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    Exclusive: Madhuri Dixit’s High-Heeled Woes!

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    Madhuri Dixit

    Madhuri Dixit

    Madhuri Dixit‘s talent team, who will be giving her a makeover, recently popped in to Jimmy Choo to pick up designer shoes for the actress. They brought 5 pairs to Madhuri, but almost immediately had to return 4 of them to the store – here’s why!

    Madhuri Dixit

    Madhuri Dixit

    It’s for the simplest reason, actually: Madhuri found most of them too high for her to wear! The actress insists that she likes to remain relaxed, which is why she prefers her flats, since she’s super comfy in them. We hear she’s told her team of stylists not to bring her any high heels in the future, because she won’t wear them. Guess Mads is staying grounded – literally!

    Team MissMalini
    Apr 4 , 2013 5:13 pm


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