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    Is This What Goes Through Your Mind When You Get a Massage?

    Rashmi Daryanani, September 12, 2014

    Anyone who has had a massage at any point will probably admit that, while it can be fantastic, it can also be freakin’ weird, depending on the circumstances. Well, everyone’s favourite YouTuber, IISuperwomanII, recently had a rather awkward Thai massage of her own. In her latest…MORE

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    MissMalini Contest: WIN An Intel Powered Asus ZenFone Smartphone!

    MissMalini - Advertorial, August 21, 2014
    WIN an ASUS ZenFone Smartphone

    Congratulations Manali! You’ve won an Intel Powered Asus ZenFone Smartphone! Please write to [email protected] to claim your prize! Q: Need an awesome new touch smartphone? Tell us what you like to do best on your phone for a chance to win a new Intel powered…MORE

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    Super Exciting News By DJ Suketu For Aspiring DJs!

    Priyam Saha, August 21, 2014
    DJ Suketu

    Guess what? One of your favourtie desi DJs, DJ Suketu has fabulous news for you! Want to DJ for your next party or your best friend’s wedding? DJ Suketu will teach you how! All you need to do is subscribe to his brand new Youtube…MORE

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    What Happens When Indians & Pakistanis Speak to Each Other on the Phone

    Rashmi Daryanani, August 16, 2014
    When India Spoke to Pakistan

    For Independence Day, the folks over at AIB have released a new video where they’ve made strangers from India and Pakistan speak to each other over the phone and discovered why they should “never talk to each other.” Watch the video for a little perspective…MORE

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    10 Super-Awesome Things About Being Desi!

    Shreemi Verma, August 15, 2014

    Want to hear something fabulously patriotic AND super #geekchic on Independence Day? MissMalini‘s pals over at Dotdesi are now offering you the coolest domain name EVER. The “Dotdesi” domain celebrates Desis like you and me all around the world wide, yay! Show how you can be…MORE

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    How Well Do You Know The #Selfie?

    Dhruvi Shah, August 13, 2014

    Nowadays, most of us prefer to click a #selfie and post it on social media. The #selfie has created a buzz among the old and young and become quite the phenomenon. So, it’s only right that we should know the etymology of the selfie. BuzzFeed…MORE

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    10 Things You Can Do When Facebook Crashes

    Anushka Mulchandani, August 1, 2014
    Facebook Down

    Yes, the Gods can be cruel sometimes. Facebook decided to crash a couple of minutes ago and the world is not taking it well! Between the panic on Twitter and with no place to bang on and on about their feelings, Facebook users worldwide are…MORE

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    The 7 Types of Indian Guys You Meet on Tinder

    Rashmi Daryanani, July 25, 2014
    Unfortunately, Ryan Gosling isn't one of them (photo | troll.me)

    If you’re single – and, well, even if you’re not – chances are you’ve at least heard of Tinder. If you haven’t, here’s a crash course: it’s a dating app wherein you’re presented with one person at a time, and you either swipe left (to reject them)…MORE

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    MissMalini Contest: Win A Geek Chic MissMalini T-shirt!

    Anushka Mulchandani, July 24, 2014
    Win a MissMalini tee

    We’re so excited at Team MissMalini, we have such cool new t-shirts! – And the best part is, they’re so #GeekChic! The black tees come for both men and women, in different sizes, and they have ‘Eat, Sleep, Tweet, Retweet‘ printed onto them. Because as…MORE

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    Touch Technology 2.0 – Intel Visits The MissMalini HQs!

    Mike Melli, July 22, 2014

    Last time Team MissMalini teamed up with Intel, we got a #geekchic tech makeover, to help keep us at our blogging best! Now they’re back to teach us about the technology of touch! The Intel-powered gadgets that we use everyday are becoming lighter, quicker &…MORE

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    A 3-Step Guide to Salman-ize Your Desktop!

    Team MissMalini, July 3, 2014
    Salman Khan

    Recently, Team MissMalini came across a super fun post called “Kanyefy Your Dock”. It got us thinking, “Why not create our very own MissMalini Bollywood take on it?” And who better to work with than Bhai himself?! We dug into our extensive archive of Salman Khan and…MORE

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    How to Print Instagram Square Photos!

    Andrea, June 23, 2014
    Instagram Prints

    I am a self confessed Instagram addict and it is one of my favorite phone applications, but printing these square photos can be a nightmare as most photo centers are not up to date yet on the new photo craze! Below is a method for…MORE

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