• Photo Blog: Madness With Team MissMalini

    Posted by Khyati Gandhi
    January 22, 2013
    Team MissMalini

    Team MissMalini

    Team MissMalini always brings you the juiciest gossip from the world of entertainment. So in this photo blog, I have tried to capture the essence and madness of the members of Team MissMalini!

    1. The Big Boss: MissMalini

    Big Boss : MissMalini

    Big Boss: MissMalini

    MissMalini is someone who can make you feel so comfortable and positive, all the time!

    Blog while we travel

    Blogging while travelling

    She LOVES to blog and will blog whenever there’s an opportunity. One person, but the energy of 100 atom bombs!

    The girl with the pink camera

    The girl with the pink camera

    And now also known as the ‘the girl with the pink camera!

    2. The Resident Geek: Nowshad

    Nerdy Nowshad

    Nerdy Nowshad

    If any of us have any problems regarding anything, Nowshad is the go-to guy. Nerdy Nowshad is a technology freak too and will be called upon to aid with anything from malfunctioning computers to testing how well we know our Jab We Met dialogues!

    Nowshad Thinking of Bappi Da

    Nowshad Thinking of Bappi Da

    He’s also a bazinga Bappi Lahiri fan who can sing ‘Call Me Maybe‘ better than anyone we know.

    3. The Business Manage: Mike

    Magical Mike

    Magical Mike

    Scary? In no possible way. His beard might make him look serious, but Mike is so magically happy – and he’s the Italian who finds comfort in his dal khichdi while the rest of the office pigs out on pizza!

    4. The Brand Coordinator: Amruta

    The Sunshine Girl : Amruta

    The Sunshine Girl: Amruta

    Amruta is the sunshine girl at the MissMalini office. Her happy shining face just makes your day – she lights up the office just by being there.

    5. The Bollywood Kapoor: Rashmi

    Shanatic Rashmi

    Shanatic Rashmi

    Rashmi is known as Bollywood Kapoor because she knows her Khans and especially her Kapoors pretty well. Rashmi is a pure Shanatic (a die hard Shahid Kapoor fan), and if you ever see a goofy smile on her face, just understand that she’s spent way too much time looking up at her tack board.

    6. The Fashion Expert: Karen

    Fashion Freak  : Karen

    Fashion Freak : Karen

    Any queries regarding fashion or styling, come to Karen. She can often be found spamming the rest of the office with random fashion links, and is also the only girl we know who can spot her Lanvin from a mile away. She harbours a secret love for 90’s Bollywood masala music, and – of course – Shakti Kapoor (though she won’t quite admit it).

    7. The Lifestyle Lover:  Ranjit

    Lifestyle Lover : Ranjit

    Lifestyle Lover : Ranjit

    He loves life and he loves style; that’s Ranjit for you! He wears the most colorful clothes in the office, and if you hear a dirty joke being cracked, most likely it has come from him!

    Ranjit's tack board

    Ranjit’s tack board

    His tack board is filled with some of his favourite memories, and the most adorable babies you’ll ever find!

    8. The Paparazzi Photographer: Khyati

    I am Love With Rahul Khanna

    In love With Rahul Khanna

    A passion for photography is the reason I am here. I may look small, but I can hold my own alongside the big, burly Bollywood paparazzi guys. Head-over-heels for Rahul Khanna, but at the end of the day – main apni favourite hoon. :)

    Some Maddening Office Pranks!

    Time for some revenge

    Time for some revenge

    We think Rashmi will make a better pair with Uday Chopra *wink wink*

    Too much caffeine?

    Too much caffeine?

     I LOVE Team MissMalini… and You ?

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    • Karen Alfonso

      Hahaha I love the blog!
      side note: I hate that you’ve caught me with my nerdy glasses.

    • http://www.missmalini.com MissMalini

      This blog is sooo awesome :) I love you guys!

      PS. Karen I wonder if Nowshad knows his “Nerds” made the cut?! Hehehehehe

    • fatema

      do urll get paid for blogging..

    • http://www.missmalini.com MissMalini

      Fatema, Team MissMalini works hard and parties harder! xoxo

    • Marv d

      You Guys!!!!!!!!!!!
      this is a great blog post…
      I Love Mals in the car… Blog Much?!!!!

      Team MissMalini is Bad A$$

    • http://www.missmalini.com Mike Melli

      great pics Khyati!! Kind of hungry for some dal khichdi now…

    • http://twitter.com/#!/tehrashminator Rashmi Daryanani

      I love Team MissMalini too! Such fab pics, Khyati! :D

    • fatema

      Malini u have a group of cool cats…

    • http://www.missmalini.com MissMalini

      @Marvie yaaay hahahaha blog tooo much! xoxo

      @fatema Thanks :)

    • Priya

      Awesome post Rashmi, looks like you guys are a great bunch and always have a blast at work! *touchwood* :-)

      BTW was wondering any job openings? Would love to apply! hehehe ;-)

    • Priya

      Oopsie sorry got the wrong person
      *Awesome blog Khyati :P

    • Yasmin Yosef

      WwOwW !!! amaZing blOg :) All the best 4 all of uuuu :*

    • http://www.alicewandering.wordpress.com Dhruvi Shah

      Aawww! Such a cute blog. Love it! Team MissMalini is too cool.

    • Khyati Gandhi

      Thank You everyone

      And a Big Thank You to Rashmi for helping me with the post :D

    • http://www.gmail.com Senthamil

      Very nice team can i join ur team????

    • http://www.gmail.com Senthamil

      Very nice team can I join ur team???

    • Hope floats

      Cute! Mr ka poor fan should be called shahitic and not shanatic :-p

    • Amruta Khatavkar

      OMG! I <3 this blog Khyati!!

    • manjulika

      OMG I loved this blog.For a long timeI was thinking of asking Miss Malini to let us know her team mates and show her office. Hats off to you Khayti Gandhi for posting this blog.
      You all look so cool and fantastic as if working is a fun filled office than hard work.
      All the best wishes to the whole team from a fan of Miss Malini s blog

      Keep giving us more fun filled information from your office from time to time.

    • http://www.missmalini.com MissMalini

      Mom I love that you use OMG :) xoxo

    • http://www.missmalini.com MissMalini

      Miss you Dhruvi! :) xoxo

    • Bharti Nair

      Aww…! Such a cute blog. Love this one so awesome Khyati!!
      Hahaha Shanatic Rashmi and ranjit’s tack board. Ow seriously Shakti Kapoor Karen ;):P Oh god i miss office love you all
      Team MissMalini ROCKS xoxo

    • Khyati Gandhi

      @manjulika Ma’am : Thank you for appreciating the blog..and you are right for us working is fun. will surely try to give you the inside information from time to time :)

      @Bharti : Thank you soo much.. xoxo

    • sheetal

      sorry to b a party popper..but miss malini.do u smoke?? ur teeth are awfully yellow..noticed in most of ur pics .. plz go in for some whitening!! ps:friendly advice

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