• Hrithik & Sussanne Roshan Are Getting Separated

    Posted by MissMalini
    September 20, 2013

    Published September 20, 2013.

    Sad but true, yes. The rumours that have been floating around about an “A-list star getting a divorce” are in fact true. Of course they aren’t jumping the gun just yet and the press release today will say, Hrithik & Sussanne Roshan are opting for a separation.

    BUT if you’re thinking this has something to do with Barbara Mori and their affair during the filming of Kites (remember Sussanne moved out quoting a termite issue?) it doesn’t. Relationships, especially those in the limelight are super complex. Mostly I imagine because celebrities live with such a totally skewed perception of themselves that it’s nearly impossible to “keep it real.”

    I do however want to make the point that while it would be easy to assume that the rich handsome “superstar” husband is leaving the poor, sad, woe-begone star wife that just simply isn’t true.

    The truth is she left him, about a week ago, because she was fed up. Now I suppose its up to Hrithik to try and relocate the real man behind the mask before it’s too late or he’s going to be superhero-ing it up all on his lonesome. True what they say eh? It’s lonely at the top.

    Sussanne & Hrithik Roshan

    Sussanne & Hrithik Roshan

    As of yesterday this was Hrithik’s food for thought on Twitter, so I suppose he’s trying?

    Anyway, its probably a difficult time for them both so here’s hoping they get through it and the kids don’t see too much trash in the press. xoxo

    Update (21st Sept): While we stand by our very reliable sources, Hrithik and Sussanne’s PR representatives are denying this story. Out of fairness to them, we are noting their denial here; however we have yet to hear an official statement from either of the stars and will keep you updated as we know more. 

    Update (13th Dec): Hrithik Roshan released an official statement today confirming our report that he and Sussanne are indeed getting separated. Sad but true. :(

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    • Khyati Gandhi

      oh nooo…. this is so sad

    • https://www.facebook.com/jagdish.chellappan Jagdish Chellappan

      she should have kicked him out a long time back,he comes out across as such a fake guy always mouthing some philosophical trash

    • https://www.facebook.com/theanikaverma Anika Verma

      Are they all imitating Hollywood celebs? :p

    • Nisha B

      This is so sad and they were childhood sweethearts who got married. Hope this is just a PR drive for his new movie.

      • Nisha B

        Hi malini, since the story is proven untrue I hope you delete this piece of news or issue a statement about it. Trusting fans/readers might get a lil worked up you see. Thank you for writing in a dignified way on this article :)

        • http://www.missmalini.com/ MissMalini

          Hey hun, I promise I have it from super reliable sources that its true so I stand by this. I would never put up a story like this if I wasn’t 100% sure about it. xoxo

          • chris

            Is this is True! WHo are U too Say Hrithik is Wrong in this matter! U bettr Correct this Thing! Wt do you mean by al ur Tag Lines? Hrithik Is SuperStar! Show him some respect! N Stop saying things like He did do anything to his family n left them.! So bettr Show Some RESPECT to Hrithik Roshan

    • Anusha Puri

      sad ..very sad and even hard to believe

    • Hijhh

      Just a publicity for new movie

      • http://fictitious-fashion.blogspot.in/ Fictitious Fashion

        Right.. They can’t get separated.. They love their children.. he has had a surgery too and is taking time out to be with his family on sundays.. just a publicity stunt..

    • https://www.facebook.com/jemima.shah Jemima Shah

      fake news

    • Nandita

      I love how simple and non-trashy you’ve kept the report Miss Malini…great going

      • http://www.missmalini.com/ MissMalini

        Thanks for that Nandita :) I can imagine it’s really painful for them both.

    • nita

      i doubt she makes more money than him.

      i dont think hrithik is some one who will leave his wife, nor is his wife. she has seen her dad openly have an affair and then still continue to live with her mom.. so nothing is gonna disturb her.

    • YeahYeah

      I’ll wait for the REAL lowdown on fashionscandal as opposed to this PR pouf piece. Thanks at least for the heads up tho.

