The Ugly Truth: Pirate Radio with the Boys!

Posted by MissMalini
May 19, 2010
Shaan, Neil and Amit

Shaan, Neil and Amit

bonesIn case you missed it here’s all the audio & video from my session with the boys; Shaan Bhavnani, Amit Keswani and Neil Manapallil on pirate radio. When I’m back from my holiday I’ll get the girls on to do the same :) also everyone who posted questions on my blog they have been answered (or at the very least addressed) so feel free to comment on what you think of their responses (now you get to be honest too.)
Psst! Check out DJ Shaan’s awesome playlist for the show!

This Ain’t A Love Song – Scouting For Girls
Why Don’t You – Gramophonedzie (Original Mix)
Save Tonight - Eagle Eye Cherry

Where Do I Begin – Shirley Bassey (Away Team Mix)
Mamasita – Narcotic Sound & Christian D. (reworked version with Matteo)
Autumn – John Dahlback (Extended Dub)
Sa Trincha - Sa Trincha

Break Your Heart - Taio Cruz Feat. Ludacris
Never Be Your Woman – Wiley Feat. Emeli Sande

Sinnerman – Nina Simone (Felix Da Housecat Mix)
Better - Sono (Laurent Wolf Remix)
Missing - Everything But The Girl (Allexinno Twenty Ten Remix)

Kolingo – Chateau Flight
Lift You Up – Dream City (Original Extended Mix)
The Things You Say – Carnival

Days Go By – Dirty Vegas
I Like The Way You Move – Bodyrockers

I Wanna – Bob Sinclar Feat. Shaggy & Sahara (Radio Mix)
Solo Por Tu Amor – Manuel Franjo
I Know You Want Me – Pitbull (Faith Oz 2010 Remix)

Girl I’m Tryin’ – J. Brazil (Play & Win Extended Mix)
Praise You – Fatboy Slim

Drop The Pressure – Mylo
Stereo Love – Edward Maya & Vika Jigulina (Radio Edit)

The Opposite Of Adults – Chiddy Bang

The Truth is out There

the ugly truth tee's

Psst! Post a comment and you could win a funky “truth” tees courtesy Bluebustees!

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  • DP

    AMAZING post! but seriously, why are the really stupid, dumb, airheaded girls in relationships? there has to be more of a reason than being great in bed.

    Do guys ever go for the confident, intelligent, strong, level headed woman? I rarely see that happen.

  • Mansi

    Loved it! Wish I could have tuned into the whole show! Whats the song thats towards the end of your videos?

  • Malini Agarwal

    Mansi that’s Suketu’s remix of Sean Kingston’s Beautiful Girls (I love it and have adopted it as “my song”) Listen to the full song here:

  • thePURPLEspirit

    Oh come on… I think the guys are letting in on a whole lot lesser than wat they actually feel. I personally have served Agony Aunt for 3 “good quality” guys. Ohhh! A guy going through a heart break is toooough!!! And girls, its not use beating yourself up about it… you “know” when you strike it up… and if you’re confident maybe you could jus make that first call.. but without sounding desperate.. for eg maybe you could call n “make him” ask you out again but DO NOT get physical so the guy knows you’re NOT a booty call!!!

  • Lake

    For the record, the whole listening thing so doesn’t work. Every second person I meet confides in me and as a result I’m permanently ‘one of the boys’. Apparently guys can’t be attracted to you and open up at the same time =/

  • Pri

    Ha ha ha this was funny – although not too informative, as none of the gentleman actually handed out any useful advice for us ladies but managed to make everything all the more confusing (thanks guys).
    On another note – who is the cute guy in the middle? I wish he had actually listed out his number ha ha ha!

  • Malini Agarwal

    Haha Pri I’ll tell him that he’ll be most pleased :)

  • Pri

    Haha :)

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