Sunny Leone is Actually Karenjit Kaur!

Posted by MissMalini
August 3, 2012


One Angry Bombay Girl just tweeted this picture and I 2nd that #facepalm *lol*.

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  • bheda ghark

    bheda ghark hove iss da, ine vi punjabi hoda sii….. sunny leone badi anrezi bandi phirti hai, cheap slut

  • San be

    @ghark: Whats so wrong that she changed her name? I don’t get the big fuss. She was in the Canadian industry at that point, clearly she went for an English screen name. If all this hubaloo is over her being in the porn industry, then move over it! Yes, none of us appreciate working in the porn indistry, but the point is she’s moving on.
    Live and let live. x

  • Zia

    1931?? Does that make her 81?? Gosh she looks great for a 80 year old!! Hahaha

  • MissMalini

    Hahaha Zia I thought so too and did a double take I think it’s 1981 :) xoxo

  • Chetna

    Oh teri !!

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  • Renuka

    Is the fuss over her having a Punjabi name or just being of Indian origin…I was under the assumption that everyone had seen this picture that you posted above..It even says her real name on Wiki…lol

  • werwe

    i hope the people who took the picture and then those who have been spreading it around face legal persecutions.
    on another note, u know she doesn’t lose a minutes sleep because of what any of you think or say and at the end of the day, she makes more than most you in a month and she did herself, with her hardwork, not like most ofyou who mooch off your parents.

  • Wendy

    @werwe: we dont care if she loses a minutes sleep.. as it is, she is busy sleeping with others so how can she lose sleep. lol. and we also dont care if she makes more than any of us in a month.. because making money cheaply is easy, making money the hard way is difficult.. probably the likes of you don’t understand that. And what you regard as her ” hard work” is easy cheap work for any woman. Any woman can go that way, but all self-respecting women DONT. And yeah, u r rite.. she doesn’t mooch off her parents, instead she gives blow jobs to cheapskates like you. you seem like her one-time customer. anyway, who cares for ” screwed” ppl like you.

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