    • http://www.cosmochics.com/ Shivi@COSMOCHICS

      Sad to hear about them:(

    • chris

      Evn If tis Shit is TRUE Wat U asking Hrithik to changeFor Hes FUkin GOD! He CAn do what eva he wants. He’ll Have 1mill Women linein Up in no time ! SO DNT says ts his Fault! if this gos the wrng way! its 21st Cnt Things like these Happen

      • hrithik fan


    • Shaima Husain

      THIS IS JUST BULL?>?”%#$I THINK IT IS JUST A RUMOUR ITS NOT TRUE. it cant happen because on koffee with karan when KJo asked her what will she do if hrithik and she were separated so she replied she will not want to continue her life. They love eachother ,they r soulmates .they will never b separated .

    • AO

      Please delete this…farah ali khan already confirmed this is not true.

    • Bhupali

      If Hrithik and Suzzane can get separate than any marriage can break. I thought they were inseparable. When you look up to such great marriages as an example, its almost impossible to believe in these articles. I really hope that its not true.

      • MsAudi1976 .

        What was great about a marriage that involved cheating?!?

    • rankat

      @MissMalini:disqus…@FarahKhanAli has denied this newsbyte…Please delete this if untrue..Your blog has a huge trusting fan following…

      • justaguy

        why would someone down vote this plea to make sure the blog’s brand does not go down and not brandish a good actor’s reputation…@MissMalini:disqus…I hope this rumor is true…we value your website…and have been following it for the longest time…

        • http://www.missmalini.com/ MissMalini

          Hey there, I am looking into this for sure, but believe me I did not post this lightly, had several very reliable sources so am surprised there is so much denial!

          • justaguy

            Well I hope for their sake that it is not true….but if this is all PR..it is not a healthy trend…

          • Sandhya

            Hi Miss Malini,

            Is this false news now…I guess u might be thinking to remove it.

          • koko

            so according to your sources what do you think they’ll get divorced or no?

    • sharmin

      Quite frankly. I think hrithik has devoted a lot of his time to his family. He hasnt had a single movie come out in a very long time. Its hard to tell if you are not int heir shoes…

    • Riha D’Arshi

      Aww I thought at least these guys will go the length, both coming from highly popular families, hoped they knew the drawbacks of living in the limelight. My heart goes out to those kids caught in between. Prayers that they get through this mess and find themselves.

    • Koi Kardashian

      Is this a PR stunt? Krrish seems to be releasing. The last time he was in the limelight about an ‘alleged’ affair with Barbara Mori – it was during Kites. I don’t know if I’d believe it all.

    • Koi Kardashian

      There is a twitter pic of Hrithik Suzanne and their kids – very recent and his twitter background has a pic of his wife. C’mon I can’t believe it. Just a rumor I guess.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001622918287 Nandita Noushin

      hrithik passes very hard time this year, since he has his brain surgery, if Suzanne leaves him, that means she’s actually a selfish old auntie, does not deserve to be with the Superstar of the generation the Hrithik Rowshan !!

      • MsAudi1976 .


        Words mean very little, by cheating on her even once he has shown that he doesn’t love her.

        She said for so long because her father set up not so high standards for her. Finally she sees things as they are.

        No one get over infidelity. Anytime he is not contactable her mind would perhaps have wondered “where is he?” There is no filling up the crack.

        Staying together would set her kids again for what she put up. Staying together would be a continuing life time punishment.

        Hrithik would want her to forget but Barring Alzheimers or a similair condition one can’t just forget, un hear or un see.

        Cheating never just happens, especially with people who are in public eye. It involves, lying, hiding, driving somewhere, coverups and more… He would want her to believe its a mistake. This is not an accident. Cheating is cheating and he lit the match and poured the gasoline and burned his family unit down.

    • Trompadourin Tamara

      Hrithik?- Könnte momentan passen oder! Ist jedenfalls mein Gedanke??

