Spy Quest: Get Your Bollywood Rumours Verified, NOW!

Posted by MissMalini
December 8, 2012
photo courtesy | popculturez.com

photo courtesy | popculturez.com

Psst! What’s the one Bollywood rumor you’ve heard that you’re dying to find out is true or not?

It happens to me all the time, a “little birdie” tells me this or that and then I just have to know how much of it is true! Now we’ve got a direct link to Bollywood’s biggest juice factory and I thought I’d ask you what you wanna know first! Clarify those rumours, confirm those doubts! Leave me a comment below and I’ll get my spies on the job right away, I promise :) xoxo

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  • Aakriti

    I would love to know about the actual news about Salman Khan, anything true about him coz i follow his news alot but most of the times those news are fake. I am crazy about Salman and hence I would love to know something more about him. :)

    • Apple

      Two things – Katrina Kaif’s past, and bollywood star wives doing drugs. What fun this is!

  • Prerna Arora

    I want to know the truth about Bachchan clan. If Ash is more than close to her FIL as suggested by “rumours”? Also truth about SRK if he acutally had something to do with Piggy Chops? This should suffice my curiosity for now, thank you! :)

    • shhh

      True that! Once the whole Bachchan clan went to Goa for a holiday….while Big B and Ash were shacked up together, Abhi was having fun with some boys that he picked up and the mother of the family was getting hammered at the bar!!!!! Aradhya is not chota B’s baby she is Big B’s khoon pasina and mehenat!!

  • http://oneshotoneplace.com Tina

    whether or not:
    Ranbir and Katrina are dating?
    Deepika and Ranveer are dating?
    Arjun and Anushka are dating?

  • mia

    love katrina n ranbir..i wanna know if they r dating for sure:)

  • K

    Were Abhishek Bahchan and Rani Mukherji ever dating? Is it true that Hrithik and Kareena had a fling even after he got married to Suzanne?

  • Kaviani

    Is Priyanka Chopra really diagnosed with BPD?
    Who has had abortions? Kaif?
    Who is in a sham-marriage and in reality gay?

    Keep it juicy!!

  • Smita

    Are most bollywood marriages “open marriages” where husbands and wives sleep around with other people?

  • delhigirl

    Does ash rai wear colour lenses because in too many of her photos the rims of contact lenses are visible in close ups.

    • Yomayo

      No, her eyes are really blue-grey in colour. I was her classmate from Upper KG to 10th in Arya Vidya Mandir & have seen her eyes up close practically everyday in those years.

  • MrsDoubtfire

    I have read somewhere that the movie ‘heroine’ is 80 percent reality, can we know which part represented which actress?
    Why are actresses like Tabu, Urmila, PZ etc who are that accomplished in their field end up being single?
    PZ’s movie Ishq in Paris seems to have been shelved what is the mystery on that?
    More light on Ajay Devgan’s affair with Kangana please….and his torrid affairs in the industry.
    Yash Chopra slept with Aishwarya Rai, Rani, PZ for real?

  • Nabeela

    MrsDoubtfire, I don’t think it was Yash Chopra rumour. I remember reading somewhere that it was Yash Johar who was linked with Rani. I don’t think these are true anyway.

  • varun

    Are Ranbir and Katrina like ‘really really serious’ about each other. Got to know this, they have been fooling the media way too much.

  • GossipQueen

    Is SRK bisexual? Heard he was caught in a car few years back with his pants down with Kjo!!!

  • Alejandra

    Anushka Sharma and Ranveer Singh actually kissed in Shahid Kapoor’s party in Goa? Is Anushka why then reject all jobs with Ranveer? And now she regrets it and is jealous of Deepika?
    Ranveer and Anushka had a secret affair?….. Please this about Anush drive me crazy

  • Harpreet

    Which actresses past and present have been high end prostitutes?
    I’ve heard Karishma Kapoor was an escort and that’s why Bachans broke the likely marriage with Abhi.

  • Aash

    Is Tushar Kapoor Gay?? And his sister ekta kapoor lesbian?

