Salman Khan’s Farmhouse to Double as an Animal Shelter

Posted by MissMalini
November 20, 2012
Salman Khan

Salman Khan

We’ve had a lot of puppy love on the blog today so I’m happy to add a lucky third! Apparently dog-lover Salman Khan is planning to open his very own animal rescue shelter (mostly for stray dogs) at his panvel farmhouse and he’s already got his people on it!

He’s wanted to do this ever since his two boxers Myson and Myjaan died and his staff in panvel have already been directed to take care of strays. I wonder if we can get a word across for these little fellas and get them adopted by Bollywood royalty, I swear they have a face for television and since there are 10 he won’t have any trouble finding doubles!

Sallu’s dog-blog

Written June 17, 2008, 12.00am IST

Salman Khan with his dogs

Salman Khan with his dogs

Dedicated to the ones who wait for us across the rainbow bridge…

When I return home from shooting everyday, as a routine, I first spend time with my two champions, whom I’ve named Myson and Myjaan. They are my life and I am passionate about them. While I do not humanize them I dislike referring to them as dogs or my pets.

This is because they are a part of me, my family and they share my every joy and sorrow. They understand me completely and there is such a big bond, such a rapport that I share with them that it moves me beyond words.

The best time whenever I get a Sunday off is the time I spend being with them. Myjaan is far smarter and naughtier than Myson, she always insists I pet her first and creates a big fuss if I get to Myson before her. They are also my sounding boards; they ground me and help me to think.

When I go on long outdoor stints and cannot take them with me, I speak to them on the phone. I have an amplifier system installed at home, so that they can hear me loud and clear… and I can feel them close with the sounds that they make. My domestic staff tells me that they recognize my voice and respond to it. Myjaan of course has to be first to run to the door in breathless anticipation but Myson – he is smarter and more patient. He knows that I’m away and that I will return. Time stands still for them and the sunshines once again when I am near them… like I am today!

From them I learn patience and forbearance. The unconditional love that they teach me to share is timeless and beautiful. Love like this is the highest kind of love. It finds joy in others no matter what, because it recognizes the freedom of those we love, and doesn’t chain them to our own wants. It is the same kind of love God has for us.”

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  • sara

    thanks wow is really nice and sad story

  • bulbull

    this is why i love him god bless you man

  • potatopie

    thats exactly what i’d do if i had bad press about shooting endangered animals, cos you know, i’m macho like that.

  • miss faustina akkara

    this thouught is so very beautiful the blessings these dumb sensible sweethearts will give u will save always in times when u cry to Almighty God He will reward u a 100 fold God bless u Salman.

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