Bollywood Spy Quest: The Truth About Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor!

Posted by MissMalini
December 18, 2012

You had a lot of questions regarding the truth about Ranbir and Katrina’s relationship, so I dug deep and got you ALL the dish, masala maar ke :)

Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor

Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor

A lot has been said (and written) about Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif’s on-again-off-again relationship. But here, for the first time, we tell you what really happened behind the scenes! How these two started dating, broke up and… are now dating again!

The History

Salman, Katrina, Deepika and Ranbir

Salman, Katrina, Deepika and Ranbir

Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif met each other for the first time at a film awards function, even before they became friends. At that time, Katrina was with Salman Khan and Ranbir was just getting to know Deepika Padukone. While Kat was serious about Salman, she never quite committed to that relationship. She was a regular feature at Galaxy (that’s the Khan household) and got pretty friendly with Salman’s sister Arpita Khan.

However things soured over a period of time with Katrina’s growing frustration towards the way the media was beginning to perceive her “relationship” with Salman. She wasn’t his girlfriend, but at the same time, she wasn’t just a casual friend, and therein lay the dilemma! Salman and Kat’s lifestyles were also drastically different. While Salman likes to drink and party with friends till 4am *cue song, chaar baj gaye magar party abhi baaki hai*, she prefers to go to bed early and lead a more disciplined life.

Kat & RK Meet

Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif

Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif

It all began when Raj Kumar Santoshi approached Katrina and Ranbir for Ajab Prem Ki Gajab Kahani. The two had a series of readings and screen tests before the actual casting. They instantly got along like a house on fire! RK would constantly text Kat, tease her, and be his playful self. The film was a huge hit their pairing was appreciated by the masses. *Obviously, Salman wasn’t crazy about this – especially since he and Ranbir were already on rocky ground, since they had previously had a small showdown at a nightclub during Ranbir’s Sawariya days (apparently Ranbir had seen a girl and commented that she looked a lot like Aishwarya Rai, and Salman had taken offense to that).

The DP-RK-KAT Love Triangle

Deepika, Ranbir, Katrina love triangle

Deepika, Ranbir, Katrina love triangle

The truth is, Ranbir and Deepika split because of Katrina. Deepika caught Katrina visiting Ranbir in New York over New Years when he was shooting with Priyanka Chopra for Anjaana Anjaani. Deepika knew all along that Kat wasn’t going to miss an opportunity to be with Ranbir. They were more than just platonic friends and Deepika was fed up of constantly being lied to. Remember the time Dippy wanted to see Kat’s passport? Maybe it wasn’t to check her age but her immigration stamps!


(Here’s the whole episode if you got involved!)

There was a time when she even intercepted pictures of Kat blowing kisses to RK on sets of Rajneeti, on his phone. Eventually, she reached her wits end, and after giving him multiple chances he ironically dumped her for Kat. Remember we broke the story of them kissing in first class?!

Current Scene

Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor

Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor

Ranbir and Katrina, despite the numerous denials and fights, are very much together today and often spotted leaving each others houses. In fact, at private parties (and when he’s with his friend and mentor Karan Johar) RK often talks about how much he loves Katrina. His mom Neetu Singh is also quite fond of Kat and they get along famously. (Katrina Kapoor… hmm, that kinda works doesn’t it?!) Kat and Salman are no longer together, but he’s still fond of her. However, his close associates like his bodyguards Shera and Nadeem have stopped calling her bhabhi.

What Lies Ahead?

Ajab Prem Ki Gajab Kahani

Ajab Prem Ki Gajab Kahani

Neither I nor my spies can say  how long this Kat and mouse (*lol* sorry I couldn’t resist) relationship will last, but as of now they are very serious! Truly one Ajab Prem Ki Gajab Kahani :) I for one think they look quite cute together! Who’s with me? xoxo

Psst! Click here to post the rumor you want clarified (or just more juice on) and my Bollywood Spy Quest team will get on the job! xoxo 

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  • Kharishma

    Wow. DP & Ranbir broke up because of her! Bad boy.

  • AnotherKiranInNYC

    Bollywood is so incesteous yaar.

  • Lily

    Oo Love the post miss malini!

