Get With It: Fedora

Posted by Karen Alfonso
July 7, 2012

Fedora Chic (photo courtesy |

Today’s Word of the Day is Fedora.

It’s one of the best fashion accessories to beat the heat and protect your hair from the scorching sun. Originally a men’s hat, the style became popular during the 1940s. Believe it or not, the name originated from the play Fédora, whose central character wore a hat much like the Fedora!


Fedora (photo courtesy | atwestfield)

The Fedora is characterized by a brim and “pinched” appearance at the crown. Originally made up of felt, straw variants can also found.

Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones (photo courtesy |

The ’80s film series Indiana Jones brought the hat to the silver screen with Harrison Ford sporting it as part of his character.

Michael Jackson Smooth Criminal

Michael Jackson in Smooth Criminal (photo courtesy |

If Indiana Jones made the fedora popular, the King of Pop Michael Jackson made it iconic in his classic song Smooth Criminal also  including it in many of his dance routines and off-duty style.

Celebs who love Fedoras

Preity Zinta, Katie Holmes and Diane Kruger

Style Tip: If wearing a fedora for a casual event opt for a straw one like Diane Kruger. For a semi-casual do, take a cue from Preity Zinta who styled hers with a sparkly waistcoat and ganji. Katie Holmes stepped out looking incognito with oversized shades. I personally love Diane’s look the best with her easy plait and ribbon accent. Do you love fedoras? Let me know!

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    • wkjerlkwe

      dear alfanso, u might want to get ur fashion vocabulary straight before u go off blabbing and calling ANY HAT a fedora.
      ps: again, could u get any more mundane? FEDORAS really, thats interesting to u? i swear my 10yr old niece has more talent than u. alright, tehre might not be anything entertaining going on in the world, but u could atleast make an effort to try to make your 100 words exciting, entertaining or even slightly alluring.

      ……..someone fire this one please.

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