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    Happy Birthday Va Va! (With Rahul Bose, Bandana Tewari, Alex Kuruvilla & Narendra Kumar)

    Shruti Thacke

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    Rahul Bose and Bandana Tewari

    Rahul Bose and Bandana Tewari

    me & my sis!

    me & my sis!

    Miranda: “Why did we ever stop drinking these?” Carrie: “Because everyone else started.” Samantha: “Well, that one’s an oldie but goodie.”

    So my sis and I decided to get all dolled up at b:blunt before Vogue India’s digital anniversary soiree at Shiro, just so we’d be suitably “In Vogue” when we got there! Good thing too cos Bandana Tewari was in epic form as the feisty fashionista (armed with a camera crew) scoping out the glitterati from head-to-toe! (I even got a glimpse of her interviewing Rahul Bose on camera) Here’s a peek at how the “geek chic” party (more pix here), a heads up on Vogue’s BlackBerry® Playbook App and The Little Black Book every woman needs! Oh and visit for MissMalini’s celebrity and people & parties blogs too. xoxo
    P.S. I’ve recently rediscovered my love for Cosmopolitans (although I like mine with a twist!)

    Alex Kuruvilla and the Vogue crew

    Alex Kuruvilla and the Vogue crew anniversary party anniversary party anniversary party anniversary party

    Edward Lalrempuia and Divrina Dhingra

    Edward Lalrempuia and Divrina Dhingra anniversary party anniversary party

    Alex Kuruvilla and Narendra Kumar

    Alex Kuruvilla and Narendra Kumar

    MissMalini and Shalini Agarwal

    MissMalini and Shalini Agarwal

    Shruti Thacke

    Shruti Thacke

    Vogue’s BlackBerry® Playbook App

    Vogue Stylist

    Vogue Stylist

    Condé Nast India Digital announced two new applications as part of its digital product portfolio – The Luxury Guide to India by Condé Nast Traveller India and Vogue Stylist by Vogue India. Exclusively launched with the BlackBerry® Playbook (yup they launched, with Salman Khan no less!) and BlackBerry smartphones, both applications will be available on BlackBerry App world for free download. You can bet Vogue India’s digital style assistant, Vogue Stylist is a chic, interactive application that offers customised trends, tips and advice, from real time access to the latest fashion runway trends, celebrity styles and, more importantly, personalised fashion advice from Vogue India’s esteemed panel of experts within 72 hours! (I can think of at least a dozen divas who would spend a lot less time being fashion-policed on this blog alone if they has this nifty gadget!)

    Vogue’s Little Black Book

    Vogue June 2011

    Vogue June 2011

    The Vogue India June 2011 issue came with a book of secrets called The Little Black Book – a compilation of all the shopping secrets, the book is every shopaholic’s best friend! With  500 + shopping secrets the book has a list of some of the favorite places to shop and eat in the cities of Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad and Kolkatta and occasionally Ahmedabad and Pune. A guide to all things fabulous from the people who know all things fabulous, to all the cities best shopping spots which helps simplify and organize your schedule. From bridal wear to trendy ready to wear, fashion accessories, to beauty parlors and makeup artists, home décor stores, cake shops, caterers and bartenders, gifting items for baby showers, corporate gifts, flowers and more, it even covers pet care!

    P.S. Plus Rihanna’s on the cover with flaming red hair, #keeper!

    Jul 3 , 2011 3:46 pm


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