WIN a Couple’s Dinner at Piccoli Tortini!

February 20, 2013
Piccoli Tortini

Piccoli Tortini

Q: Why did you miss Valentine’s Day? Please post your answer in the comments below! (Don’t forget to mention your city).

Missed Valentine’s Day and now have an upset partner on your back? No worries – we’re giving you a chance to make up for it by sending you and your better half on a romantic dinner at Piccoli Tortini! The folks there have developed a special menu just for the couple who wins, so if you need to get away for a bit, here’s your chance – all you have to do is tell us why you missed Valentine’s Day (we’ll buy your excuse even if your significant other doesn’t!), and this is what your next dinner could look like!

Piccoli Tortini

Piccoli Tortini

Special menu for you!

– Chickpea cous cous salad with fresh pesto and cherry tomatoes
– Penne in vodka sauce (veg/non veg) or Pasta in creamy mushroom sauce (veg/non veg)
– Valentine heart shaped cake – Italian chocolate or Fresh strawberry and white chocolate
– Tea/Coffee/Iced lemon tea

Piccoli Tortini

Piccoli Tortini

About Piccoli Tortini:

Piccoli Tortini is Bandra’s luxurious Italian Pasticceria serving tortinis, cupcakes, pastries, desserts, paninis, Italian breads, salads, pastas and a high end, indulgent afternoon tea. The specialised Italian dessert shop only uses fresh, organic and best quality ingredients that are devoid of transfat, artificial preservatives, bread/cake improvers, chemical gels, added gluten and food colouring. Piccoli Tortini believes in indulging ‘Luxury with conscience.’ We are not a just an eatery, we embody lifestyle. A lifestyle that has been perfected and enjoyed over the centuries; one which speaks grandeur, leisure, opulence and conversation. Open from noon till 11 pm, for Lunch, Afternoon Tea, Coffee and Dinner. Every Tuesday to Sunday.

Piccoli Tortini

Piccoli Tortini

Shams Palace, 98 Hill Road, near St Andrews Church, Bandra, Mumbai –50
Contact Numbers:
02269996000, 993075741

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Twitter – @piccolitortini
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  • Swati K

    He had work and I had to attend my best friend’s sister’s wedding and reception. Leave celebrating we couldn’t even meet inspite of staying just 1 station away :/

    I am from Mumbai

  • Sahil

    I had planned a very Dostana-esque dinner date + favorite movie(kuch kuch hota hai) + wine kind of a day. Ended up working the entire day and missed on all of this. Sigh.
    City: Mumbai

  • Nisha Dias

    I missed Valentines Day coz m single…wel dats not rilly an excuse for sum..! I rilly wished if i had taken my dad out for dinner instead since he was oso missing his better half and m sure he kept my mom in his prayer..!

  • Darius


    I just Fucked up Valentines Day to be honest. i know i could do better but i failed :( IT SUCK U KNW.. It would be best if, if i could win this.. n i hope to make it up to her.. MISS MALINI Please make this happen


  • Deepika Rane

    From the day we met we still not celebrate valentines day together. Because he not believe in such kind of days. But for me its a day of love and once I want to show him by planning something romantic. I want to show him what you missed exactly on this special day for lovers. If I win this its easy to surprise him and make realize what you missed on valentines day.

    Deepika Rane,

  • fatema mumbai

    COZ MY GUY WAS IN KOLKATA for work related issue ..was alone here:(

  • Divyani

    I am in a long distance relationship and thats why i missed celebrating valentines day!

    Hes coming to India in the next 3 weeks and a gorgeous dinner date @piccoli Tortini wid their very own and special English High Tea is to die for! :D

    City : Mumbai


  • Aditya Dang

    Because I was too busy preparing for the Wedding Anniversary which was to occur in two days on 16th Feb. Since it was our 10th Wedding Anniversary and would be celebrating our 15 years of togetherness with love and affection, hence I was so occupied in the preparations that I completely forgot about the 14th Feb’s Valentine’s day celebrations.

  • Yamini Mumbai

    dear ms.malini,

    Thank you for this awesome late valentine idea! No we didn’t’ do V-Day quite like the others. I was travelling for work and he is a Chef so he was busy making a hundred other people’s valentines special. I cant think of anyone better to surprise with this than him. Also Italian is an easy favorite with us.

    I might as well add that in spite of him working he did manage to send me flowers and chocolates brightening my day when i expected absolutely nothing. Oh and ya, I didn’t do shit!

    I haven’t won anything lately make that ever and i need a boost and and am in post couple-quarrel downer mood! Please help!!!

  • Kapil Pahilwani

    I got married last month and had to attend 6 weddings after my wedding i missed my 1st month wedding anniversary because of my best friends wedding and i missed valentines because of my sister-in-law’s wedding. So i really need this to just get away from everything.

