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    Page 3 Does Karaoke!

    Winner, Thea Shroff

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    Winner, Thea Shroff

    Winner, Thea Shroff

    The Friendship and the No.1 Friendzy round was a fun-filled night out where karaoke lovers came together in large numbers crooning their favorite numbers at The Irish House as part of the McDowell’s No. 1 Karaoke Word Championship West Zonal finale.

    Leslie Lewis

    Leslie Lewis

    Mansi Scott

    Mansi Scott

    Reaching out to a packed house of 250 people, the karaoke nights proved to be a huge success by bringing in a lot of energy, live wire entertainment and some serious competition. Inviting celebrities and judges like Leslie Lewis, Neeti Mohan, Mansi Scott and Gaurav Dagaonkar attracted a lot of participation from the people and gave them a good reason to bring out their talent and make their voices heard.

    Neeti Mohan

    Neeti Mohan

    To make the event even more interesting the judges sang a solo song themselves. The winners of the event proved a point to everyone by showing off their skills and talent in the final round and deservedly they have gone a step closer to winning a trip to Finland to take over the global platform.

    Winner, Sushant Divgikar

    Winner, Sushant Divgikar

    KWC West Zone winners with Judges

    KWC West Zone winners with Judges

    The winner in the male category was Sushant Divgikar and in the female category Thea Shroff with a wild card entry for Albert Barton. Taking forward the excitement, it is now time to take the Karaoke success to the next step by going into the zonal finals in the last city in Hyderabad! The world finale of this unique event will be in the last week of November in Finland.

    Ranjit Rodricks
    Sep 18 , 2012 3:58 pm


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