Yash Birla’s 100% Fitness DVD Launch = 100% Hilarious.

Posted by MissMalini
October 24, 2012
John Abraham and Yash Birla

John Abraham and Yash Birla

Yash Birla's belt

Yash Birla's belt

Ahahahahaha, just what I needed to brighten up my Wednesday afternoon. There goes Yash Birla again, begging to be arrested by the fashion police! Somebody should really read this blog – 10 Things Men Should Never Wear – is all I’m saying. Anyway John Abraham looks positively studly, dwarfing little Yash in the bargain, oops. Yup, 100% entertainment gar-on-teed! Hmmm, I might just have to buy this DVD just so I can write a funny blog about it. >:)
PS. Meanwhile the wifey, Avantika Birla was unusually soberly dressed, what gives? Wanna see?

Avantika and Yash Birla

Avantika and Yash Birla

John Abraham and Yash Birla

John Abraham and Yash Birla

John Abraham

John Abraham

John Abraham and Yash Birla

John Abraham and Yash Birla

John Abraham and Yash Birla

John Abraham and Yash Birla

John Abraham and Yash Birla

John Abraham and Yash Birla


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  • Nisha B

    They look like Yin and Yang..Coloured contacts and lip gloss??really Yash?Famous surname and money surely doesn’t buy you taste and fashion sense..So puke worthy.

    • Perryinjax


  • Karen Alfonso

    His hair reminds me of that infamous scene There’s Something About Mary. Oh and Kim Kardashian called. She wants her bronzer back.

  • Marv D’Souza

    is it just me or Yash’s cleavage is better than his wife’s….
    Not a compliment.. obviously

  • http://www.missmalini.com MissMalini

    Hahahaha I have no words. These comments are cracking me up :)
    PS. Marv he broke your rules of what not to wear! xoxo

  • Jasvinder

    My My! John looks just wow! *Drooling*
    Meanwhile I haven’t ever seen Yash Birla soberly dressed!

  • Shifa

    Yash decided to slap on foundation, lipgloss, spray tan, coloured contacts and a scoop of hair gel at the same time. Fitness or more like how to like an Essex girl!

  • Sameera Sen

    Wow, John Abraham looks fantastic! And what the hell is he doing launching someone else’s fitness DVD? John, you are the best person to launch your own health & fitness DVD! I mean look at him…………he’s almost 40!

  • Tina

    Please send a copy of this DVD to the Chopras, it’s the perfect thing to cheer them up…

  • Aditi

    Anyone can look like a drag queen, Yash Birla, with all that money , just manages to look the King of them all! Or NOT. Ugh.

  • Nidhi

    Dont you guys remember that Rajeev Masand article that pol-kholofied this weirdo and subsequently the Birlas used their clout to bring that website down and get the article taken off the net? But someone has copy pasted the story here -http://www.bollywhat-forum.com/index.php?topic=4784.950

    Look for the heading- Gay Philanderer on this page

  • InternetLully

    I’m not into the gay/emo scene so I wont comment on his choice of style, but i may checkout the dvd for some work out and nutrition tips (if there are any)

  • monish

    Yash Birla a live example of things WHAT NOT TO WEAR FOR A GUY. I understand a little bit of glamour added, but this is too much, three much more of fashion much much :-))

  • manjulika

    Some one rightly pointed YASH BIRLA looks more like a DRAG QUEEN than a fitness freek.I am suprised that John would even stand next to him.

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  • Vaishakhi

    Yikes!! Look at Yash Birla’s shoes…!! and LIPGLOSS!??!! OMG


    hi,…i am very impressed with your body maintain,….i request you please give me tipe for build a good body normal because i an look very cool but i have no body language so, i am very upset,….also my parent not aloow to go jim so,please give some tip for build body…..thanking you.

  • jsdc007

    Poor guy, he’s what? 46? And he’s still trying to dress and look like a 22 year old Puerto Rican hustler, circa 1986. Someone outside his circle of chamchas needs to tell his himbo that he looks like a Bratz doll on steroids.

  • Perry Lee

    It is a shame how badly he has turned good luck into such a nightmare. . Born with good looks, he had so obviously ruined that, born with a famous name, he has so obviously embarrassed himselfin the press, born with so much wealth, he is a perfect example of NOT what to do to yourself with access to much money. He looks like a cartoon of a rediculous mess. I think the one description I read is perfect; "A BRATZ DOLL ON STEROIDS" LOL!
    He obviously needs to get rid of his enterauge of "yes men" and also fire his stylist.
    Mr. Birla, you need to entirely rethink your decisions. There are so many young men born into money that are respectable looking, worthy of envy, and even admirable… but you are a bad punchline to a bad joke. Please don't dismiss me as jealoisjealous of your money, because my intentions have your best interest at heart, hoping you will wake up while there is still some time left to salvage your legacy… because right now, I feel sorry for you :(
    Maybe you are too far gone, idk. Maybe you could look in the press for people born into your similar silver spoon circumstances, but guys that people respect and admire instead of laugh at. Try to totally overhaul your entire life to be more like them. Or be more like the way your obviously self authored "approved version" fake wiki page describes you.

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