      Die Maske die Er trägt und hinter die Fans nicht sehen möchten

      Bitte höre, was ich nicht sage!

      Lass dich nicht von mir narren. Lass dich nicht durch das Gesicht täuschen, das ich mache. Den ich trage tausend Masken – Masken, die ich fürchte abzulegen. Und keine davon bin ich. So tun als ob, ist eine Kunst, die mir zur zweiten Natur wurde. Aber lass dich dadurch nicht täuschen, um Himmels Willen, lass dich nicht von mir narren. Ich mache den Eindruck, als sei ich umgänglich, als sei alles sonnig und heiter in mir, innen wie außen, als sei mein Name Vertrauen und mein Spiel Kühle, als sei ich ein stilles Wasser und als könne ich über alles bestimmen, so als brauchte ich niemanden.

      Aber glaub mir nicht!

      Mein Äußeres mag sicher erscheinen, aber es ist meine Maske. Darunter bin ich wie ich wirklich bin: Verwirrt, in Furcht und allein. Aber ich verberge das. Ich möchte nicht, dass es irgend jemand merkt. Beim bloßen Gedanken an meine Schwächen bekomme ich Angst und fürchte mich davor, mich anderen überhaupt auszusetzen. Gerade deshalb erfinde ich verzweifelt Masken, hinter denen ich mich verbergen kann: Eine lässige, kluge Fassade, die mir hilft, etwas vorzutäuschen, die mich vor dem wissenden Blick sichert, der mich erkennen würde. Dabei wäre dieser Blick gerade meine Rettung. Und ich weiß es. Wenn es jemand wäre, der mich annimmt und mich liebt. Das ist das einzige, das mir die Sicherheit geben würde, die ich mir selbst nicht geben kann: dass ich wirklich etwas wert bin.

      Aber das sage ich dir nicht. Ich wage es nicht. Ich habe Angst davor. Ich habe Angst, dass dein Blick nicht von Annahme und Liebe begleitet wird. Ich fürchte, du wirst gering von mir denken und über mich lachen. Und dein Lachen würde mich umbringen. Ich habe Angst, dass ich tief drinnen in mir selbst nichts bin, nichts wert, und dass du das siehst und mich abweisen wirst.

      So spiele ich mein Spiel, mein verzweifeltes Spiel: eine sichere Fassade außen und ein zitterndes Kind innen. Ich rede daher im gängigen Ton oberflächlichen Geschwätzes. Ich erzähle dir alles, was wirklich nichts ist, und nichts von alldem, was wirklich ist, was in mir schreit; deshalb lass dich nicht täuschen von dem, was ich aus Gewohnheit rede.

      Bitte höre sorgfältig hin und versuche zu hören, was ich NICHT sage, was ich so gerne sagen möchte, was ich um des Überlebens willen rede und was ich nicht sagen kann. Ich verabscheue dieses Versteckspiel, das ich da aufführe. Es ist ein oberflächliches, unechtes Spiel. Ich möchte wirklich echt und spontan sein können, einfach ich selbst, aber du musst mir helfen. du musst deine Hand ausstrecken, selbst wenn es gerade das letzte zu sein scheint, was ich mir wünsche. Nur du kannst mich zum Leben rufen. Jedes Mal, wenn du freundlich und gut bist und mir Mut machst, jedes Mal, wenn du zu verstehen suchst, weil du dich wirklich um mich sorgst, bekommt mein Herz Flügel – sehr kleine Flügel, sehr brüchige Schwingen, aber Flügel!

      Dein Gespür und die Kraft deines Verstehens geben mir Leben. Ich möchte, dass du das weißt. Ich möchte, das du weißt, wie wichtig du für mich bist, wie sehr du aus mir den Menschen machen kannst, der ich wirklich bin, – wenn du willst.