  • Anu

    Y did Abhi and Karisma call off their marriage?

  • http://www.missmalini.com MissMalini

    Keep em coming my spies are on it and you’ll get some of your answers soon soon! :) xoxo

  • Lily

    Plastic surgery!? Who’s got the what?

  • thyaafrica


  • Nidhi

    The rumour about Yash Birla and Sharman Joshi?

  • shalini

    OMG…. this is one post where the reviews are more spicier than the content !!!

    Awesome !!!

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  • Dana

    I’ve recently come across your blog as I’ve recently gotten into bollywood after accidentally watching “Rockstar” and being charmed by Ranbir Kapoor’s performance, went on to read almost all the gossip about him and Kat and like about %60 of the inquiring minds on here I want to know about the RanKat story, and are they simply afraid of that douchebag Salman that’s why they’re being so secretive? Frankly the guy comes across as a hopeless cokehead he’s always fidgeting and sniffing and stairs vaguely into empty space(I gathered this after watching 2 interviews of the guy and I for the life of me can’t figure out how anyone can be a fan of this loser-sorry my opinion and i stick to it) well back to my point, he also comes across as the classic abuser, so my inquiry (after this long intro) RanKat, they’re together but afraid of SK?? Thanks! Cheers!

  • https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dulce-Bollywood-Colombia/190424757732069?ref=hl Alejandra

    Akshay Kumar have cheat Twinkle Khanna? With Whom? Priyanka Chopra, Katrina Kaif, Denise Richards? Who!!? i heard that was Priyanka.
    And, in his single season, Aamir Khan dated with Rani Mukerji, that is true?? Please answer me

  • swati

    Is there any truth to srk-pc affair?

  • Ziva

    What happened between good brothers Big B and Amar Singh?

  • Ziva

    who are the “married gay” couples of Bollywood?

    And is KJO dating manish malhotra?

    • Lalala

      No – but Manish and Tusshar (Ekta Kapoor’s brother) were in a committed relationship for many years. It’s a shame they broke up, they were actually a lovely couple.

      • Anonymous

        Nobody knows for sure what happened between Tusshar and him but for sure, Karan, Manish and him are very good friends for years and today the story is only between Karan and Manish. Everyone can see that since the beginning, there is a special thing between them and today, with Karan wearing a wedding ring, I believe they are in a commited relationship.

  • Lolo

    1) The real background of Katrina Kaif: Is she really indian ?
    2) PC-Shahid affair ?
    3) PC-SRK affair ?
    3) Kangana-Ajay affair ?
    4) Is SRK bisexual ?
    5) Salman-Ash break-up.
    6) Deepika-Ranbir break-up.
    7) PZ-Ness break-up.

  • Sheron

    Okayyyy :D So I weirdly enjoyed reading the comments on the post for once! Wow.. People are curious dude! :D

  • K

    Priyanshu Chatterjee was such a good actor! It is a shame that his career in Bollywood never took off as one would have expected it to. He DID mention that a potential director/producer that was planning to cast him, would have ONLY done so if he had done the dirty with him! WHO WAS IT!?

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  • Dana

    Dear MissMalini, Please disregard/delete my last inquiry I really have no interest in finding out someone’s past life, what they do is their own business and not mine, I apologize for even bringing it up….forgive please and plz plz delete my post. Thanks a bunch! Dana

  • Raj

    Would love to know abt sussanne roshan. Why is She so popular among all other star wife.Is Hrithik Really Don’t like Sussanne ? Are they going to Divorce ?

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    Bollywood Spy Quest: The Truth About Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor! Read it NOW!!!! http://www.missmalini.com/2012/12/18/bollywood-spy-quest-the-truth-about-katrina-kaif-and-ranbir-kapoor/ xoxo

  • Nabeela

    Malini, can you work your charm and find out:

    1) What’s the current relationship like between Ranbir-Deepika (friends, forgiven each other, juts cordial… what it’s like now?)
    2) Why Deepika and Mallya Jr. broke up?
    3) Did Priyanka and Shahid date? If so, why did it end?
    4) Was there something going on between Kareena and Hrithik?