  • Dana

    Thank you Thank you Thank you!! Finally ahh, this feels like Déjà vu when I used to follow R-Patz and Kstew’s story lol weird how the two notorious couples started their strange hide-N-Seek relationships same year and have been together since. I’m very happy they’re together, they complement each other well, they seem to make each other happy and that’s what matters for any couple in the world celeb or not. The Kat-N-Mouse game lol yeah it will be quite entertaining to see how it evolves. I’m glad also that she’s no longer with that woman abuser, fond of her or not! Katrina Kapoor sounds awesome man, and they’ll have those cute babies RK was talking about on “the couch with koel” show lol….One last question, you mentioned how much RK loves her and speaks about it privately, why is he hiding it? is it bhai fear? Is she as in love with him as he is with her? Hope so, hate to think she’d be the next Kstew lol

    • Rohini

      Katrina will never be a Kapoor
      Ranbir Kapoor Rohini Verma will marry each other and have stunning babies.
      Kat is a cheater RK doesn’t love her

  • Ayush

    Ranbir is a big idiot. He is playing with the feelings of these girls. Sonam & Deepika were smart enough to realize the manipulative mind of Ranbir so they bajaofied him on Koffee with karan, lol. But Katrina is really dumb if she thinks that RK is gonna marry her. He is just doing ‘time pass’ with her. That jerk is going to marry his Momma’s choice only :P We know the history of Kapoors, from Raj to Ranbir every man at least once cheated on his wife/GF(in ranbir’s case) Pathetic family!

    • Rohini Verma

      Ranbir is not an idiot ok and he is not a jerk!
      Let me marry him!
      Sonam is dumb

  • Dana

    You’re entitled to your opinion Ayush, however if a young desirable guy in the film industry has been going strong with a girl for over 4 years I think that translates into longevity. Whether it’s meant to be or not that remains to be seen, I do feel that he truly cares for her unlike those other shallow morons he dated in the past, most think she’s an airhead but she’s calculative and business savvy and very politically correct and thus she keeps very good relations in the industry unlike girls her age blasting everyone under the sun just so their names are always in the headlines. Just IMO, hope no hard feelings!

  • shruti

    @ayush – i so agree with you. i just hate this creep ranbir

    • Rohini

      Ranbir is not a cheater!

    • Rohini Verma

      Ranbir is not a creep! I hate you dumb haters

  • Anna

    Split with RK was a blessing in disguise for Deepika. She was madly in love with him, I’m glad she didn’t keep quiet about his cheating and called him out. Katrina will be the doormat Kapoor bahu.

    • Rohini

      Katrina will never ever be a Kapoor bahu. I hate Katrina such a cunning lady she is

    • Rohini Verma

      Katrina will never be a Kapoor bahu! Ranbir is not a cheater!
      Thank god dumped this stupid idiot Katrina
      Let me marry Ranbir I deserve him

  • Ss

    Oooooh so happy to read this. They are so cute n perfect together!!! I for one, have personally seen them at the Hyatt coffee shop regularly. Btw know for a fact from one of Salman’s friends of how he stepped out on her regularly with Mahek, Bruna and then later Zarine. I loved Sallu-Kat and was rooting for them but I like her with Ranbir more. Hope they last <3

    • Rohini

      They are not together. You rankat fans are stupid

    • Rohini Verma

      They are not together you dummy

  • Dana

    @Anna, Kat is hardly the doormat, she comes across as very strong and opinionated, just because she’s politically correct doesn’t mean she will take shit from RK, in fact he seems to worry too much if she’s upset about anything, just as when he called her a senior and she bitched him out…Poor guy probably loves her so much he’s scared to even mention her in public (I’m guessing by her instructions) so yeah hardly the doormat, I bet if he ever cheats on her she’ll just silently castrate his ass lol and not even say a word to anyone!! That’s how Shrewd she comes across to me!

  • mia

    omg..omg..m sooo happy..kat and ranbir..perfect..u guys truly rock!!!!!

    • Rohini

      They are not together!!!!

  • Jas

    I am sorry but you got all the timelines wrong and most of the incidents as well.

  • what the

    haha… this is such crap. Yes – he’s tappin that wannabe indian actress… but when it comes to looks… kat’s got NOTHING on deepika. I think deepika is a far better person than Kat. I find nothing about katrina fascinating. She looks and talks like plastic and has the most boring hair ever. She seems like an emotional mess and probably begs ranbir to be with her. As far as ranbir goes… his rocket is out of control. He does anything that moves. The guy is the next tiger woods. Mark my words. This will not last. Nor will any of ranbir’s relationships. He’s not meant to be a one woman man. He’ll be a player for life!

