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    5 Things Girls Should Do When Shark Week Arrives!

    Shreemi Verma, September 23, 2014

    Periods are the worst. They really, really are. Let’s just all just rally to get two days off every month when shark week arrives. Okay fine, let’s not! But when there’s a bloody war going on down there, it’s very difficult to be the normal,…MORE

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    Did You Know You Could Buy Art On Social Media? Say Hello To Aartique

    Sheefa Gilani, September 22, 2014
    Artwork at Aartique

    Social shopping is hardly an anonymous term anymore especially with Facebook which is quickly transforming from a social media platform to a social retail platform. However, we thought the idea of a social art gallery on Facebook seemed quite unique. Aartique by Arati Bagai is…MORE

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    Five Of Our Favorite On-Screen Detectives!

    Andrea, September 22, 2014
    Nowshad Rizwanullah, Malini Agarwal, Andrea Brown, and Kelvin Cheung

    For the first time in India, a new gaming concept has been launched in Mumbai. Dubbed Clue Hunt, it is India’s First Live Escape Game. Do you want to spend an hour playing a fun, yet challenging game? Do you love solving puzzles and riddles? As…MORE

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    5 Songs To Make You Feel Bootylicious

    Sheefa Gilani, September 22, 2014
    Ecard Meme

    Sometimes you need music to complement your sexy mood! We’ve listed down the top trending songs of the moment, to make you feel nothing less than bootylicious.Take a look at these fabulous booty monsters, because these artists are completely sincere about wanting your ass to…MORE

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    MissMalini’s World Episode 1 Viewing Party at The Drawing Room

    Anushka Mulchandani, September 22, 2014
    #MMWorld viewing party at The Drawing Room in Afternoon Despatch & Courier

    As you might already know, *insert drumroll here* we have a TV show! Every Friday, you can get a peek into what we do at work on the show called MissMalini’s World which airs on TLC at 7:30 p.m. While we were all nervous with…MORE

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    5 Tracks By Akshai Sarin That Will Put You Into Drive Time Bliss!

    Marv D'Souza, September 22, 2014
    Meet Akshai Sarin

    While we were shooting at BBlunt Bangalore, MissMalini bumped into music maker and all star gem of a guy, Akshai Sarin. We love his music and he gladly offered to sample his latest project for MissMalini’s World. You can check it out in the first…MORE

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    5 Must Hear Treats For Your Ears By Sidd Coutto!

    Marv D'Souza, September 22, 2014
    Sidd Coutto

    Where do you go to hear tunes featuring some of the coolest indie artists our country has to offer? Right here on MissMalini! In the third episode of MissMalini’s World, we gave you a taste of the music of Sidd Coutto. If you’re into easy…MORE

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    10 Books Every Girl Should Read At Least Once In Her Life!

    Shreemi Verma, September 21, 2014

    Books are the best! Books should rule the world someday. Okay the latter might not be entirely possible, but in my opinion reading is one of the best habits one can have. That is why as a mature 24 year old I’m listing down 10…MORE

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    Top 10 EDM Tracks We Can’t And Won’t Stop Listening To!

    Shreemi Verma, September 19, 2014

    Our love affair with EDM began as an underground scene where just a few people would head to a tiny club to listen to their favourite DJ (who’d rarely make an appearance in India) and dance their heart out! Things have obviously changed for the…MORE

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    Top 10 Desi Girls Who Rule The World!

    Shreemi Verma, September 18, 2014

    Being a proud desi isn’t just limited to Independence Day, it’s a feeling that stays forever. That’s why the cool people at Dotdesi are now offering the coolest domain name any proud desi could have… the “Dotdesi” domain! Yep, now go get your website a…MORE

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    7 Beautiful Pieces Of Furniture We Want To Buy From Zayin Home Living!

    Shreemi Verma, September 17, 2014
    Zayin Home Living

    So the other day I went to check out the preview showcase of the latest furniture collection by Zayin Home Living in association with GoodHomes Magazine India in Andheri West, Mumbai. As I’ve always been interested in interior designing, (I think it’s a girl thing, every…MORE

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    Here’s My #OneDay Dream, What’s Yours?

    MissMalini, September 17, 2014
    MissMalini, #OneDay

    Do you have a life long dream you’ve been hoping to complete? Well now’s your chance to share it with the world. Post your #OneDay dream online, tell us who’s going to help you make it happen and who you pick to share their dreams…MORE

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