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    Here’s What’s BRUing: Coffee from Guatemala!

    Bru Exotica's Guatemala Coffee

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    Bru Exotica's Guatemala Coffee

    Bru Exotica's Guatemala Coffee

    Remember when we asked you to help BRU Exotica decide which coffee they should bring to India? Well, your opinions sealed the deal – it’s coffee from Guatemala! And want to know what’s interesting? We’re reading the description of Guatemalan coffee and thinking that it really suits their brand ambassador, Shahid Kapoor. Here’s what we mean:

    The essence of Guatemalan coffee is its flavor – a little sweet and a little spicy, a little chocolaty and a little hot! Apart from its sweet, lingering aroma, Guatemalan coffee can sometimes have slight tanginess. It’s like a little surprise in our coffee. It’s made to excite your taste buds and everyone needs a cup of excitement in their life.

    See what we mean?! Shahid is originally known for his chocolate boy image, but as of late he’s been giving everyone a bit of a surprise. The bad boy in him is emerging; the kameena (Kaminey) and badmaash (Badmaash Company) side of him. So a little sweet and a little spicy, don’t you think that suits his image perfectly? ;)

    Bru Exotica's Guatemala Coffee

    Bru Exotica's Guatemala Coffee

    Psst, here’s a fun fact: Guatemalan coffee is actually eco-friendly, since the beans are shade grown – not only is this method easy on the environment, it helps yield deep and intense textures. Plus, the region of Guatemala is known for its lush rainfall, altitude and humidity, which all come together to make really premium beans. The best part about it? You don’t actually have to travel to Guatemala for the coffee; it’s coming to India, all thanks to you guys!

    For more info on BRU’s exotic flavors check out their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter - @WhatsBRUing

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    Sep 4 , 2012 12:44 pm


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