MissMalini’s Sunburn Festival Contest!

November 19, 2010
DJ Pearl at Sunburn '09

DJ Pearl at Sunburn '09

Sunburn '09

Sunburn '09

Win 3-Day Beach Passes worth 5,175rs Each!

No kidding, I’m giving them out :) all you have to do is tell me why you love Sunburn so much! Post your answers in the comments below, I’ll randomly pick two winners and then you’re off. Good luck!
Psst! If you Love Sunburn then you gotta at least Like their Facebook Page – sunburnfestival. Also follow @SunburnFestival on Twitter for updates…

*Each pass is valid for all three days of the festival for one person only.

Sunburn Festival '10
Sunburn Festival ’10
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  • Avi

    I love sunburn cause I’ve NEVER been there! Let this be my first time?

  • Siddharth S

    It put India on the global EDM map. Simple. Sure other festivals might come up, but this was the first and I’m sure will hold a special place in all the true EDM lovers’ hearts. Its contribution is unquantifiable.

  • Smitesh

    Hi Miss Malini,

    I love sunburn bcos its one of a kind Electronic Music Festival from India, moving on well and spreading the electronic music madness through out. I want to be there to witness this festival.


  • vartika gupta

    I think I would like to be in sunburn to see those girls ‘giddyaup’ on the bull.. :P

  • http://www.facebook.com/sonakshi.malhan PLRG

    Its going to be my first time attending the festival and I want to be there to be a part of the movement that brings us together in spreading love and happiness via music.
    Love peace beats.

  • Mayank Hasani

    Hi Miss Malini,

    I love Sunburn because the Vibe of the Festival is super, we have got so many memories with our friends at Sunburn and under one roof you get to listen to most of the electronic genres with talent across the Globe.

  • Rahul Arora

    Hi Malini..I love it coz it is a stress buster and it is an excuse to get to Goa that time.Also,I get to spend New Year’s there right after Sunburn.Running away from this polluted city to Goa for two events just feels awesome!

  • ami

    As I won’t be the only one,
    staring at the sun…
    grooving to the beat and burning in the heat…
    Coz I wanna be a party girl,
    Sipping tuborg with Nikhil and Pearl!

  • Rushabh Turakhia

    The green rain. Heavenly atmosphere. We clap along with the Gods as they spin us to electric eternity!

  • Nikhil

    I love sunburn because its just one of its kind experience that you can get in India – where EDM, festivities, goaX, flea markets, adventure zones, sports, the sun, blue skies, and most importantly the “people” & “vibe” we experience for 3 full days! There is probably nothing that comes close to it that you can experience in India! Even if you dont dig EDM, you will still relish the experience with close friends. Its a “Festival” & not just a music event. You are left with wanting for more and the memories that you take back home, only to return the next year!

  • Brian

    Beach. Music. Fellow worshipers. One huge party.

    ’nuff said. :)

  • http://www.twitter.com/htejas Tejas Hoskatti

    Sunburn is tribute to music and at no better place than Goa, the party capital. I love Sunburn cause it the best place to dance to the tunes as the DJs spin it and the best way to end calendar year partying all night with strangers who by the end of the party become best of friends, all united my music, booze and love. Thats all we need and thats I need to live!!

    Sunburn Rocks!!
    With Love
    Tejas H

  • http://aalaap.com Aalaap Ghag

    BT. B. Effing. T!!!!!

  • Himanshu

    Hey..I love Sunburn because theres nothing like it.Anywhere in the world.Its a festival with the true vibe of a festival and not just another commercial venture.The people who manage Sunburn are passionate about EDM and so am I.My first experience was in year 2009. Just cant forget the night when Armin dropped Every other way, and guess what he’s back in town before i could go for my next Sunburn.And yes! This is it, the ultimate and the one n only Sunburn.Words are not enough to show my love for Sunburn :D

  • umang bhatia

    I’ve heard quite a few international artists participates but I’d be particularly keen on indian artists!Music is enough for a lifetime, but a lifetime is not enough for music.i want to be part of it and Can’t wait to shake a leg with them The 3 day Sunburn festival is Magical, Monstrous,Magnificiant,Mind Blowing and this should be enough for me to attend and part of it!

