5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Experience Music Concerts

Posted by Marv D'Souza
October 19, 2012
Florence Welch on stage, the thrill Of being at a concert

Florence Welch on stage, the thrill of being at a concert

Ever seen your favourite musician in concert on TV or the internet and wished you were there? Except you weren’t, because the prices were high, the tickets were sold-out or you were miles away from the venue. These kinds of concerts should be accessible to you at least once in your lifetime. Here’s why…

1) To witness the passion of the artist

There are singers and then there are artists. Artists who write, produce and perform music that is soulful or love-ridden or uplifting or simply beautiful. Radiohead, Lamb, Imogen Heap and Florence & the Machine are just a few names that you need to witness to feel the music. They have this urge to come out of their bodies and be honest through their music. And before you know it, you are on that journey with them. That’s the passion that everyone should have a chance to witness.

2) To witness dancers defying laws of gravity

Some musicians have dance routines that amplify the experience. Madonna, Pink, Lady Gaga and others pick and choose their dancers one by one. Their choreography is strong, their rehearsals are boot-camps, their timing is impeccable and the result is sheer genius. Watch these dancers defy the laws of nature to tell a story through two hours of performance.  To witness such motion at the speed of light with the agility of a ninja warrior is another reason to be at a concert like this.

3) To witness acts that leave you spellbound

Sometimes you go to a concert knowing what to expect. But artists like Lady Gaga, Pink… even Ozzy Osbourne have another plan in mind. They plan to surprise you. You expect them to come on stage, sing, jump, say a cordial thank you and leave. But instead they come on stage, sing, jump, climb up a pole, swing from a rope, shoot fireworks from their breast and if you’re “lucky” they might just do something that you will never forget for the rest of your life. You have witnessed your artist’s inner being. They have just given you a taste of what they want you to leave with. You are left shivering, shell-shocked and spellbound.

4) To witness the production value

Bands like Coldplay, Metallica and U2 have a taste for high visual drama. With huge screens, powerful laser-lights and fireworks, their shows are nothing short of theatricality. Right from the opening to the finish, you can be lost in the crescendo, visuals and smoke-filled arena. So high is the value of the show that for a minute you may see how vulnerable you are in front of  it. That feeling is reason enough to be at a concert.

5) To witness the audience loose themselves

Ever been in a room filled with strangers, sweating, jumping and yet having a good time? Now change that room into a huge field with lasers in the sky and music surrounding you. A field where every person present is one with each other; hearing, seeing and feeling the same beat. You are cramped for space but yet you want to dance, so you all just jump together with your hands in the air. Gloriously equipped with glow-sticks, UV paints, and posters, whatever makes you happy. No-one cares how “weird” you dance or what you are wearing, because you will all be lost into the music – you will be one.

Concerts are the best way to keep music alive. Yes, we all love listening to music on our iPods, in the club, on our way to work. But to listen to it live and in a way the artist wants you to experience it, now that’s something else.

Here’s to the chance of having the concert culture in our country pick up, giving everyone a chance to witness, music and art. Things might be different here, but there is always hope! Have you been to a concert that you will never forget?

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  • Thomas Richard

    absolute non sense..
    Marv has no idea about how concerts are even successful
    Concerts/events in India are not supported by high sponsorship amounts

    Moreover sponsors dont pay upfront here, they pay over certain caps over a long span….

    Its all about the money…

    Do some research before claiming why we need to bla bla ..

    Retards and Kids posting senseless articles here nowadays..

    R.I.P. MissMalini.com

  • Marv D’Souza

    Hey Thomas,
    This piece wasn’t meant to degrade anything technical..

    I am pro music and concerts… and just wanted to share a few things i like about concerts… and if there are people out there who don’t like or haven’t thought of experiencing one.. why they should.

    Thanks for reading… but such hatred … its unkind..
    Cheers :)

  • Ankit

    yes yes yes! god..wouldd love so much for India to have concerts like this. you’re the retard Thomas…what a hater. I would imagine you have no real love of true artists in your heart at all. Who cares about the money, and why it’s difficult to have concerts like this in India…the point is we need them. If every teenager from India would see a concert like this abroad there would be so much demand for it here, and that would entice the sponsors to put up. awesome post!

  • Ankit

    and btw Thomas the hater…sponsors are starting to pay upfront. you clearly don’t have any insight into how the music scene is starting to catch up here

  • Christie

    haha well said Ankit. I just Florence + The Machine ..totally agree what the writer is talking about. Thomas you’re a freaking loser man…get a life.

  • Christie

    ** just saw them that is…in LA…amazing show

  • Sasha

    the music scene in india is ……slowly catchin on.. at a turtles pace, but hey something better than nothing.
    indias the place where there are more people to you have to bribe just to get a single permit.
    the bigger concern with anything in india is safety!! these ‘concert’s are FULL of men, and honestly, the level of corruption amongst govt officials leaves a person with no faith in a police official to ever be there when they are needed.
    I agree with thomas, it IS all about the money, its INDIA for cryin out loud. Unless you bribe someone you can’t get anything done. Btw, Ankit genius, not all American/European concerts are geared towards ‘teens’

  • Marv D’Souza

    You know What, I agree with everything you guys are saying.
    But nowhere have I made a statement comparing Indian music season to be inferiors..

    All this piece is about the joy of watching a concert.

    Having said that.. debate is great..
    This piece was a light fluffy read… and nothing intense

    Thanks you guys

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  • Adakitta

    I don’t know man. The venues in the States have a stranglehold on ticket prices. I stopped going to concerts, can’t afford them…it’s outrageous, back in the late 80s you could at least buy nosebleed tickets in the way back for 50 bucks….now even those will set you back 200….it IS a money game. I’m all for the concert experience…as long as you keep the money men like ticket master and the like out of it….which I very much doubt is possible…

  • http://head2heels-roxanne.blogspot.com Roxanne

    Thomas is kind of right.. In India, everything is about money..

    But Marv this post just speaks for itself..
    I watched INXS in Mumbai (years ago) which was just soo blah.. INXS for crying out loud!!
    And then I saw Aerosmith in Bangalore too.. Atleast that was still okay.
    I’ve seen videos of both bands and their concerts, and I went with great expectations. But in India, the budget, taxes and safety issues make all of us music lovers miss out on so much!

    And then I caught Green Day in Milan, Italy (2009) and I must say they are my all time favorite band, and I was completely blown away.. from the light to the sound and effects!! I paid 50euros for my ticket cuz I bought it outside the venue itself, and it actually cost 29.99. But it was so worth it. Here in India, we pay the same value for our tickets, but we get almost nothing!

  • http://www.missmalini.com MissMalini

    I love the energy at live concerts and badly wish we had a wider range of good talent coming to India to perform. I think the reason they stay out of Bombay are the ridiculous taxes they have to pay the government. I guess its a vicious circle because the talent generally costs a bomb to bring over… but I agree with all of Marv’s reasons why we should have these experiences. After all the greatest thing you’ll ever learn is how to love and be loved in return (and there’s nothing quite like jumping up and down with a roomful of strangers with adrenaline in your blood and a big grin on your face!) PS. Dear Psy, Mumbai would like to see Gangam Style in the flesh. xoxo

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