• Shockstar Yash.

    Posted by MissMalini
    October 20, 2009
    Yash Birla (photo courtesy: bollywoodmantra.com)

    Yash Birla (photo courtesy: bollywoodmantra.com)

    Its quite possible that its just me but I fear Yash Birla may have taken the whole “Rockstar” theme a tad too seriously at couture week (now I’m just dying to know what Avanti Birla looked like, you know how they always “coordinate” their clothes right?) The thing is the buff body plus the gay hair makes him look like he may have been cross-dressing; too bad Halloween is still a week away or he might just have gotten away with it too! P.S. Boy George called, he wants his highlights back.

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    • http://www.highheelconfidential.com Payal(HHC)

      Since you were curious about Avanti, below is a pic :P

    • sandhya

      If he is like this now, wonder what Halloween would look like! ;)

    • http://www.missmalini.com Malini Agarwal

      Thanks Payal :)
      Sandhya, now tempted to convince my friends to go as HIM for Halloween!

    • eclat

      However rich and famous he may be, I feel a teeny bit of pity, and fear, for the children. I remember being so embarrassed by my parents in my teen wasteland, when the poor things (amazing though I think they are now!) hadn’t done anything even remotely cringe-worthy! On a more positive note, maybe this will make them so unflappable, they’ll be pretty much invincible later in life!

    • http://www.missmalini.com Malini Agarwal

      Haha true true the but maybe the kids will have the same fashion sense who knows! I remember wearing a lot of polka dots as a child which I fear may have left a few scars, thanks mom.

    • paris

      OMG! do i actually see mak-up on his face??? MAKE-UP?!!!! it looks like he has eye shadow, concealer and kajal (?)!!!
      is it just me or do you guys see it too? :)

    • AK

      Like seriously Mr. Birla, whats going on? while i belive each to his own and all that stuff, but i feel its time to drop the pretence and be what u wana be!! lol!!

    • http://www.enalava.com/ jobs in graphic design

      I really don’t accept this particular post. Nonetheless, I had looked with Yahoo and I’ve found out that you are correct and I was thinking in the incorrect way. Keep on writing quality material such as this.

    • gay queer


    • Oleg

      Yash Birla is a homo for sure.Where the hell are the real men gone? All you see nowadays are androgenoous fucking posers all over the place trying their level best to look like women.Are we in the 90’s L.A glam scene again?hello???

    • Ravi

      Going the other way is quite normal among them…. mostly closetted.

    • Arpit

      One word for Yash Birla


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