  • Harish Gangwani

    I luv Sunburn because of Amazing Music & 3B’s (beach, babes & beer :D)
    Its a different kind of a experience at least for a Delhite, Watching the global & Indian artists performing all at one stage. 3 days of Music madness. A festival u remember every time you listen to any music or u go for any concert. Thanks a lot to Nikhil and Percept for calling global Djs here in India.Thanks Again..

  • http://www.missmalini.com MissMalini
  • Punit

    Well sunburn is the only fest which offers your kind of music over 3 days on the beach at one of the best locations …. GOA …. where you can really chill and get into the groove and party!!!!!!

  • Varun Tahlan

    Well it’s the best EDM event that happens in India. And I have been dying to attend it for the past 3 years. The sheer energy that is sends out, the whole year round is colossal. And it is the only event in India that brings the best of the worlds DJ’s under one roof. And besides the the great, mind blowing music, is the vibe of SUNBURN…. So come 30th December if the world ends, I can at least say that my life is complete and I’ve seen everything… ;)

  • sameep shah

    its the one place where everyone i know all over the country will be there no questions asked! what better way than sunburn festival to catch up with friends in Goa on the beach with the best music, vibe, sand, and the overall setup and experience! never missed a year till now and don’t intend to anytime soon!

  • sudeep

    “hairs on the back of your neck”,
    “hands in the air”,
    “reaching for the lasers”,
    “losing your mind” and “rushing to the music” !!!!

    What better place than Sunburn to experience all of that to someone who loves EDM and with the like minded people around, the EXPERIENCE just get’s Bigger and Better !

    and i want to Experience it all @ Sunburn’10 :)

    Epic victory for humanity right there. people celebrate life in Peace :)

  • Rash

    Tickets from HK to Goa 8000$
    Not so affordable hotels 3000$
    Mandatory shopping 2000$
    But dancing the night away to DJ Pearl
    There are some things money can buy
    For everything else there’s Missmalini :)

  • http://www.reeveluiz.com Reeve

    Hi Malini!

    First off, thanks for this awesome awesome contest! I went to sunburn for the first time with my closest buddy and it was crazier than we expected!! We both are into progressive and house music, so that was the place to be. The music was fabulous, girls amazing, booze yummy and ambience simply mind-blowing!!

    We literally spent every minute we possible could listening to all the artists performing and talking to some really interesting people from around the world. It was also the place where I was introduced to some of my now favourite artists like Neonamaskaratha and Hilight tribe! And I was made to listen to these tracks by a belgian gal who was a bucket load of fun! To this day we’re in touch and she keeps introducing me to newer artists and genres of music!!

    To this day we reminisce about Sunburn and the awesome time we had there, and no matter whatan by hook or by crook we’ll be bumping into you this time!! :D




    “SUNBURN ” follows Albert Einsteins theory of Relativity…E=MC2..YES!
    E= ENERGY M= MUSICAL C=Collosal……….In other words Energy is transformed into a Collosal musical experience transcending all barriers!…
    Malini, enough of PHYSICS ! just give me those damn passes!..lolzz XOXO

  • http://roycin.com Roycin

    1) BT ! Nadia ! OMG !

    2) 3 Days ! FTW !

    3) Goa !

    4)The Festival is strategically placed between Christmas + New Year = Praise God.

    5) I really want to shoot. Just shot Armin last night ( http://on.fb.me/AVBmumbai )

    6) Cold War with the Ex =D

    Oh just give me the pass. =(

  • Vaneeta

    I love Goa and its relaxed, yet vibrant energy-filled vibe. At the time of the new year, and in between Christmas and the first day of the new year, Goa is special! And its special to me cos Sunburn falls in between. Goa wouldn’t have that unforgettable charm every year if not for Sunburn. Atleast that’s so for me! I just love the way music n dancing intertwine on the pristine beach sands. Its as if every grain of sand turns to gold or something even more precious just bcos of the awesomeness of Sunburn. Lots of beer, lots of cheer, its a different realm of life when Sunburn is on!! I just love every second of it, and still can’t get enough. It pulls me year after year after an eager wait. Sunburn, well, is just SUNBURN..no other metaphor to aptly describe the festival.

  • Tina

    The only music festival I would travel all the way from Melbourne for and give up going to the 4 other EDM festivals all happening around the same time over here. Only because Sunburn hands down is the BEST music festival I’ve ever been to and nothing compares to the musical escapade with the most amazing people who I call my submerge family.

