Deepu, Say It Ain’t So!

Posted by MissMalini
August 5, 2010

Siddharth Mallya and Deepika Padukone

Siddhartha Mallya and Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone and Siddharth Mallya

Deepika Padukone and Siddhartha Mallya

OMG, I’m hearing from too many sources that Deepika Padukone and Siddhartha Mallya may be an item ever since she attended a Rajasthan Royals IPL party. Ok, so he may be cute and all but the one time I ran into him in person (at Rishi Acharya’s birthday party in Ra/Play, Phoenix Mills) he chose to introduc himself as “Vijay Mallya’s legitimate son.” Now that’s just sad. I mean why not just stick to “Hi I’m Sidd” and see what happens? Anyhoo, I believe junior Mallya has been raging all over town requesting DJs to spin “uff teri ada” for his bolly-babe on repeat. Awww, that’s soooo sweeeeeet (and just a little gay, some might say) I wonder if papa Mallya approves… or perhaps was hoping to hit some of that sugar himself? There I said it… doh!

Deepika Padukone and Vikay Mallya

Deepika Padukone and Vikay Mallya

Siddharth and Deepika

Siddhartha and Deepika

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  • Nida

    A)I love that you said “hit some of that sugar.” B) Legitimate son looks like a legitimate tool in the last picture. C) I feel creeptastic for noticing, but… I think you mistakenly tweeted Dia Mirza instead of Deepika about this ordeal unless there’s a story there, in which case, share! :)

  • Malini Agarwal

    Haha er oops, yes I meant to Tweet Deepika not Diya (but chances are she wasn’t gonna reply anyway!)
    P.S. Love that you said “legitimate tool” :)

  • Naina

    Sid Mallya is actually gay . Not many people know. I am laughing since every one is talking about it and in real, he prefers boys to girls. :).

  • Kaviani

    Naina, I can totally believe that. Sadly, he’ll be a lifelong closet case. Money like that could never face the truth.

    Also, Daddy Mallya has an *illegitimate* son? I know he has daughters. Help me, I’m clueless.

  • KO

    hmm..hmm…hot girlfriend to cover the “real” truth is not the first.. certain patel chick and puri dude comes to mind.
    I won’t be surprised if mr. mallya has “illegitimate sons”…or sid boy means to say daddy dear was not married to rekha when the girls were conceived…
    the the high society.

  • preethi

    he is FUGLY! hi mals, sorry i’ve been MIA. i’ve started a new job…

  • Splurgerina

    This was one FUNNY write-up!!! I cant stop laughing…you rock!! :D

  • Hema

    You’re so funny:-) Great column! Deepika should run far away from that Sid kid. I don’t see anything redeeming in his looks or manners.

  • Malini Agarwal

    This post was almost extra worth it for all your comments :) love it! xoxo

  • NitashaJ

    You’ve won yourself an admirer with the words “was hoping to hit some of that sugar himself?”. You’ve got guts! Respect.

  • mia

    sid has lost a lot of weight recently and is looking fab. if i was deepika i would think he is too young for me. i can’t see this one lasting. note to deepika: take a break between boyfriends. it helps for getting some perspective.

  • anon

    The ‘legitimate son’ introduction is… highly disturbing, to say the least. I dont know much about him to comment on his personality but his dress sense leaves a lot to be desired. Tight tees and man-cleavage? :O But still, who knows, he could genuinely care for her and be a really nice person.And hilarious article by the way.

    @ mia- Sid is only a couple of years younger than Deepika, which is hardly too young. Anyway, TONS of men have dated much younger women and nobody has had a problem with it. As for her taking a gap between boyfriends, none of us know how long ago she broke up with Ranbir or even if she’s acutally dating this guy. Besides, she’s young, rich, famous and sexy. If that isnt an excuse to have fun, I dont know what is. It could just be a fling and nothing serious. I suggest you broaden your mind a bit and stop judging so harshly. You know nothing about these people or their relationship, how can you tell it wont last?

  • Malini Agarwal

    Congrats on the new job Preethi!

    Splurgerina, Nida, Hema, NitashaJ and anon thank you thank you thank you, I’m trying to adopt the Blair from Gossip Girl credo of telling it like it is (even if its a little naughty/evil!) xoxo

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  • Style Domowe

    Where have you ever found the resource meant for this article? Brilliant reading through Ive subscribed for your site feed.

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