• Uggie, The Artist Dog: The Real Star of 2012 Oscars?

    Posted by Zina Tasreen
    March 1, 2012

    Katy Perry with Uggie at The Weinstein Company pre-Oscars bash

    Right friends, I presume you all know that my affection for Uggie The Artist Dog, and dogs in general, knows no bounds. So, naturally, the biggest star of the 2012 Oscars for me, was, not Brad Pitt/George Clooney/Tom Cruise, but, HIM! His pre-Oscars schedule could “rival any star in town”. Like all star attendants, he too had a preening session, and had a giant of a luxury brand dressing him. And it doesn’t just stop there! At the ceremony, he was more in demand than his human co-stars from the award-winning film, The Artist! SO, allow me to fill you in on the starry adventures of this wonder pooch :-D

    Uggie taking it easy, at Chateau Mormont, before his big Oscar night 

    It started on Saturday the 25th February, with him and his entourage (!!) arriving at the Chateau Mormont Hotel at Sunset Boulevard for a primping and pampering session for the Oscar night. To break things up a little, he went for a walk in the Chateau gardens, and soon attracted a crowd. This was the fabled Chateau Mormont we’re talking about, where people have seen one too many Hollywood stars (and their antics!) to be bothered to move from their seats if any strolled past them now. But, they created quite a scene, and like a seasoned star, Uggs took all the adoration into his stride!

    Uggie with Caroline Scheufele, the co-president and artistic director of Chopard, at The Weinstein Company pre-Oscars bash

    Then later on in the evening, he attended The Weinstein Company pre-Oscar bash at Soho House, where he donned a Chopard collar of leather and 18-karat rose gold, to fit in with all the decked-out celebs at the party! This collar, along with the one he was to wear to the Oscars, were specially made for him by Caroline Scheufele, the co-president and artistic director of the 150-year old Swiss jeweller. And of course, he was a big hit at the party, and posed for pictures with a host of stars (like Katy Perry).

    The spotlight went to a seated Uggie at the Kodak Theatre as Billy Crystal, the Oscar host, talked about him

    Uggie on stage to receive the Best Picture award with the rest of the cast

    For the main event, he wore a black satin bow-tie with an 18-karat gold bone-shaped charm enngraved with his name. He got up on stage with The Artist cast to receive the Best Picture award ‒ and I died!

    Uggie with Jean Dujardin on stage (top left); Uggie with The Artist cast backstage (bottom left); Uggie in the arms of Georgina Chapman, co-founder/designer of the fashion label Marchesa and wife of Harvey Weinstein (yep, that’s him next to her!), at a post-Oscar bash (right)

    Afterwards, he got the bulk of the attention from the media, with one network show going to great lengths to get hold of him, all the while ignoring his two-legged co-stars who were available to give interviews!

    The collar Uggs wore to The Weinstein Company pre-Oscar bash

    The collar he wore to the Oscars… :-D

    Both the collars are now up for auction, and all the proceeds will go to The Amanda Foundation, a charity dedicated to rescuing cats and dogs from death row in the pounds of LA. “I was completely charmed by Uggie’s role in The Artist,” said Caroline Scheufele in a statement. “Knowing that Uggie is a rescue dog, it inspired me to create a unique piece to benefit an important cause.”

    Uggs at the Oscars!!

    Fellow Uggie lovers, sadly he’s retired from movies now and will only be seen on the odd commercial, as he has gotten old (bless!) and is suffering from a mysterious neurological disorder. But on the bright side, he’s become the “spokesdog” for Nintendo 3DS‘s pet-related games, Nintendogs and Nintencats, so he wouldn’t be falling completely off our radar :-)

    So, friends, who do you think was the bigger star of the 2012 Oscars: Uggie or Angie’s right leg?

    P.S.: If you want to waste some more time…

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