  • http://www.missmalini.com MissMalini
  • Smaran

    When Sun and Sand wanna party together..
    They come to Sunburn!!

  • SharonMorai

    because “music is my religion and Sunburn is my festival” true story.
    I’ve been attending Sunburn since 2008 and this is gonna be my third year,
    It is the inspiration for one to work for 1 whole year and finally attend Sunburn in the end of the year and start my new year with smile on the face :D. its the sand in goa, its the music in goa, the sunburn in goa, the weather in goa, THE KINGS BEER in goa, the food in goa, ITS JUST EVERYTHING THAT MAKES THESE FEW DAYS I SPEND IN GOA THE BEST TIMES FOREVER:D

  • dinesh thakur

    hi malini

    i love sunburn coz its the party where i meet my school frnds..
    v meet once in a yr n unwind @ sunburn
    sunburn makes us meet, it has become an imp event marked in our calendar….
    long live sunburn!
    dinesh & gang

  • sanat

    s-scroching heart

  • Vivek

    Missmalini, Hello !

    There are a few reasons why everyone must Sunburn, my two cents:
    #1: Its Goa,India
    #2: December post christmas, there is no better place to be. plus you get to miss out on all your Sindhi friends’ weddings. :)
    #3: Have to jumped from one stage to the other and had a different rush altogether at ANY time of the day? :D
    #4: 100 bucks – a generous dose of Vodka!
    #5: Ham and cheese croissants for breakfast + fish curry and rice for lunch +Prawns in a million sauces in the night. Need I say more? A happy tummy hosts a dancing soul. :P
    #5: Music from the best in the world. Armin last time, Above and Beyond the first year. This year BT, who is the undisputed best producer in world, Ferry Corsten : Trance God and the inspiration to many a DJ around the globe.And Axwell, read : Swedish house mafia. Period.
    #6: Beautiful faces all around !
    #7: The hangover of the year. Not from the alcohol, the effin’ good music !
    #8: Toes in sand, hands in the air, beer lodged in the sand. Bliss!
    #9: The Indian contingent at Sunburn ! Pearl, Nawed, Tuhin, Cartel, Sanjay Dutta, Ma Faiza…. They put us on the world’s EDM map and they show how !
    #10: Last and my personal reason to Sunburn ( i use it as a verb because its is an experience which will reinforce your faith in music as you know it !) is again, the experience it gives me year after year. There are moments when you’re lost in the music and you reflect on the year that went by ! I had that moment last year when Nawed was cracking up one of the best sets I’ve ever heard and I religiously will go each year for that feel. Or maybe just two of my favorite things in life just got together :) Beaches and EDM.

    Contest or no contest, See you there :D

  • Sattam Majumdar

    The world’s BEST Djs are snubbing more prestigious venues to come to Goa close to New Year’s…That shows how famous Sunburn is getting on a world scale..Do I need to say anything more?

  • Nikhil Chinapa

    I’ve read through these posts and I cannot even begin to describe the emotions going through me now. When Pearl and I first traveled to Ibiza, all we used to think after every single night out was, “I wish we could share this with our friends”.

    Sunburn, with Percept backing the festival gave me the opportunity to do just that – book some of the best DJs in the world + the best of the best in India.. and share that music, that vibe and those happy smiles with my friends.

    .. and with my family.

    You are my family. Each and every comment here sounds like it’s a voice I’ve known my entire life. It’s exploding in my heart to know that there are others who feel what Pearl and I feel when we stand in front of the speakers, with our toes in the sand. That sense of joy, being one and joy (I know, I’ve said it again) is unparalleled and is the main reason we will always try our best to get the music out there, to more people – so that it can touch them the way it has touched us.

    The music binds us together as one, without colour, race, sex or geographical boundaries. As Sudeep says, it IS an #epicwin for humanity.

    I for one, look forward to a life rich with happy memories of friends and music… and I look forward to seeing you all at Sunburn.