  • Gayatri

    How much of the celebrity news we read and hear is PR releases by the celebrity? I feel that it is 90% plus.

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  • Charmed

    wots the story with those pictures floating around the internet of Katrina Kaif and X-rated film producer Terry Stephens? Apparently her sis has “acted” in one of his “films”. And how exactly did the director of Boom “discover” Katrina in London????

  • http://www.na IndrajeetBanerjee

    Nice to know you through your blog and other media where you are happening.I am an entruprenure in Realestate for the last 15+years based in Kolkata and diversifying into Media&Projects with a decent target FY2013-14.
    However,my involvment with the MediaIndustry has been good and am serriuosly considering a base in Mumbai pretty soon.Your help is solicited and will be appreciated.BestofLuck.GodBless.

  • Alejandra

    Miss Malini this is very important!!!!!!!!
    Tell us the truw about illuminati (Hollywood) influence in Bollywood. Who actors are bollyminati…
    Salman Khan? Katrina Kaif? Priyanka Chopra? Ranbir Kapoor? Saif Ali Khan? Kareena Kapoor? tell me everything :S

  • Bridesmaid

    Hi, This might sound little weird and also it’s not a proper bollywood gossip i wanna know about. Could you get your spy to find out what’s behind VJ.BANI’s current skin shade. I mean, she looked hot since her roadies days but after show there’s been drastic change in her Face colour…It’s so many shades lighter. It indeed raises her hotness quotient. Actually, one of my bride-to-be friend wanna know about it. So,if you could just find out this. LOL ! It’s weird but..Bride’s wish ! :)

  • http://www.oneshotoneplace.com/ Tina

    Katrina Turcotte grew up in the Children of God cult. Google that and see how life is there. I’m guessing when they were teenagers, they left the cult and came back to their country of origin. Since they had troubles making ends meet with no father in sight, they had to fend for themselves. Yes, her second sister was involved in a blue film or porn, but that was just once I think. As for Katrina herself, Kaizad Gustad never came out with the way he met her. He did say it was in London, while Katrina maintains it was in Mumbai that she met him. Whether or not, she was an escort I can’t say for sure. But one thing I know of is all the kids who grew up in the Children of God cult had trouble finding their call in life. The things they go through as kids this cult is just disgusting. No wonder Kat appears cold at times. Now whether or not, the Khan family are aware of this, I don’t know. But I think, they might just know as they are the ones who groomed her to be the Indian heroine type.

  • tanisha

    1)Did kareena ever have a thing with Hrithik Roshan?
    2)What happened between PC and ShahRukh Khan
    3)Has Ajay Devgn had any affairs
    3) Are Karan Johar and Manish Malhotra a couple?
    4)Did Katrina Kaif really date Salman or was it a publicity stunt?
    5)Which stars have open marriages?
    6)which actors are gay and married?
    7)Did neetu ambani have an affair with deepak tijori?

  • Mocha

    I have a question.

    On Karan Johar’s chat show, when Karan had invited Abhi & Ash as guests, Karan hinted that he was the one who set up Aishwarya with Abhishek (on Ash’s request to him on a plane). Until then it was rumored that Abhishek was dating a model Dipannita Sharma.

    So my question is did Abhishek dump Dipannita for Aishwariya?

    • hey john

      ya. quite unceremoniously tho. he told his grandmom is not well so he wudnt celebr8 his bday. but dipanita came 2 kno he celebrted wid ash and she seperated. amitabh and jaya had told abhishek not to publicize his relatonship with dipanita and jhanvi. they were against it but were helpless.

  • Mocha

    Also, is there any truth to the Tabu-Irfan Khan story?
    i.e Does Tabu only do movies in which Irfan Khan is involved?

  • Mocha

    I have another question about Bollywood…

    Are actresses under pressure to have plastic surgery in Bollywood? Do they ever feel discriminated during screen tests if they don’t look a certain way or a certain size?