    • Rohini Verma

      Ranbir is not a player! Why are you so mean
      I deserve him

  • Tina

    Poor Deepika! So that’s why she was lashing out at Ranbir after their breakup! Ranbir is such a bad boy! You forgot to mention the numerous flings he has had after Deepika: Nargis, Angela & that Delhi girl he was kissing. This is why I don’t believe that he will end up marrying Katrina! He’s no Abhishek Bachchan and she’s no Aishwarya! Kat has always wanted security in her life, which is why she’s sticking to Ranbir. I’m happy that she’s happy, but come on from one woman to another, did you have to come in between him and Deepika? And to lie about it, on top of that! I almost thought Deepika was going crazy at that time! Ranbir, like two weeks back, claimed in a local paper that he wasn’t dating Katrina. So what is he calling their relationship: doing Katrina? This guy has a thing for Salman’s girlfriends. Before that he had a thing for Aishwarya. How pathetic!

    I think Katrina is close to Alvira not Arpita. Also, what do you mean by, “She wasn’t his girlfriend, but at the same time, she wasn’t just a casual friend” – what was she then? just sharing his house and room to get movie roles?

    Their stories are so messed up!

    • Rohini

      Ranbir is not a bad boy. I deserve him

  • neon

    So this is it….they r officially together..they seems very serious & committed about their relationship.Well I am happy for them. Now i only hope & pray that they stay together forever =)

    • Rohini

      They are not together

  • Nabeela

    Wow! Quite the series of events. I feel worse for Deepika now. Although I can’t judge the love RK and KK have for each other, but I’m sure Deepika loved him A LOT! They both went public with their relationship, and the fact that Deepika was grief-stricken after the break up was so evident. I think she got teary at certain public events. What a terrible way to end a relationship.

    Malini, I don’t think the story is 100% clear to me. What did you mean by RK’s “Saawariya” days? That was before he met Katrina. Why did Salman have a showdown then?
    Another question- didn’t you feature a write up on spotting RK kissing a girl in a hotel in Delhi? I know for sure that Fashion Scandal featured that story. If that’s true, does it mean he cheated on KK as well? I swear this mystery just doesn’t seem to end.

  • seema

    Thanks for finally telling us the truth…there were just way too many smoke signals about Ran-Kat dating but no proof by way of photos etc.but least I am able to trust you to not make up stuff about celebrities.

  • Tammy

    No…She’s look cool with salman khan…No body else…

  • MissMalini

    So glad you guys enjoyed this post, more to come! I think they make a cute couple too and you’re right Dana, the kids will be darling! xoxo

  • varun

    Wow! thanks malini! Love them, sucha cute and adorable couple. No matter what anone says, I think Deepika never fit in and no sympathies either, considering the number of men she’s cheated in the past. Even Sid dumped her. Everyone gets what they deserve! Hope Kat and Ranbir go on forever.

    • Rohini Verma

      They are not together!

  • Dana

    Oh dear, I know!! Such chubby bunnies (ala “just friends” lol) I’m worried though as he said in one of his interviews with Imtiaz that he’d be afraid to marry an actress, he thinks there are too many temptations in the industry to find stability and longevity being married to an actress. That must have been disheartening to Kat if she’d heard him say that, unless they’re both not in it for the long run??? Eh, it’d be interesting to see how it all unfolds (feels like I’m watching a real life soap hehe) xoxo

  • MissMalini

    Ah Nabeela! Thanks for pointing that out, their showdown at a nightclub was over a comment RK made that Salman didn’t like! Updating this post with more dish as we speak :) xoxo

  • vishal

    IMO, Ranbir-Katrina deserve each other because both have cheated on their partners, both are cheaters. Birds of same feather flock together ;)
    Look at Salman & Deepika, they are so happy being single now, both of them deserve someone better than these two creeps Katrina & Ranbir.

    • Rohini

      Katrina doesn’t deserve Ranbir. Ranbir Kapoor Rohini Verma deserve each other

    • Rohini Verma

      They don't deserve each other ok!
      Ranbir is not a creep and he is not q cheater!
      I deserve him let me marry him
      I hate this dumb Katrina
      I want to hit her so hard

  • vishal

    @ayush, anna, tina & what the – i completely agree with you guys

  • Priya

    You’re hilarious Miss Malini. A few months ago when there were rumours about Ranbir-Deepika being together again, you were sooo ‘sure’ of that.. And now that there are rumours about Ranbir-Katrina again over the last few weeks, you’ve jumped on the same bandwagon. Make up your mind. And honestly, there is no new information here and some of it is way off. Maybe you just need new spies. ;)

  • Nabeela

    Malini, can’t wait for the update! This is turning out to be a romantic/mystery novel.

