Caption This and WIN a Prize: What Are MissMalini & Manish Malhotra Saying?

Posted by Ranjit Rodricks
August 22, 2012
What are MissMalini and Manish Malhotra saying?

What are MissMalini and Manish Malhotra saying?

So, as you may have read last evening on our blog, MissMalini walked the ramp for Anmol Jewellers at the India International Fashion Week in Mumbai and she wore a couture creation by Manish Malhotra. MissMalini even did a blog about being a Manish Malhotra model for a day…

Here is a picture of them at the post-show photo-call. All you have to do is tell us in the comments box below:

What are MissMalini and Manish Malhotra saying in the picture?

The wittiest caption gets a prize so put on your thinking cap and say something really funny.

Have fun!

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    • Tanvi

      Manish – Who said she is amateur? who is it?
      Malini – Haaye, ladkiyon ko ramp par chalkar dekh mera bhi number lag gaya!

    • shail pandya

      Miss malini : yesss ! He wil design my gown for the filmfare … Manish : I hope bebo doesn’t kill me for that .. Katrina is already a competitor she doesn’t want anyone new

    • Aditi Sseth

      Miss Malini: I’ll be your next show stopper Manish! (look at the crowd dude!)
      Manish: She’ll be my next show stopper, sorry bebo!(look at the crowd Malini!)

    • ada ahmed

      both of us are M.M… and both of us are too good at what we do… ain’t we manish? heck yes, malini darling :)

    • Navin Bajaj

      Miss Malini: OMG! My dream finally came true! I walked for Manish!!! Now I’m ready for Bollywood. (Mann mein Laddoo foota!)

      Manish Malhotra: Thank God, this is over! Now I’m sure she’ll write a good review for my show. (spotting some hot guy in the crowd)….Who’s that stud??? (iske mann mein bhi Laddoo foota!)

    • tushar

      Malini: tell me i can walk home like this, manish!
      Manish : she got a stealer’s grin , where the hell is Security?

    • A

      Main shadishuda hu or mane Hindi film se Sikha hai ke paraye Mard ki tarf Dekhna paap hai :)

    • san be

      MissMalini: I’m a priincceeeesss! (think LA valley girl accent)
      Manish Mal: Mmmmhmm. Welcome to the club, honey.

    • ankit

      Manish – oh god! why can’t i take out my eyes on her

      M M – gosh why he’s staring me again and again

    • swati

      Manish Malhotra – didn’t I tell u that u will rock the ramp….see every1 is saying dat now
      Miss Malini – I m so happy..this is one the best moments and i will always cherish this

    • Sammy

      Malini- how much longer do i have to smile like this?? my cheeks hurt!
      Manish- God! i hope i have as good screen presence as her!

    • Avani

      (both in their minds) Lets look away before we do something stupid and invite kjo’s wrath!!

    • Sayesha

      MissMalini – Ooh, hot guy!
      Manish – Ditto!

    • Tina Jose

      Ms. M: I’m a star tonight!
      MM: Am I the star / am I with 1????

    • priyanka mansotra

      b’ful pic
      miss malini – yes i am a star now
      manish – she(miss malini) did awesome job out dere

    • monish

      Manish: Is that Malini’s Mother…She could be my next Show Stopper.

      Malini: Oh la la look at that necklace…Lets book it for my next Birthday.

    • Shabnam Ansari

      Malini: I hope manish stays close the whole evening, I don’t want anyone to see the side rip in my skirt

      Manish: Hey, joined at the hips due to bad tailoring!! how worse can my day get ;)

    • Jennifer D’souza

      Both are thinking –

      ” I Am The Best A Man Can Get ”

      (Yes , Manish too! Doubt? Better! :D )

      – jamnagar , gujarat

    • Priyadarshini Sivakumar

      MissMalini: So Manish, did I carry this one off well?

      Manish : The sun goes down,
      The stars come out,
      And all that counts
      Is here and now!
      My designs are never gonna be the same!
      I came glad Malini, that YOU came! :D xoxo

    • manjulika

      Miss Malini—OMG Manish took me to model inspite of so many beautiful models all around him.

      Manish–What is she mumbling?Malini keep still and keep smiling.

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