      Bitte, ich wünschte, du wolltest es. Du kannst die Wand niederreißen, hinter der ich zittere. Du allein kannst mir die Maske abnehmen, Du allein kannst mich aus meiner Schattenwelt, aus Angst und Unsicherheit befreien, aus meiner Einsamkeit. Übersieh mich nicht. Bitte übergeh mich nicht! Es wird nicht leicht für dich sein. Die lang andauernde Überzeugung, wertlos zu sein, schafft dicke Mauern. Je näher du mir kommst, desto blinder schlage ich zurück. Ich wehre mich gegen das, wonach ich schreie. Aber man hat mir gesagt, das Liebe stärker sei als jeder Schutzwall und darauf hoffe ich.

      Wer ich bin, willst du wissen?

      Ich bin jemand, den du sehr gut kennst. Denn ich bin jedermann, den Superstar, den Held, der Mann oder auch einfach nur der MENSCH

      (aus Johannes- die Maske) LG. Marion

      • Ahot

        Mich würde interessieren, wer nach deiner Einsicht die Maske wohl trägt…

    • iknowu


    • Svetlana961

      Sorry, but this is a bad tradition of media, you stipulate the people and do not even think it necessary to ask for their forgiveness for the lies and slander. You should be ashamed. Your gossip is very bad smell.

    • Sandhya

      Hi Miss Malini,

      If ur sources are true, y is there no press release yet.Also dont you think tat suzanne getting fed up at the time of promotions of krrish 3 is a mere coincidence? or was she waiting for the right moment to pull the cords , so tat he wud get on his knees bcos he has lot at stake now?

    • SONALI

      She is fed up of what exactly? Him not being around? or being in one sided love? And where is the press release? I am hoping they will work things out. I have seen susanne’s interviews and she has nothing but love for him . she stood by him when he was no body, encouraged him( Hrithik’s own words), Didn’t leave him when he was rumored to be having affiars, when his career was going down and the list is endless. He can def find a hot, sexy , young one but will she love him like Sussanne did? Maybe the whole Krishh Super Hero has gone in to his head! Or they are simply done IDK

    • Rohit

      He has infact praised his wife saying
      “My ultimate check point is Sussanne. If I am over excited about something I check with her, she is my reality check point.”

      So I guess he has sorted out things with her.

      Wat is your take on this miss malini?

    • Zena

      PLEASE DELETE THIS!!!!!!!! You can’t blame people without knowing the facts!!!!!! Innocent until PROVED guilty! I know Hrithik would NEVER do anything to make Sussanne leave!!!!! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE DELETE!!!

    • Trompadourin Tamara

      Sorry aber dies scheint schon seit ca. 2011 so zu gehen. ich verstehe das Familie lieber darüber schweigt aber: Wieso war Sie nicht bei Ihm als OP war ( 2 Nanys?? also Bitte) sondern ist erst nach OP gekommen- Ich bin bei meinen Mann grade bei solch einer gefährlichen OP. Dann hätte ich Ihn auch nicht auf das Familien Fest gelassen( Siehe Bericht Ärzte) eine Frau kann ihren mann ablenken oder auch das große Fest (Bericht Ärzte das dies eine gr. Gefahr für seine Gesundheit darstellt) Immer kam Suzanne später oder war bei dem Fest wie sonst nicht dabei (Adwars 2013 Senorita wo war Sie den da?? (Na auch nicht aufgefallen??) Sie war auf einen Fest eines DJ mit Freunden aber wer dreht sich um und Tanzt so ausgelassen mit einem Fremden?? Suzanne- das tat Sie noch nie und hier sah Sie sehr glücklich aus! Gehen wir mal auf Roshan Senjors Party. Auch hier Frage ich mich ernsthaft was für Journalisten denn hier arbeiten oder Recherchieren. macht hier es den 3 Affen nach? Sie kam nach Ihrer Mutter und Schwester (festliche Kleidung)- in Alltagskleidung- nicht wie Angekündigt einen Freund der Familie sondern Bruder. Sie mußte Heim zu ihren ARMEN kranken Vater?? Schwester und Mutter aber nicht ?????, und jetzt bitte nicht das sie sich um Kinder, Haushalt und Geschäft kümmern müßte ( ihr Mann brauchte Unterstützung) Sie hat Angestellte Nanys 2, Haushälterin und fürs Geschäft ja wohl auch. Was besonders Interessant war das Sie am gleichen Abend oder am nächsten Tag (mit ) ihren ach so kranken Vater geschäftlich nach Paris geflogen ist (Wunderheilung). Und falls ihr es noch nicht bemerkt habt oder Vergessen wie es ist (Betrogen ) Verlassen zu werden. Es leidet immer der der Verlassen worden ist also Hrithik Roshan (sagt jetzt nicht Er habe eine Affaire -Leute- wie wen man Ihm auf Schritt und Tritt als Journalisten verfolgt wird! Aber Suzanne nie!! Denkt mal nach.