  • Gayatri

    Hope they get married and have a grand Punjabi wedding.

    • Rohini Verma

      They will never marry each other. They broke up end of story.

  • Tina

    @Priya – Maybe that’s the way Ranbir rolls! Who knows? It could be he can’t decide who his weenie wants the most :p

  • sheetal

    they make up.. they beak up… what r u n i getting? ghanta :P

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  • Tina

    Well these are all stories,or what you call gossip.Ranbir is such a flirt,everybody knows by now.If at all he is dating katrina,she is another fool,who after being used will come crying to Salman khan.And for salman he has unserstood these meam girls that is why recently he has being avoiding katrina. Good for him if Katrina is out of his life. She was already living with salman for almost 7 years.He knows her very well by now.just wait and watch.
    And by the way Miss Malini your gossips remain gossip.Since these are the works of PR’s who give these stories to create Buzz.

  • Anita Shroff

    I for one am glad to hear this news bcoz I dislike both of them and they totally deserve each other! Plus if they ever decide to get married it’s the end of both their careers bcoz all the ‘bhai’tards will never support either one of them.

  • Chiquita

    She shud go back to England or wherever she’s from.

  • anju

    I see lots of So called Salman Nuts are having serious heartburn. Grow up people. Let them decide if they want to marry. Stop being their character judge. I see lots of frustated retatds here.

  • MyOpinion

    Once a cheat always a cheat! Wow, Katrina really knows how to pick ’em huh? She left a spoiled 47 yr old cheating brat for a 30 yr old cheating liar. WTF??? And she’s not that innocent either… She lies about being half Indian to gain acceptance by fans & the media, PLUS she was messing with a guy she knew was in a serious relationship (with Deepika) so karma will definitely hit her and when she gets it, she can’t blame anyone but herself! Deepika is stunning & WAY better looking than Katrina. She is way better off without Ranbir! He is not even cute…(YUK!)…but he is a better actor than a boyfriend.

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  • Rohini

    @ Tina Shut up ok! Ranbir is not a bad boy. Its your stupid idiot Deepika who is bad. She was the one who cheated on him. I hate her soooooo much. I feel like punching her so hard. I’m so happy Ranbir dumped that good for nothing women. He is not dating Katrina either. Katrina doesn’t deserve him at all. I love Ranbir soooooo much. I wish I could marry Ranbir.

  • Rohini

    @ MyOpinion Shut up ok! Ranbir is not a bad boy. Its your stupid idiot Deepika who is bad. She was the one who cheated on him. I hate her soooooo much. I feel like punching her so hard. She is so fake, and she is a cheater/liar. I’m so happy Ranbir dumped that good for nothing women. He is not dating Katrina either. Katrina doesn’t deserve him at all. I love Ranbir soooooo much. I wish I could marry Ranbir.

    • Vishal Mannve

      you personify dumbness!! Peace!

      • Rohini Verma

        I am not dumb, you are dumb!

  • Rohini

    Ayush Shut up ok! Ranbir is not an idiot ok. Its your stupid idiot Deepika who is bad. Sonam and Deepika were not all honest or smart. So shut up. Deepika was the one who cheated on him. I hate her soooooo much. I feel like punching her and Sonam so hard. She and Sonam are so fake, and she is a cheater/liar. I’m so happy Ranbir dumped that good for nothing women. He is not dating Katrina either. Katrina doesn’t deserve him at all. I love Ranbir soooooo much. I wish I could marry Ranbir.

  • Rohini

    @ vishal Shut up ok! Ranbir is not an idiot ok. Its your stupid idiot Deepika who is bad. Sonam and Deepika were not all honest or smart. So shut up. Deepika was the one who cheated on him. I hate her soooooo much. I feel like punching her and Sonam so hard. She and Sonam are so fake, and Deepika is a cheater/liar. I’m so happy Ranbir dumped that good for nothing women. He is not dating Katrina either. Katrina doesn’t deserve him at all. I love Ranbir soooooo much. I wish I could marry Ranbir.

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  • gaga

    I do not like Deepika for the whole bitchy act she put up on KWK. But I do think Ranbir should not have cheated on her like that.

  • minty

    they look like bro sis

  • Rohini

    @ gaga Ranbir did not cheat on Deepika! Deepika is a liar. She cheated on him. Why are you siding with Deepika god? I hate Deepika. I love Ranbir soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!