  • Gulati

    Hi please spill the beans on the Ash rai, Amitabh affair.

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  • Prats

    Is it true that Arjun Rampal is really close with Susanne Khan and Hrithik Roshan with Mehr Rampal ?? Like really really close.. M sure you understand what I mean. ;)

  • S

    Is Rekha really in a relationship with her secretary ? Is she really a lesbian? :O

    • A

      Yes please find out this for us..

  • Abby

    Is their gonna be a Ranbir cameo in the Sonam ayushman YRF movie. Any news about possible contenders for Varun’s next main Tera hero?

  • http://twitter Meghna

    Is Varun in relationship with Alia ? I know Varun cleared i ton twitter that he is nt dating any actor .. Bt i read Varun has a GirlFriend named Natasha .. Is That True ?? Is he Dating Someone ?

  • http://twitter Meghna

    WHO is the Heroine of the film Main Tera Hero .

  • http://www.oneshotoneplace.com/ Tina

    Is Katrina Kaif an adopted child? Recently, looking at pics of her and her family, there’s no resemblance at all!

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  • http://www.missmalini.com Tania

    Are Varun Dhawan & Sana Saeed good friends or more than that? Just wanted to know due to the Chivas pictures :) & you was there right? and that pic you posted saying ”Holy Cuteness” ? Ooo why did you put that? I know they look cute together, can you tell us more about the Chivas event? :) and also how did Sana cut Varun’s nose in the sets of SOTY? lol

  • akanksha

    miss malini, earlier u published an article on ranbir-katrina, but now i want 2 know wat’s going on between ranbir-deepika? their relationship status seems very confusing! sometimes rk-kat sometimes rk-dp sometimes rs-dp???….off late there’s been news abt rk-dp’s late night long drive, dp’s friend shahana giving hints abt a possible patch-up between rk-dp..rk-dp going 4 private dinners in kashmir,dp-rk bonding on the sets n there r pics too n the way they speak ant each other in the ivs…recently in an award show rk was sitting wid dp leaving kat alone…no matter how much broad minded u r, u never become so close to ur ex in ur current’s presence!n recently there was a tweet from some1 that he/she saw rk-dp in 4 seasons club n she was certain sure the the couple’s back together…so plz help!

  • Divya

    i just want to know is Arjun Kapoor dating Anushka Sharma ?

  • jp

    were shahid and priyanka really dating?

  • butumm

    Is Rekha lezzy?

    • Bollypop

      No! That woman sweeps her house every day!

      • Venus


  • Texas Girl

    Why did Shahid Kareena break up?

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  • MRBollywood


    When I was in India in 2009… I was at JW Marriott Juhu. I was sitting in the front lobby and saw a pretty white girl who was heading out. I remember thinking, I wonder what she is doing in mumbai alone.

    Soon after, I saw AKSHAY KUMAR walking out with a bigger guy walking him out. Akshay seemed to be rushing… I followed them and then heard the bigger guy say to the white girl: “I told you to get in the black car” She replied… “There are two black cars, I didnt know which one!” Soon after they both (Akshay and the girl) jumped in the same car.

    The next morning I read in the paper that Twinkle Khanna had left to Goa and her flight was delayed and she threw no celeb tantrums.

    So now I guess, you guys know what he was up to.

  • MRBollywood

    Say wha? Give me a comment miss m :D

  • Andie

    Shahid -Priyanka- What happened?????

  • http://testdomain.com test1

    Hi there, I found your site by way of Google whilst searching for a related matter, your web site came up, it appears good. I’ve bookmarked it in my google bookmarks.

  • memta

    SRK PC. Did they or didnt they? Please Please.

  • SrksQueen

    Hi, would like to find out about:

    1) Shahid – Priyanka Relationship? what happened there
    2) did Priyanka really abort Shahid’s child
    3) The Karan Johar Siddharth Malhotra love affair
    4) is the actual problem between SRK & Salman because Nikhil Dwivedi was srk’s toyboy then switched loyalties
    5) What ever made Kareena-Hrithik end it?
    6) Is it true Kareena walked in on vidya Balan -shahid ‘doing it’
    7) The Aishwarya Amitabh Affair!

