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    Flashback: Here’s What Happened to the Cute Baby in ‘Baby’s Day Out’

    Baby's Day Out (1994)

    Baby's Day Out (1994)

    Baby’s Day Out (1994)

    It’s one movie I never miss whenever it repeats on TV. Released almost twenty years ago in 1994, Baby’s Day Out was a huge hit and followed slightly in the vein of the Home Alone series (blonde kid all Alone in new York).

    The film revolved around a two year old toddler who gets kidnapped, but manages to escape and always stays a couple steps ahead of them as they chase him around New York.

    But whatever happened to Baby Bink, played by twins Adam Robert Worton and Jacob Joseph Worton?

    Baby Bink (then) played by Adam Worton (now)

    Baby Bink (then) played by Adam Worton (now)

    Baby Bink (then) played by Jacob Worton (now)

    Baby Bink (then) played by Jacob Worton (now) (Pic: Facebook/Bindass)

    Turns out, the cute little twins have grown into handsome young man, and Baby’s Day Out seems to be the only movie they acted in.  Google search does not provide any satisfactory answers about what they’ve been up to, so if anyone has any info please share in the comments section below!

    And here’s the trailer for a quick trip down memory lane:

    Ranjit Rodricks
    Mar 12 , 2013 6:31 pm


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    • Cherry

      Muah! One of the cutest kids :D

    • Bharti Nair

      Awww.. love this movie! Cutie :)

    • disqus_twmnmp4TqD

      I absolutely LOVE this movie!!! One of the funniest movies EVER!!!

    • Susaine

      This movie was very nice…..!!!

    • ashley clay

      this movie shows how god helps small innocent children..i cnt beleiv he is so big now..

    • Iftekharul Hoque

      i love this movie when i was little kid about 4 i started to see the movie love it ♥

    • Brandon Fawra

      Ummmm, neither of those people are the stars of Baby’s Day Out to this date….

    • finlay

      are the boys who are older real twins like when they were babies

      • Kristina Brandorff

        Yes, they are. They seem unindetical on a photo only because Jacob (or Adam? lol) made another hair style and weights a bit less :) I guess he did it on purpose, so people could differ them :)))

    • Ruru

      Fake the real people are : Jacob Worton ( uni of delaware) on facebook and Adam Damien-Lafayette Worton on facebook..

      • Kellie

        Look on IMDb. The names are Adam Robert and Jacob Joseph.

    • Tayyibah Hossain

      oh i remember this i was lucky enough that i fund it and recorded it andd now i can watch it anytime!! this movie is great and hilarious and i hope baby’s trip to china will be coming out anytime soon

    • Tayyibah Hossain

      i ment found

    • randomergirl25

      wiki says that baby’s trip to china will not be coming out anytime soon but they have filmed the actual thing they cant because they dont have enough money

    • Tayyibah Hossain

      guys i am randomergirl25 i just wanted to use a diff name

    • babycutnessobsessed

      aww he is so grown up now!!

    • teodor bochev

      Great article, hope that someone will share what do they do now and what was the influence of the movie to their lives.

    • Indre


    • TheCritic

      My 1-1/2 year old son watches this movie and laughs hysterically…needless to say I too enjoy this movie with him…

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