      So und jetzt über Selbstbetrug – Mein Gott Hrithik ist auch ein Mensch der den Schmerz spürt und leidet. Natürlich mag Er es nicht wahrhaben, wollten wir es den bei einen Verlust? Nein – Also warum soll ER anders sein und Ihn trifft es durch seine Berühmtheit und Beliebtheit noch schlimmer. Also Ihr Journalisten etwas Mitgefühl und Verständnis würde Euch auch stehen!

      Berichtet macht Eure Bilder und meidet Ihn jetzt nicht ( so wie Ihr keine Fotos gemacht habt von seiner Ankunft am Flughafen ? oder auf der Geburtstagsparty) Momentan geht Hrithik Roshan durch eine persönliche Hölle die sicher keiner von Uns gehen möchte- OP- Familie- Ihr?

      Also zeigt Größe und Verständnis: Arbeitet mit der Familie Roshan und nicht gegen

      Sorry but this seems to have been about 2011 to go that way. I understand the family but rather is silent : ( ? ie 2 Nanys Please ) Why you was not with him, but as the OP was only after I came – OP am with my husband for just such a dangerous surgery. Then I would have him not even on the hard left families ( See report doctors) a woman can distract her husband or the big festival ( doctors report that this is a danger to his health is gr ) Always Suzanne came later or was at the festival as is otherwise not there ( Adwars 2013 Senorita where you had to there? ( well not noticed ? ) She was a hard one DJ with friends but who turns around and dance so left out with a stranger ? Suzanne was doing you never here and you looked very happy ! Let’s go to Roshan Senjors party. question I seriously because what journalists working here or Find Again makes . 3 here the monkeys ? she came to her mother and sister ( festive clothing ). – in everyday clothes – not as Announced a family friend but brother you had home sick to their POOR father, sister and mother but not , and now please not that they are children , household and ? ? ? would have to take care of business (her husband needed support ) you have employees Nanys 2, housekeeper and probably also for business . What was particularly interesting is that you flew to Paris the same evening or the next day ( with ) their oh so sick father business ( miracle cure ) . and if you have not noticed or forgotten as it is ( Betrayed ) to be leaving . , it always suffers the exit was being so Hrithik Roshan ( now says no he had an affair – people – such as who to him on every step is tracked as journalists ? But Suzanne never ! think about it .

      And now about self-deception – My God Hrithik is also a person who feels the pain and suffering . Of course He does not like to admit it , we wanted it to at a loss ? No – so why should be different and it hits him worse by his fame and popularity ER . So You journalists some compassion and understanding you would be too!

      Reported makes your pictures and shun him now is not (as you have any photos taken of his arrival at the airport? , Or at the birthday party ) Currently is Hrithik Roshan through a personal hell sure none of us will want OP family – you?

      So size and shows understanding : Works with the Roshan family and not against you.

      Since both human and journalist and then a masterpiece OK

      LG . Marion

    • Essp

      Is there an update, Malini? Hrithik’s recent tweet is so ambiguous that it could mean a number of things, or nothing.

    • Sandhya

      Hi Miss Malini,

      I have sent so many mssages to you asking for confirmation on this article..Cud u pls answer this time…
      Hrithik is planning for a lavish dinner party for suzanne’s birthday…so now they must have made up…wats ur say in this ….