  • http://gmail.com varun

    the truth is that hrithik’s basterd fugliest low class pros drugie wife herself posts so many fancy reports about herself and makes fake accounts,posts nicey comments about hersel.she is low life druggie cheapest roadchhap slut..hrithik is NOT AT ALL interested in this low life bitch,but just for kids,he can’t divorce that cheapest bitch…he has far far 100000 times better women for his fun n life:)and thats good for him.he should stay away from that rubbish slut druggie loser sussane

  • Leyla

    Was Katrina Kaif an escort in the UAE?

  • roja

    1) SALMAN & ASH break up
    2) SALMAN & Kat break up
    3) Yash birla .. if hes gay?

  • kya camila

    I have the very great curiosity to know the relation of SRK AND PC. PLEASE tell the story ………….


    SRK, Salman., Karan jo, arjun R,Hrithik…all part of the GAY n Happy Brigade hiding behind their so called STR*8 personas….

    please unravel the GAY MYSTERY for us, MISS MALINI

    • Essp

      Hr is straight, KJo is gay. SRK, Rampal & Salman are bi.

  • luisana

    history between PC and SRK please?????????????????

  • Humayun

    Vijender Singh had a sex change – turns from Hero to heroin overnight!

  • Neeta’sNatterer

    Does Ranbir Kapoor really have a hairweave?

  • Nicole

    Hi missmalni, I trust you are great. Someone claims Ranbir and katrina are tying the knot in December, 7th to be precise. Can you please confirm?

  • shalini

    is aditya roykapurr dating shraddha kapoor???

  • candy

    1.) SRK and PC

    2. Amitabh and Ash — is it true?

  • Deepu rocks

    Deepika ranbir- what caused break-up? does she still love him?
    Priyanka shahid? why did it end?
    tell the tale… at least the first randeep one

  • Filmy Keeda

    I have heard from my model friends that Siddharth Mallya is gay and Deepika Padukone was “paid” to have a fake relationship with him which in turn would benefit both of them. Is it true??

    • The Quidnunc

      you will need to wait till Sid Mallya decides to get married and ahve children. when he does, it would mean he is not gay, rather bi… or something and deepika was not faking ti at all. that would mean it was a “Benefiting” situation for both.

  • Me.!

    Is sonakshi sinha Shatrughan and reena roy’s child??

    • mich

      i think so too!

  • toogood

    did jiah khan got kill by her own mother?

  • Shreya Kaushik

    I’ve heard from numerous industry insiders that Student of the Year Siddharth Malhotra and Karan Johar secretly married abroad.

  • The Quidnunc

    wasn’t rekha married once and may be, like some woman she decided not to marry again. but having relationship with her secretary doesn’t seem logical. deciding to not marry again doesn’t make one lesbian. besides, there is still the rekha-amitabh angle to explore. may be she loved him so much that decided not to marry anyone else. that happens in real life as well.

    • Amama

      Rekha is bisexual – i.e., capable of falling in love and having meaningful relationships with men and women. It’s not just about sex. She and Farzana truly love each other.

      • The Quidnunc


  • Mansha

    Are Hrithik Roshan and Sussane Roshan splitting? If yes, why?

  • Meghna Jasmeen

    Hi! thanks for giving us this opportunity, you’re the best!

    1 PC-Shaks: can we have aaall the details please? Did she really have to go through an abortion? and that too with his child?
    2 PC-SRK: were they really dating or are they just friends who meet up when they can? and is their relation the reason why SRK and Gauri had another child? or is it because he’s gay?

