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    Why Did Sunny Leone Get 1 Crore?

    Sunny Leone in Jism 2

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    Sunny Leone in Jism 2

    Sunny Leone in Jism 2

    Well, that appears to be the exact sum Sunny Leone has banked for starring in Ragini MMS. I’m told Ekta Kapoor signed the porn princess for a sequel to Ragini MMS way before the release of her first film, Jism 2. But wasn’t Jism 2 a massive flop? Of course the jury’s out if that was because the masses got a lot less skin then they were expecting from Miss Leone in Jism 2. What does Sunny have to say? She’s sorry she disappointed her fans and has promised she won’t let them down again. Oh boy, I can only imagine what that means!

    The Real ‘Ragini’ of the Ragini MMS Speaks Up

    Sep 20 , 2012 12:54 pm


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