    Good to know G, good to know!

    PR: “One night stand or commitment?”
    Gautam Rode” “At this moment neither of them. At present I just want to be focused on my career.”

    Lol, was the PR hitting on him here? I feel his views on live-in relationships should lean him towards commitment, but you never know.

    PR: “What if your woman is earning more than you?”
    Gautam Rode: “I will be happy as ultimately our overall earning would be more.”

    As they say in the motherland, “sharing is caring.”

    PR: “Your take on the institution of marriage from the point of view of a bachelor?”
    Gautam Rode: “If you are a bachelor than you will feel a little scared as life changes after marriage. But I think once you get in terms with your new relationship than gradually life starts getting simpler.”

    Gautam, if I were you; I’d be afraid, very afraid too :)

    Oct 14 , 2009 3:23 pm


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    1. AmitL
      October 14, 2009 at 3:33 pm

      ROFL-Malini, thanks for this PR mailer-I almost feel like I know this fellow ‘in and out’(Couldn’t resist that quip after reading the answer about the partner having a fling)..I’d love to know who drafts the questions for these PR mailers…if you want,I am sure you could begin sending out some questions to these ‘wannabe somethings’…even I could add some questions for you to forward, I am sure.:)

    2. LOL nice one, sure I guess I could but the PR does such a stellar job at it why fix what ain’t broke :)

    3. Deepti
      October 14, 2009 at 5:11 pm

      yayyyyyyy!our very own sidey small screen characters are back and how!..each time i think it cant get worse, i am proven wrong…clearly, my beliefs are severely misplaced!!

    4. quirky
      October 14, 2009 at 8:08 pm

      LOLLL ;)…these wannabe small sideys do intrigue me lots !..i just had to come of out my “silent reader” shell and mention that i love ur blog…and it does remind me of another one i used to follow called “bombay bitch” (that shut down unfortunately)…well, anyways…looking fwd !! :)

    5. Chitown Chekkan
      October 15, 2009 at 7:13 am

      This one’s hilarious.Why do I have the feeling that GR’s responses were worked out by the PR himself/herself?Oh and’re blog is super cool..keeps me in touch with whats “in” in the mother land:)

      Love from the Chi

    6. Chitown Chekkan
      October 15, 2009 at 7:14 am

      you’re = your(long day at work and time to down some alcohol)

    7. Deepti, you and me both!

      Hello quirky, I’m glad you did :) Its always nice to hear from “the silent ones!” ;) Thanks for loving my blog! Hahaha hopefully I’m not that big a bitch!

      Hey Chitown (what a cool name) thanks for visiting :) I promise to keep you clued in on the motherland always!

    8. Nida
      October 15, 2009 at 4:52 pm

      PR clearly is trying to figure out how to become G-money’s “wannabe” woman. Oh, Gautam… Gautam… Gautum…. Oh, PR… PR… PR… I feel embarassed on behalf of my (potential) future profession (PR, not acting). And totally agree with Chitown I love knowing what’s ‘in’ in the motherland’s most well known city.

    9. Barf!
      Men who can’t communicate in proper English is such a pet peeve of mine, but makes for excellent Thursday evening – right-after-work entertainment! ;P

    10. Hahaha Nida thanks for dropping by and Jinal I totally agree with you on the communication turn of BIG time!

    11. Parisa
      March 23, 2013 at 5:27 pm

      It’s been a long time i guess.
      Saraswatichandra is on air.
      I’m just searching for his interviews :P

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