  • Rohan Nair

    When a few visionaries laid down the platform 4 years back, it announced India’s debut amongst the biggest and hottest party zones across the globe. And there could never have been a better location than the party capital of our country, Goa to host this international event.
    The Sunburn festival has not only managed to land the numero uno,the flying Dutchman, Armin van Buuren last year, but it has also given the visiting fans from all over the world a variety of music. This has been a range from Techno,Euro Trance,Progressive Trance to Psy Trance.
    Although Sunburn has truly marked itself on the global stage, it still has its Indian touch to it, which is very important in letting the world know that we are not behind in terms of knowledge and preference towards EDM music. We might have started off late but India has evolved extremely rapidly.
    This is why I really love Sunburn because I know it will always surpass all expectations and is worth every single rupee. I truly appreciate the people behind the scenes of this mega event who strive to make it a unique experience for each EDM addict tht enters the sands just to sink into the music.

  • anoop

    I love SUNBURN because it is larger than life. They always manage to get great musicians. I think this team is the best in managing events. they have something special to offer every time. the crowd and atmosphere is electrifying.

    Sun, Sand, Beach and out of the world music.. i want to be part of SUNBURN coz of this amazing cocktail.

  • Anish Mirani

    Forget Christmas and New Years, its time to get Sunburnt!!

  • Pankaj Vidhani

    Hi Malini,

    I love the sunburn coz of the 3 b’s( Beach,Babes & Booze) and the two ass(S). Sunburn on Sands ..

  • Adil

    I jus love it…I can’t tell u why..!! But I jus do…right from that time of the year when the earlybird passes are out, to booking transport tickets..I love all the excitement..:) it sends shivers through my spine ; in a good way ..!! I think one of the main reasons why I love it soooo much is because I get to experience it with all my loved ones, in the perfect setting..!! and lastly, planning next years trip as soon as its over..I love that part too..

  • Ishan

    i like sunburn because i know that it will take me to the joy ride which i have never experienced before.it shall become an experience of lifetime… i have heard so much about its whole kind of.. their arrangements, djs, music, cocktail,,best of girls everything is simply amazing …as i have started learning dj.. i am looking forward for this event as an opportunity to learn more about music,,its different style & being a part , partying among big guys will be thrilling….!!!!! please reserve one for me…

  • Ankit Bathija

    I love sunburn, because of the atmosphere, the vibe, the crowd. The way everyone unites to form a community of like minded people. All engaged with each other realizing that music can unite us and its the ultimate power. It can transform us into one tribe, and gather all of us together to form a new revolution, an experience never occurred that unites everyone on the dance floor to let our minds wash away and let the fun take over our body. The excitement which leaves us fresh to always dance and forget everything else bothering our lives.
    SUNBURN & GOA – The blend of heaven & earth.

  • Saad Rahaman

    Why Sunburn !?!
    The beach, The sun,The AWESOMEST Dj’s on earth playing for you for 3 Days non-stop…NON-STOP !! Sunburns the place where you get to put ur craziest dance moves to the test as hell, everyone is dancing their brains out. So the These THREE days you get to be who you truly are – A NON STOP FUN MACHINE [Atleast in my case, cos i got ma friends who would vouche on that]

    So WHY SUNBURN !? Hell, Its just the place to be for the AWESOMEST of your year to be spend; Wisely :)

    But this goes out to Nkhil Chinapa : The Man behind it all, you made something possible for us indians to be proud of , for we now can clash with the Titanic Ibiza with our own version of SunBurn.. Thank you for bringing this to you man. \m/

  • Debra

    I love Sunburn coz Sunburn it is where MUSIC is PERSONIFIED like no place else :)))) Viva Sunburn !!!!!

  • http://facebook aman chopra

    hey last year also i had attend d sunburn party it was bloody cool 4m morning 10 am 2 night 10 pm n sun burn is asia’s bigest music festival this time also i want 2 attend d party coz all d dj n d music r superb

  • Karan Singh Puri


    Never Been to Goa before !!!!!!

    Love Progressive,, Trance ,,

    Wanna Party ATleast once in Goa

    I SunBurn For 3 days willl be FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • iram sah

    well i never been to GOA ever but if i got a chance to join “SUNBURN FESTIVAL” I ‘ll surely join it bcz i m crazyy abt music

  • Shivi Mittal

    Freedom. Energy. Self Expression. I felt free. Never the sort to conform to the uniform, my weapons were the instruments and the sounds. Vibes that were produced from notes brought to us by artists from distant lands, i was riding a chariot that rode on a record wheel. The orange hue of the setting sun or the visuals that lit up the retina’s in my eyes with colours i had never experienced before. Everywhere i looked, all the people i met, all the music i heard; transported me to a land i had never been to before. I would have flown away into the star lit sky, if it wasn’t for the warmth of the grainy sands of Candolim. This is why I love the sunburn experience.

