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    FCUK! Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Aamir Khan & Saif Ali Khan are Fashionable.

    Salman Khan

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    blog_miss_maliniWe had to do it at some point, I mean they are the heavy weights in Bollywood. We’re talking about Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Saif Ali Khan and Aamir Khan (just inc ase you didn’t know who we were talking about or in hibernation for 30 odd years!) Let’s also admit at this time, each of us have had a ‘drool over him’ moment over one or all of these leading men. But what makes them so damn appealing? I decided to do quick once over of their style. I’m a 100% sure all of them have stylists, especially when they do guest appearances and award shows. If you want to get the Khan look, then head on down to FCUK keeping these guy’s style in mind!

    Shah Rukh “The King” Khan

    Shahrukh Khan

    Shah Rukh Khan

    Shah Rukh of late has opted for smart tailored waist coats and fitted jackets. Even his laid back style has a comfort/classic feel with light knit tops over washed out denim jeans. A look that’s easy to copy for all our boys who like to ape SRK.

    Salman “The Bad Boy” Khan

    Salman Khan

    Salman Khan

    Salman is usually seen in jeans and a tee worn with a blazer or jacket. He jazzes things up with big belts and statement sun glasses. To get his look, try to get classic garments with an edge, like his white tee that has cigarette holes in it (above). For the ultimate Salman look get a being human t-shirt and wear it tucked in with jeans!

    Saif Ali “The Cool” Khan

    Saif Ali Khan

    Saif Ali Khan

    Saif has that rocker/cool/boy next door act down to a pat. He has the ability to look ultra stylish no matter what he wears. He cleans up well in a suit but at the same time can look rugged in a pair of jeans, tee and a bandana. The key to getting his look is to have that aloof/deep in thought attitude that goes so well with whatever he wears.

    Aamir “the Perfectionist” Khan

    Aamir Khan

    Aamir Khan

    It’s actually a little difficult to judge Aamir style, because he changes his appearance for his upcoming role. He sort of takes on that character’s personality, so we’re left clueless about his personal style. What I can gauge is that he is a jeans and tees kind of guy. An easy to adapt style that’s good for any body type!

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    by Sue Castellino for

    Sue Castellino
    Apr 20 , 2011 9:05 pm


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