Get This Look: Sonam Kapoor Dazzles Brighter Than Diamonds at IIJW

Posted by Ranjit Rodricks
August 20, 2012
Sonam Kapoor at IIJW 2012

Sonam Kapoor at IIJW 2012

Being the brand ambassador for India International Jewelry Week in Mumbai, actress Sonam Kapoor put on her most dazzling smile, and a bottle-green Dolce & Gabbana strapless gown. She accessorized with a glittering diamond necklace by Nirav Modi

Quite the sparkler, isn’t she?

Pix: Khyati Gandhi for MissMalini

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    • BhavikaL

      Sonam looks fab! loving the hair, make up, outfit and jewellery <3

    • b

      Why don’t you guys do a “Get this look for less” feature? It seems improbable that a majority of your readers are able to afford a Dolce and Gabbana gown and a Nirav Modhi diamond necklace.

    • Ranjit Rodricks

      @b: Hey “b” , Tnx for writing in! It’s a nice idea there and our Fashion Blogger, Karen, does it quite often. Also, we do a “Get This look” as a guide for people who like the style statements!

      Of course, we don’t suggest that everyone rush out to by D&G or Versace. But sometimes, a hunt at Ur neighborhood boutique can find U some striking similar stuff. Or better still, buy fabric and get your local darzi to stitch a similar dress.

      Keep writing in. Hve a nice day! Cheers :)

    • subhamay sinha

      i look her and found that she iwas so sexy in sreapless dress

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