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    Exclusive Deleted Scene – Shootout At Wadala

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    Exclusive Deleted Scene - Shootout At Wadala

    Exclusive Deleted Scene – Shootout At Wadala

    Last night this awesome deleted scene from Shootout at Wadala hit YouTube and it’s pretty genius. In fact Siddhanth Kapoor dominates this scene and I’ll be Twinterviewing him tomorrow so make sure you leave me your questions for him in the comments below!

    Shootout At Wadala is an unbelievable true story of the first ever police ‘encounter’ in Bombay. The film outlines the rampant gang wars in Bombay as it culminates into a 3-way epic face-off between the gangsters and Mumbai police.



    I can see the resemblance in the camera angles and gangstas off-duty vibe, kinda cool throwback if you ask me!

    Apr 30 , 2013 11:44 am


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