      • http://www.missmalini.com/ MissMalini

        Sandhya sorry to report that this news is 100% true, as of now they are living separately.

        • AO

          Of course they are having problems, especially after Hrithik’s mother-in-law said this about him…

          ‘Hrithik is special, very very special. And what can I say about his style. He has style from A-Z. He is too good in every way and I always tell him that I am his biggest fan!’- Zarine Khan

          Man, this is going to end ugly…

          • Sandhya

            Still in denial mode AO?????

            • AO

              Well, this is awkward…

      • saurav

        Seems like Suzain has an affair with someone else, that’s why she got divorced.

    • Ramya

      He hasn;t wished her on her birthday….This news is true I guess

    • Riya

      Hi MissMalini,
      Though urs was the first one to confirm this news but now there are so many articles saying that there’s an affair, hrithik is moving out and what not……so pls tell us worried fans if the media is making these separation rumours more trashy than it may seem……

      • http://www.missmalini.com/ MissMalini

        Hey Riya! I have deets coming up on the blog tomorrow from our Industrywalla, stay tuned! xoxo

        • Angie

          Miss Malini,
          Though u gave us a blast from the past with hrithik-kareena thing, pls shed some light on the present scenario. Are they separating or not or are they already separated???? i’m a big fan of hrithik & sussanne nd its really sad to see such a dream couple parting their ways…

          • http://www.missmalini.com/ MissMalini

            That’s coming up to, stay tuned!

            • Riya

              Miss Malini,
              Waiting patiently for ur upadtes regarding this post……

    • Angie

      Hi MissMalini,
      Is the couple going through a trial separation which now may be turning into something “horrible” legally???? coz if they were legally separated it wud hv been all over news.
      Though its entirely between the couples nd hope they resolve their issues soon can u tell us wat exactly happened as they started looking warm to each other in pics released by media eg: ifttar party where suzanne hugging hrithik happily….as after the “alleged” Barbara Mori episode, both of them looked extremely cold nd distant…

    • Riya

      Miss Malini,
      Pls update as to what is going on with r favorite couple…….eagerly waiting for ur reply

    • https://www.facebook.com/prabhjeet.kaur1 Prabhjeet Kaur Ahuja


    • https://www.facebook.com/deeptio Rishtika Ombika

      aww thats so sad to end a 17yr old relationship…

    • Manjulika

      PLEASE BRING SOME SENSE TO BOTH OF THEM TO GET TOGETHER>TALK IT OUT>Nothing is more important than a family sticking through thick and thin.I feel Hrithik suffering with his brain problem lost his cool and is not thinking the seriousness of the problem.They love quotes were so strong in the past that its getting difficult to believe they might separate./or have sepersyed.Money and fame is not enough,a loving family is more important.

    • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100007301465316 Sikandar Ali


    • https://www.facebook.com/vidhya.nair1 Vidhya Nair

      Parents. He’s too locked in with them. Career and family life has too much daddy, mummy decisions. So he has to choose now. But that’s tough esp if his health isn’t great. Poor guy.

    • Jackie Watts

      When you first felt the need to tell us of the break up of Hrithik/Sussanne I distrusted your cred ability, and then the sad confirmation from Hrithik. What I find interesting however is the tone you set for this whole situation. You are constantly spouting rumors generally false ones and suddenly not only to do publish a rumor, but you back it up with such detail as to its eventuality ( “…they were going to announce it after the release of Krrish3…”) . Hummmm.
      Your second picture tells the whole story I think, Sussanne being encouraged by Gaurie to break off her marriage. And in the end who looks like the perfect wife, mother and hero, Gaurie Khan. So my question would be to you, because we know you are in the same circle of friends as Mrs Khan how much of a role did you play in this break up? How much fuel did you lend to this fire? How much poison are you responsible for? For a while there you had my respect as being reliable and truthful but I cannot feel that anymore. Sleep well.

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