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    Mallika Sherawat Collaborates with Bruno Mars!

    Mallika Sherawat and Bruno Mars

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    Mallika Sherawat and Bruno Mars

    Mallika Sherawat and Bruno Mars

    Yes, you read that right… Mallika Sherawat recently landed herself a video alongside Bruno Mars! Wanna have a look?

    Bruno recently shot a parody video of Salt ‘N’ Pepa‘s Whatta Man, and Mallika shows up during a few scenes where he plays a spy. Here’s what Mallika told TOI about her experience:

    Mallika says, “Just The Way You Are is one of my all-time-favourites. So when my manager called to ask if I’d do a video with Bruno, it took me barely a second to say yes. Shooting the video was so much fun, because Bruno is a great guy and it was a wonderful experience working with him.”

    Rashmi Daryanani
    Sep 22 , 2012 9:27 am


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    1. Rebecca
      September 22, 2012 at 12:12 pm

      Nice but for a parody it didn’t make me laugh at all.

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