  • Logan

    This is a genuinely inspiring article. I am sincerely impressed by your offerings. You come up with useful stuff. Keep it up. Keep blogging. looking forward to seeing your next offering.

  • Rohan

    salman-kat good, ranbir-kat too good. but if RK marries Kat, RK & Kat may struggle like vivek oberoi and aishwarya…n its true.

    • Rohini Verma

      Ranbir will never marry Katrina
      Katrina is not good

  • Jack

    I dont care who is with whom… The real thing is kat is now out of the grip from that psyco named salman khan….and yes deepika is better looking then kat….

  • Raghavi

    The breakup was beneficial for Deepika only. She has matured and her performances are being appreciated increasingly. Same goes for Salman. If Ranbir can ditch Deepika for Katrina, who’s to stop him from ditching Katrina next? And who doesn’t know about Kapoor Khandaan’s manipulation? Are they really gonna let Ranbir marry Katrina (who has her own set of scams, btw)? The jokes on Katrina if she thinks Ranbir is gonna marry her. I may love Ranbir because he’s cute, but that doesn’t mean I overlook his cheating scandals. It was pretty evident about how hurt Deepika was after the breakup and that was what led to her taking a jab at Ranbir at KWK.

  • bubu

    if he cheats with you he’ll surely cheat on you, only time will tell… i used to love katrina!! but i can’t stand girls that break relationships!!!

  • simran

    rk and dippy makea prfct couple they should get marry as soon as possible….aftr all yjhd seems so life lyk god du mrry rk and dippy luv ur Jodi guyzzz

  • sabina lamba

    They look horrible together.Miss malini you are wrong when you say that katrina is disciplined. All night she parties with ranbir and you call her disciplined.ranbir who is known for his flirty nature is fine.Recently he was caught with prostitutes and Also anushka in canada hotel room and you will still say he is seedha saadha.Rubbish. Actually both do suit each other as far as their character goes.

  • The Quidnunc

    Yayyyyy she is perfect :)

  • Raja

    Besharam Ranbir Kapoor should shame on for breaking salman-katrina,s 9 years long relationship……badtameez ranbir ko salman ki RAKHIEL k alawa koi doosri ladhki nahi mili…..koi fresh original new girlfreind nahi mili for dating jo woh doosron k 9 year long relation main continiously ungli karkey usko aakhir break karwa hi diyaa……ranbir is ghatiya looser who cant find fresh, new, original girlfreind so he stole salmans 9 year long RAKHIEL…..whole bollywood know this…salman gave her FLAT, 2 CARS, 3 CRORE DIOMONDS, GAVE BIGGEST PARTY FOR HER BIRTHDAY ETC ETC…she was un-official wife of salman for 9 long years…means RAKHIEL…….she is still living in salmans gifted FLAT & still travelling in salmans gifted 2 CARS…………both r shameless people…

  • raghav

    I don’t think ranbir has anything more than surname ,for what katrina is after him

  • raghav

    he can get her good films,thats it,what she wants and needs use and throw as she did to salman

  • sonal

    yeh koetia ke saamne utregi, ranbir toh maza kar raha hai.. shaadi? that buddhi wished hahahah ek din ayega jab yeh koetia na ghar ki rahegi na ghaat ki

  • sonal

    i hate both of them but i really want rabeer to ditch that old bitch pata nahi bollywood mai kya karahi hai she should be in porn movies usme acting ki zaroorat nahi hoti wohi chahiyeh jo woh on screen karti hai

    • Rohini Verma

      Let me marry Ranbir. I hate Katrina too.

  • tani

    2 cheaters will make a “sexy” :P coupleee..ranbir n kat :P
    i luv deepika..n even salman..

    • Rohini Verma

      Ranbir is not a cheater! He is not dating stupid Katrina so shut up

  • maha

    deepika thank 2 god..u got rid of a cheater..
    luv u deepy..yer soooo cute

  • Sha

    I knew it!! no wonder why deepika suffered that much after their break up! ughh I hate katrina, I hope Ranbir cheats on her forever

  • Rohini

    Ranbir is not a cheater

  • Rohini

    Ranbir already dumped that stupid Katrina Kaif

  • Rohini Verma

    Ranbir is not a cheater. Katrina is not at all meant for him!
    Ranbir Rohini will have awesome Kapoor babies!

  • Rohini Verma

    Ranbir Kapoor Rohini Verma are made for each other not Ranbir Kapoor Katrina Kaif Ranbir Kapoor Rohini Verma will become husband and wife = married couple
    Katrina doesn’t suit Ranbir at all.

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