    3 So we all know that RK and KK are dating and that she is the reason behind the RK/DP break up, but are they really getting married soon (heard of next year but I believe its too soon as she still has some contracts to honor)
    4 What are those stories of the Turquotes belonging to the TFL? If it’s true then that explains a lot!
    5 Are DP and SK dating? (please say yes!) and If yes could you give us more details please?
    6 In KWK, DP asked for KK’s passport? are those rimours about her age true?!

    7 Why the devil on earth did BB and Johny boy break up? I heard there was another girl and she found out, but I’ve also heard that she got pregnant and she asked/hoped he would propose so they could get married but “something” (or someone) happened/he refused and she had to have an abortion which she couldn’t forgive him which would explain why it ended that way and why she reacted that way.

    8 Did Aish have a child with Salman?

    9 Does Salman have a secret child?

    10 Who slept to get in the industry or who slept with whom to get THE role? Who dated whom?

    11 What happened for Rekhaji to refuse to get married again after the death of her late husband? I mean ok there is some traditions about a widow who should not get married again but it’s Rekhaji! (if you know what I mean)

    12 Last but not least, what are those bakwas stating that Amit Sir and Aish getting/being to close which is why Jaya and her are miffed and they are thinking of moving out?!


    PS Why did all those past alliances broke (exemple: tanisha and Uday, Karishma and Junior Bachchan etc. etc.)

  • IJ

    Are Ranveer Singh and Deepika really seeing each other in reality as a couple?

  • IJ

    What’s really going on between Ranbir and Katrina …they seem to be in a confused realtionship.. Are they Getting married soon?

  • IJ

    Why did Salman and Katrina break up? Was it because of Ranbir?

    • ff

      no. she always wanted to leave salman but for getting asafe spot in bolly she never. sallman used to take all his anger of ash out at kat she kept quite as he was the reason for her reaching where she went

  • IJ

    How old is Katrina really?

  • mansi

    1) Break up with Sajay Dutt was d only reason Madhuri Dixit took decision of her marriage with Dr. Nene in hurry?

    2) Did Kalki & Anurag Kashyap finally divorced? & was Huma Khureshi really responsible for their divorce?

  • Ramzil

    I would like to know about

    1. Dimple Sunny affair
    2. Ajay Devgan Kangna Affair
    4. Shahrukh Priyanka Affair
    5. Karan Johar and Manish Malhotra are an item!!!

  • Anonymous

    I would like to know if Karan Johar & Manish Malhotra are secretly married. The pictures of these last years speak a lot about them!!!

  • Incognito

    Are SRK and PC married?

  • Ketki

    Is it true that Ameesha Patel has a sugar daddy who secretly funds her production company?

  • Garvita

    Is it true that John Abraham broke-up with Bipasha because she was cheating on him?

  • Thanya

    Is it true about Virat kohli and Anushka Sharma ? Or is it just a fling ?

  • TheVrai

    Was there a fallout between the Chopra family and Karisma Kapoor? She doesn’t seem to have attended any events they have organized to honour Yash Chopra, even though she is a Yash Chopra heroine herself (notably the JTHJ premiere and the recent fashion show they had on his bday).

  • Bollyguff

    Was katrina an escort in newyork before she entered bollywood.because kaizad gustad(the director of her 1st film boom) refuses to tell where they met stating that it would not good to talk about someone who has reached such heights now.also she has been spotted in a picture with a porn film producer Terry Stephens and also one of her sister is already in the business.Her past seems shady!!

  • Shamsy

    Are the rumours about Katrina true? (That she was an escort, that she hasn’t any indian roots, that she is much older than she says she is)

    • TheVrai

      Don’t know about the first – she does seem to have had a shady past prior to entering B’town (and some of her original photo shoots from the Boom days are pretty vulgar as well). But the second and third rumors are true. She fake tans to get the ethnic look. The story about having a Kashmiri dad is completely fabricated. And its pretty obvious that she is in her 30’s now. Having said that she still looks good, and there’s no crime in a woman being over 30, considering the age of some of our leading actors who are edging towards their 50’s!

      • mumbai boy

        she is in late 30s. she worked as an escort in london. boom director used to be in london a lot and he dint hv any gf or wife. her father is pakistani not kashmiri.

