Michael Learns to Rock with MissMalini

Posted by MissMalini
JULY 13, 2010
Michael Learns to Rock and MissMalini

Michael Learns to Rock and MissMalini

I kid you not I grew up on these guys. Had you asked me 17 years ago what was in my cassette player undoubtedly it would have been MLTR blasting “25 minutes too late” It is both impressive and ever-so-slightly disturbing that a) they are still around b) continue to be HUGE in India when most of my American friends have never heard of them. Oh well, I’m not gonna worry about that and just go ahead and paint my love :)

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  • Kaviani

    LOL, the only reason I ever heard of them was from an Amsterdam vacation back in 2001. I was oblivious before that. (And Jascha’s kind of a babe for a blond!)

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  • Zia from NZ

    OMG!! I remember listening to them ages ago and I have been for a very long time now trying to get my hands on a cd by them… Can you pleaseee tell me where I can order one?? Paint My love!!!!!!

  • Zia from NZ

    And I just realized this post is from 2 years ago!!!