  • Chris

    i love sunburn coz its the best thing that has ever happened to Goa…

  • http://twitter.com/nimitkalra Nimit Kalra

    I love Sunburn cause…its one of the few festivals which spreads PEACE AND LOVE!!! through music….

  • Lipakshi Sharma

    I love SUNBURN because it is a source of an art form which helps wash away from the soul the dust of everyday life, it connects to the soul like a musical drug that induces some sort of spiritual like euporia, which rejuvenates my body and mind.

  • Elvis

    I love sun Burn bcose its a place where theres great Djs and great music played by great ppl all over the globe… would love to be a part of Sun Burn team in the future…. All the best Sun Burn….

  • http://bit.ly/awqNq7 Trishul Devaiah

    For a Dance Music Aficionado like me its all about entertainment and pure happiness. I’ve been a Sunburner all three years and I cant think of my year end vacations without dancing on the sand. Joy is never in our power and pleasure often is – First timers, Experience it to know it !!

  • http://www.mascotresort.com Jitu

    Today is unique, (well every day is, I know) but see the relationship in the date.. 22 11 / 2010 .. Nothing special? Well, today was special to me.. I found my 20 years-long “lost friend” whom i been searching everywhere .. is n’t that something very special.. I think it is.. and so today is Very special to me.. and now I see your question.. why do I like SUNBURN? Ohh I just love it!! Music is love, Music is the rhythm of my life.. My player been ON since 38 years playing @ 128bpm.. Never Skipped a beat.. and at SUNBURN I let my system meet the like minded.. I meet my soul mates from so many millions of years.. Yeah I Love SUNBURN Because it is a reunion of Special Souls…. Thank u and love u for organising this Reunion!!!!

  • Joy

    After experiencing first two years of Sunburn, i can’t imagine my life without this experience.The sand the beach the beats of various genres with all my family members all round the world which the words just can’t express the way i feel. Last year i missed it because for my marriage, but this year i just want to make up for it, and this year i am going to Sunburn with my better half so its very very special for me already and now i want the Sunburn experience now to be part of our life. So i am looking forward to seeing all my music family at this event.Now i can’t wait to go back this year.. C u all:)love you!

  • Prateek

    Whats not to love?? Best DJs in the world line up to make us dance all day whilst we get smashed on cheap alcohol whilst being surrounded by hotties from all over the world !! and its held in our city of choice !! God I love Sunburn!!!!

  • shrikant oza

    i love sunburn becoz it has everything.. best djs, best crowd, best location evrything is just too good.. the vibe of the festival is too good.. its like heaven.. its getting bigger and better evrywhere… from 2007 till now the memories are great.. i wait for dec to cm so i can attend sunburn.. the feeling of sunburn is sumthin u cant explain.. the expression is lyk on a gals face when she is satisfied in the bed.. trust me .. i m thankful to every sungle person assciated with it to make this happen.. cheerrssss everyone see u on the sand..

  • Rahul Lalotra

    If you have been there already you would know that it’s not just a huge wild three day beach party but a gathering of like minded people who come together to share a few days of their lives in an atmosphere that has nothing but smiles and joy flying all around. Not that you can’t get the above anywhere elsewhere but one thing that you only get here is the beautiful feeling of being a part of a global extravaganza that leaves you with heavy dose of mesmerizing dreams and lucid experiences.

    Quite simply it’s love and peace in the air and anyone can have a piece of it.

  • http://www.electricgalactic.blogspot.com Rohan Nanda

    It’s hard to bring 15,000 people on the same frequency, that’s Sunburn !

  • http://www.mascotresort.com Jitu

    Dear Malini,
    So the contest is over and you are done with it….!!!uuhh?
    I think a post from you with tat infomation wud b Priceless too….

  • http://www.missmalini.com MissMalini

    Hi Jitu!

    The winners based on Pear’s Retweets are Rash & Ami, trying to see if I can get more passes to give out, watch this space!