  • Anon

    Which actresses have been on the casting couch? (or sleep around for job oportunitites)

  • Anon

    Which actors/actresses are on hard drugs?

  • Anon

    Are ranveer and deepika dating?

  • Roy DSilva

    I would like to know these two things:

    Did Sanjay Dutt ever run after Madhuri Dixit with a sword (the news reports that time said ‘naked’ sword. But well, a sword is a sword, is a sword.

    Did KC Bokadia ever visit the Deol’s house and return home in a Maruti Omni van (If you already know the answer, you know why he couldn’t walk)?

    I agree these names don’t make for awesome reading in 2013, but well, as I said, I just need closure.

  • Priya

    Did hrithik & priyanka ever had a fling????

  • lala

    are katrina and ranbir actually engaged? Thankyou MM! X


    What is Katrina’s past? What is so shady about her that when describing her past Ayesha Shroff says she “doesn’t want to hurt anyone?”.

  • aj

    what’s the real reason shahid and kareena broke up?

  • Mansha

    Were Amitabh and Aishwarya a couple? Why did they split and why did she get married to Abhishek?

  • Tanya

    went through all the comments here and I must say… MissM, its high time now…
    pls tell us about katrina kaif and SRK-PC affair…
    c’mon, dont be shy.. :-P ;-)

  • Riya

    Are hrithik & suzanne legally divorcing each other or just opting for trial separation?????? Pls Miss Malini do ask ur industrywalla for this

  • S

    Is Katrina Kaif fully white (Caucasian) and is the story of her father a lie. Your answer to this question will help me realize if you can really tell the truth or if you’re a liar, so please… kindly tell us what you think about this.

    • fffds

      her real dad was pakistani hu abandoned her at young age. but for gaining acceptance in india she tells lie thatt her father is kashmiri

  • https://www.facebook.com/vishal.raaga Vishal Raaga

    Oooooooops what’s news comes out.

  • M

    What happened between Rani and Vivek that they are no longer on speaking terms?

  • M

    Did Ajay Devgn actually have any extra marital affairs?

  • G.

    sind Srk und PC ein Paar und ist Sie schwanger???

  • G.

    Ich dachte miss malini , sie geben alle antworten auf jede frage?haben den riesigen diamantring von pc gesehen,glaube pc und srk sind ein paar!!!

  • TheVrai

    Which A-list actress got her superstar sugar daddy to pay an international brand a hefty sum to feature her in a campaign?

    • dmkm

      twinkle? hu else has a superstar sugar daddy

  • MissG

    Miss Malini, pls confirm this from ur industrywalla, are hrithik & suzanne legally seperated by now or what??? Also is he already dating somebody or these are just rumors to make this seperation even more ugly….pls pls ans this

  • Andie

    Would like to know the REAL reason why the Dixit-Nenes relocated.There is definitely more than what meets the eye here

  • Radhe

    Why is Katrina favoured by YRF studio? Why isn’t Priyanka chopra given her due, even though she is a better actress as compared to Katrina?

  • ria


  • Sahar

    I want to know whether the rumors about SRK and Priyanka Chopra are true. It’s been quite a while that anyone has reported on it. Also, interestingly, whoever has criticised Chopra has had a fallout with SRK. What’s happening exactly?

  • sehal

    Hey Miss Malini
    I would like to know more about bollywood’s star children
    like Suhana Khan and Samiara Kapoor and how their parents treat them
    and if they are hitten or abused

  • gabriela

    Industrywalla please please tell us if srk and pc really had an affair, there’s a lot of people asking that, if you can’t answer it then another question: what exactly happened between rani and kajol?? why the two don’t get along??? please reply!!

  • Miss Sydney

    Is this true that AbRam is actually SRK and Priyanka Chopra’s son??

  • nyah

    What is the truth about Katrina Kaif? Her past I mean. Also how come Ranbir Kapoor’s parents are okay with him marrying someone with such a shady past and a sister who was a porn star?

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