• Caption This and WIN a Prize: What is Emraan Hashmi Thinking?

    Posted by MissMalini
    September 16, 2012
    Esha Gupta, Emraan Hashmi and Bipasha Basu

    Esha Gupta, Emraan Hashmi and Bipasha Basu

    Looks like mega celebrations are on for the Raaz 3 cast and crew! Bipasha Basu, Esha Gupta and Emraan Hashmi were spotted at their “success bash” last night all primped and posing. In fact, Emraan looks surprisingly less smug than you’d expect considering he’s sandwiched between two hotties here! Hmmm… I wonder what was going through his mind?

    I bet you’ll come up with some hilarious suggestions, so please leave me a comment below, go on, make my (Sun)day! If I like your answer I’ll send you a prize! xoxo

    Pix by Yogen Shan for MissMalini

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    • http://breaking-views.tk Breakingviews4u

      “between hell & sea “

    • Anshu kumar

      third movie in raaz series…but girls only two,quite unfair!!

    • vaishali jain

      huhhh….Two minutes more and I will be evaporated, these chicks are damn hot..!!

    • Vineet garg

      (Emraan Thinking) Who will be my 3rd victim of Kissing ? :P

    • jaiprakash

      MAN! MAN! MAN! This Media Chick is Looking even more Hotter than dis ESH and BIPS :P

    • Chalani

      Ahhhh I am the King :) they are my queens! Raaz4 on the way! Who of u beautiful ladies looking at me right now r going to be my next queen ? :)) <3

    • neelaxmii

      i must wear some heels to look taller dan dese…dey r capturing all spotlight..shall i start kissing..

    • Srinivasan Venkataraman

      Wow, Ek Deewana, do Haseenayein!!!

    • Vanita Visvanath

      dirty (picture)

      Gosh will I ever have a “normal” sounding movie title ?

      from Vanita Visvanath
      from Mumbai

    • Bharti Godia

      I wish some day I will be holding my award trophies in my hands like this!!

    • Avani

      2 in the hand, 1 in the bush..

    • http://shrimalimegha246.blogspot.in/ Megha Shrimali (Navi Mumbai)

      One is a company, two is a crowd and three? Party!

    • http://phantomdelight.blogspot.in/ Lakshmi

      Is this what they call being between Devil and Deep Sea?

    • http://www.facebook.com/lonelypratz2 Prateek Gupta

      I Must Ask “RAAZ” Of These Both’s Height Backstage After This Event :P

    • nisha mumbai

      kiss ko pyar karu? kaise pyar karu? Yeh bhi hai, woh bhi hai haye!!
      from mumbai.

    • http://www.geekinitus.com Abhishek Jain

      “Add 2 more to my Kiss-List. Ohh no wait..One’s just a Yummy repeat!!”

    • http://www.populerhdvideo.com vinay pandya

      I have Deactivate these 2 ITEM BOMB, Now WHO is Next….?

    • http://gmail Jyoti

      Oh this photo session! How do I fit my shirt correctly so that this gap between the two upper buttons is not visible. Shit I forgot, this doesn’t matter to me anymore as I’ve already shown my body in all my movies.

    • Nakul

      “Yeah, I got 2 hot chicks either side of me and what!? .. It’s how I roll”

    • http://Twitter.com/@Dsouzajennifer Jennifer D’souza

      Caption – Emraan’s thinking — “Meraa Jaduu Chal Gaya”

    • Maneeta

      With Goldeneye and Red Dragon in my hands, that black lady (filmfare trophy)can’t be far away.

    • Ronak Baj

      Aaj mere paas esha aur bipasha hai,aapke paas kya hai

    • http://nickparpelli.blogspot.in Nikhil

      Thank You Bhatt Saab!

    • Shreya Prabhu

      Gosh aajkal ki heroines kitni lambi hai … mummy ne bola tha complan pio toh sunna chahiye tha

    • Anshu kumar

      Wah do-do…abhi ye raaz 3 nahi jannat(3) hai.

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    • http://junkkdna.blogspot.com/ stuti

      aaju baaju laila aur main beech mein chaila :P

      me @ aamchi mumbai

    • Bharati may

      Audians and photo graphers all r looking at both girls only ! Hey all i m also there Mera bhi to photo khincho.

    • Suman


    • V.B. Baj

      So now I am the James Bond of Bollywood

    • http://www.populerhdvideo.com vinay

      “Upar wala jabhbhi deta, deta chhappad fad ke…..”

    • http://www.missmalini.com MissMalini

      Congratulations Abhishek Jain, your caption has won the prize! Please send your contact details to info@missmalini.com xoxo

      “Add 2 more to my Kiss-List. Ohh no wait..One’s just a Yummy repeat!!”

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    • M.Y.J

      If this was not a photo session i would wrap u both facing me with my hands folded.

    • http://luckyseven.geekinitus.com Abhishek Jain

      Guys..I still Haven’t received my prize for. Please look into the issue.. :( :(

    • http://www.geekinitus.com Abhishek Jain

      Guys..Still NOTHING received!! You really sending anythin??

    • http://www.geekinitus.com Abhishek Jain

      Guys..finally received my prize today..an hour after I wrote the above comment :D
      Thanks for the gifts :)

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