• Say hello to Kiaan Kapoor!

    Posted by MissMalini
    March 18, 2010
    Karishma, Kiaan and Sanjay Kapoor

    Karishma and Sanjay Kapur

    desiAnd while we’re on the baby talk… Karishma Kapoor named her newly born son Kiaan Raj Kapur which means ‘Grace of God’. FYI its an American Hebrew name and since her husband Sanjay Kapur named their first child Samaira, Karishma wanted to name the second one. Well that’s fair. You know, I’ve never understood why this post was the 2nd most popular ever on my blog! Go figure.
    *From your comments I have to make the following observations, thank you and my apologies!

    a) There is no such thing as American Hebrew you dorks! (The dorks in this case being Karishma and Sanjay) But coming from someone who once changed her name to “Charisma Kapoor” are you really all that surprised?
    b) That is baby # 1, not baby # 2. However in my defense at this stage in their development can you really tell the difference? :)

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    • ak

      i read kareena saying it’s an american hebrew name, and all the papers are repeating it, but how can it be both american and hebrew? the kapoors better get their stories straight! also, apparently, the picture above is their first baby, not the newborn (i was wondering how the papers got a picture so soon).
      btw why is kareena so orange in that other picture?!

    • maddy

      Please put the right pics. Those are pics of the first one.

    • http://www.missmalini.com Malini Agarwal

      I don’t have one yet!

    • Kaviani

      THANK YOU, ak! There is no such thing as “American Hebrew”. Kiaan sounds more Farsi (like Kayan or Kayvus, meaning “King”) or, oddly enough, Irish (where it means “ancient”).

      Maybe they’re trying to say it’s a Native American name? That seems plausible and kinda cool. Or Hebrew-Aramaic? (Though I have no experience w/such a name…I’m half mizrachi and have good familiarity with the Hebrew language and names.)

    • Jhanvi

      That’s not Kiaan! That’s their first child Samaira!

    • http://www.missmalini.com Malini Agarwal

      Lol sorry sorry will update with a new pic once I get it, and I guess they were mistaken on the baby naming o well poor kid’s gonna have some explaining to do!

    • tasneem

      Malini ,,, was the previous post pouplar in terms of Comments or hits?

      abt Karishma’s kid .. congratulations to the couple and family ., cute name but why such a fuss over the origin of the name ???

      Also i read some where tha Kareena gifted a Benz to karishma. oh well a benz replaces a baby basket … life style of the rich and the famous i say :)

    • Kaviani

      “why such a fuss over the origin of the name ???”

      Because to anyone with a clue, the term “American Hebrew” sounds ridiculous. That’s like saying I named a child a “Antarctican Gujarati” name. THERE’S NO SUCH THING. But I agree, the name is a good Farsi or Gaelic name.

    • ak

      tasneem -i only pointed it out because, clearly, the kapoors are confused on the origins of the name. otherwise, it’s a nice name, and assuming they at least got the meaning right, it also has a nice meaning. but i feel bad for the kid if people start calling him out when he explains his parents’ version of where his name comes from. i mean, if somebody told you that tasneem is an urdu american name – wouldn’t you be a bit sceptical? add to the fact that there are very few (if any) american names, period.

      kaviani – i know there is a farsi name ‘keyan’ – maybe kiyan is a variation?

    • http://www.missmalini.com Malini Agarwal

      Tasneem which one? Kajol or China House?

      Lol yeah the whole naming origin is a bit suspect you’re right! I mean you could say anything for kicks like Malini is Indian-Italian for Royalty & Keeper of the Flowers LOL

    • Tinky Ningombam

      I guess there has been so much of an issue with these celebrities to come up innovative and unique names that I guess they have might as well put an extra A to Kian (Kian \kian\ is a variant of Cian (Irish,Gaelic)… Or maybe…maybe they had a word with the million numerologists, ace spiritual gurus of the world to put an extra A. which i think is pretty likely. But as far as they get enough publicity and PR leverage, I guess an “American-Hebrew” debate holds enough flake to keep hype on !
      Such are the days …now “American-Hebrew” has become the exotic, Indian carpet flying snake charmers need to up their antenna in this “Changing” world ! (pun) :D

    • maddy

      and the last name is Kapur and not kapoor:)

    • http://www.missmalini.com Malini Agarwal

      maddy good spot!

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