• Is Priyanka Chopra Getting Married?

    February 6, 2013
    Priyanka Chopra

    Priyanka Chopra

    So I just heard the funniest bit of news and had to share it with you. *lol* Apparently Priyanka Chopra is all set to get married because her massi has found a suitable match for her! Any guesses who the boy is?

    Mohit Raina

    Mohit Raina

    According to TOI, the guy in question is Mohit Raina of Devon Ka Dev… Mahadev fame. The article even goes on to claim that a blushing PC herself revealed the name in an interview with zoOm, while Mohit Raina was left speechless when he heard of this. Sooo, if we are to go by that article, PC’s massi is completely charmed by Mohit, and believes he’s a “well-behaved, honest young man” – and the only thing that’s left is for PC to agree.

    I’m gonna go ahead and assume that Mohit’s PR people went into overdrive to churn out this story – but what do you think?

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    • bollygoss lover

      why just think mohit’s PR went into overdrive???
      PC’s PR r known to go into overdrive time n again everytime some new project is going to hit out..
      it could be blamed on them too!!

    • http://google.com sonam :)

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    • duh

      There is always some news of priyanka getting married. *yawns*

    • duh

      There is always some news of priyanka getting married. yawns

    • Saraa

      I doubt it, but yes all the PR teams are probably in over drive to do damage control! Guys aren’t you forgetting PC was going to tell s when she’s fund the one when she’s ready!!! And what tone does she have right now ding her music and movies to see a guy? Just saying

    • SSS

      Oh gosh, I saw the interview last week and it was in all jest. She sportingly replied when they asked and laughed about it. 3 or 4 days the story has become a mountain from a mole hill, guess this is how the gossip industry works LOL

    • http://currentessays.com Rahul

      He is a nice guy. If he marries her it means he wants to commit sucide. She can not prove as a good wife. No mach. She is too too much for him.

    • Neeru

      Wiil he approve of the close friendship between PC & SRK? Her husband whom ever he is has to deal with this situation

    • SSS

      Looks like Rahul and Neeru knows Priyanka, SRK and Mohit so well personally to comment on their personal relationships and their lives so insightfully! :p

    • manjulika

      Having affairs is not a deterrant anymore for two persons to get married.I don’t think Priyanka would marry just because her mausi likes the guy.Its a publicity gymick



    • http://gmail.com neha

      priyanka is already married to srk,if u REALLY don’t know,u duffers..

    • ZeeBee

      @neha: Really, where is proof that she married SRK? Amazing how SRK always talks about Gauri and the kids.

      @Miss Malini: Is it true that PC and SRK are married to each other?

    • sheetal

      omg!! what dumb ass comments..pc marries srk..LMAO!!

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