  • azhar

    i love sunburn festival because it is one of the biggest annual gathering of music lovers 4m all over the world.the camaraderie and joy and hedonism we all music lovers share is just mind boggling and out of this world.feels like the three days are some imaginary journey into some fantasmagorical world of joy and pleasure.

  • Rakesh kanjiya

    Hi miss malini. I love sunburn beacuse i never seen sunburn festival and i want to see the ultimate lifestyle expirence..but to be honest..i swear…im tattoo studio helper and im a poor guy..the price of the tickets are much more then my salary..but i hope if u can help me…to win a just 1 pass .atleast i will see world and me enjoying togeather befor world ends …..in 2012.

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  • http://www.mascotresort.com Jitu

    Thanks Malini…

    I believe, if you can’t get this possible, who else..

    Watching your page for that positive response from you soon…

    Warm rgds!!

  • http://iamvichittra.blogspot.com Vichittra Sirikumar

    I wanna go for sunburn this year. Last year I missed it by one day because there was no flight from Bangkok. I reached goa on the 30th when it all ended on the 29th Dec’09… I love the unity of people and all the famous DJ’s that come and rock!!

  • AumtyDumty

    Music at its best..also celebrity spotting after the music!

  • Zenani

    cuz I love the energy and passion, in a location like no other!
    love n light

  • Manish

    TBH,i like you.AND i like dancing to music i like which is what is dished out at SB.
    Therefore, like + like + like = 3like = LOVE:)

  • http://capturingfashionindia.blogspot.com Megha

    Keeping it simple.
    It is on missmalini, that is why I love it. ^_^

  • Mohit

    I love sunburn cos it gives me a chance to rub shoulders with the glitterati bloggers *wink wink* !

  • Alok Sharma

    Sunburn’08 Sunburn’09 and here comes Sunburn’10…Atlast the glimmer again…
    to me its all bout 3 days in your life… when you forget bout everything, you forget bout yesterday,
    you forget bout tomorrow,
    forget bout all your problems,
    forget bout your girlfrns (boyfrns – NA for me :D),
    forget bout yor father, mother, sister, college,
    you forget bout your job, deadlines and managers,

    Its all bout 3 days when you are in GOA,
    your feet is on sand and your hands up in the air,
    Its all bout 3 days when you thank God for THE MUSIC..

    Been There…Done That…But Its Not ENOUGH…

    Love n Peace…Music is my religion…

  • Pearl

    I love sunburn because…
    hmmmmmmmm…hmmmmm….ammmmmm… unexplainable..

  • Pearl

    SUPER EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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  • Amit

    I Love Sunburn so much because its all about Music – Masti – Dhamaal – Enjoyment – Party – Rock – Pop – Dance & Specially India’s one & only hottest place GOA …. :)

  • A Rathi

    Sunburn is something I wanna join to Enjoy a different part of this life … which I can never attend myself (big ticket money) ….
    I just wanna go there to explore myself & the world …. may be that world is more beautiful & I will always wanted to be in that ….
    Just wanna try & feel all the feeling in the world ….
    thats I love Sunburn ….. I can feel so many things there … :)

  • http://google.com Jaymie Hapke

    I feel like I’m often looking for interesting things to read about a variety of subjects, but I manage to include your site among my reads every day because you have compelling entries that I look forward to. Here’s hoping there’s a lot more great material coming!

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  • Puneet

    Sunburn the ultimate journey of music from top dj’s in the world .. Its not only a party but its a festival now . Everytime 27 28 29 decemeber its sunburn festival time .We cannot miss the memories last year we had on sunburn,pure hell fun of 3 days and after coming back home I danced a week because the trance was still going through my mind I experienced at the sunburn ! People are coming from the outside world to attend sunburn because it is a type of party which we can experience only once in a year and we can’t miss it …!!So its 2011 sunburn time ! Sunburn m coming !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://abhisrv.com Abhishek srivastava

    If there is a reason to love something, its just not love.. I love sunburn for all of it..the music, masti & the feeling of being alive!
    Cheers :)

  • http://www.missmalini.com MissMalini
  • Trevor Fernandes

    I love You play and have danced to ur tunes so i will do anything to get those passes …….. Thankyou so much…………..3

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