  • Vanshika Amarnani

    My husband was constantly travelling during the days leading upto Valentine’s but he reached Mumbai on Valentines Day. But stupid that i am i dragged him for a far off friend’s wedding reception even though he did’nt wanna go and during the reception i was busy talking 2 a group of old friends n he got caught chatting with some people he knew. So even though we were physically together in the same hotel in the same ball room it was’nt much of a valentine’s day.

    I live in Mumbai…………

  • Mitali Asrani

    I missed it coz we had a very big fight and we were not even toking…now things are getting better with time…would get even better if I get to go to Piccoli Tortini for dinner with him :P

    City: Mumbai

  • Tara

    As boring as it may sound but it is as practical as it can get – we both were at w-o-r-k!!! And this would definitely do the trick ;) ;) Thanks MM!

    City is New Delhi.

  • Moreska Carvalho

    I missed Valentine’s Day as we Both were busy with our Work Schedules…. We Had different shifts….One had a Morning shift and one had evening. Sad to say we couldn’t wish each other on that Day :-( :-( :-(


    Moreska Carvalho

  • Struan Souto

    I had a job interview :(..and after it was done by 7 i travelled to malad to buy her a soft toy from hamleys then doubled back to andheri, with peak hour crowd to meet her after office..but by then we were too tired to grab dinner..we thought we’d do it later wen we both get free again..but the magics all gone, the only way it’d could come back if something unexpected could happen, like a little luck bringing all the magic back with an all paid for romantic dinner :)


  • Ms. Rehana Khambaty

    I missed my Valentine day this year as I was on a Unexpected/Urgent Business Tour and could not make it home for the “D” day though I had made several preparations and had real good ideas to celebrate this big day but alas it was not for me. I really got pissed off but as its always true that “Work comes first” as it is “Paapi Pet Ka sawaal hai”.

  • Nishant

    For the past couple of months, I have been working on shaping up my own venture. I like to get my hands dirty and being a one-man show, this means I’m doing everything – right from business development to creating my own website to content and PPTs et al. Naturally, this means I lose sense of calendar and clock on a *very* frequent basis. So that’s exactly what happened on V-Day as well! I was so busy working on my stuff that totally forgot about the day.

    My Lady on the other hand kept waiting till late evening thinking that I’ll surprise her and maybe this was part of a bigger plan that I had for us that day (so sweet of her!). When we spoke at night she was obviously sad and I think this dinner could be an ideal way to make up for the opportunity loss.

  • http://- Nilesh

    We missed Valentine Day as my wife just delivered a couple of weeks ago. With her having undergone a C-Section Delivery and our little one just a weeks young, we didnt want to venture out on a day when the restaurants and clubs are buzzing with noise and air pollution, and with loads of people. We would love to win this dinner date and create our own Day of Love.

  • Divya Sharma

    I missed Valentine’s Day and that to happily because I got inked with my 2 best friends. We decided to get a friendship symbol marked on our body on this very special day. It was the best V-Day and I’m sure the coming V-day, no matter how romantic or beautiful it may be, nothing can or will beat Valentine 2013 for me.

  • Binish

    Well, im someone who thinks out of the box. So this valentines day i wanted to be different, i intentionally pretended to forget the day of love. It’s not just one day on the 14th that you show love and affection to your partner, you love him always, all throughout the passing days. He was sad and disappointed and he didn’t utter a word further. This week, i’ve been surprising him everyday, with anonymous gifts, flowers and desserts. All that’s left is this dinner voucher from the great Miss Malini to make my efforts go complete with a grand finish (dinner).

  • Parin

    We fought on the 11th because i was in contact with a guy he does not like, and because of our ego clashes we yet haven’t sorted it out. I really miss him and i wish to surprise him with his favourite goodies. Ive decided the entire day, movie, shopping for him, a self baked cupcake platter, and all that’s missing is a grande dinner. if i win this, im sure to have a rocking night thanks to Miss Malini :D

  • Aditi Roy

    Ah such is life !

    We were in entirely different cities on our 2nd Valentines day since we got married. I was in Delhi & he was in Kolkata . Both on work :(

    It was terribly sad , wayy more than anything else , because last year on the same day we were on our Honeymoon !! :(
    But as they love is in the air, it sure was.
    we met the next day and stole few kisses at the airport itself & went on to have some family time .


    Aditi, Mumbai

  • Aradhana

    My boyfriend and I planned a skype date as he had to work late and so did I,
    but it was not the best one we had.
    Now here is a chance, so,
    Thanks for the Giveaway!

  • Aradhana

    I’m in Mumbai!

  • Madhul

    I am single so I have no reason to celebrate Valentine’s Day!!
    But i want to win this date so that i can take my mom to Piccoli Tortini for this lavish dinner. There could be no better way to thank her for the love and warmth she has offered raising me.
    Malini, let my mom be my Valentine for this dinner date!


  • varun

    i have participated in almost all ur contests..
    but this one is really very nice of u to come up with
    i missed valentines day cuz i had an importand exam on the 15th
    she came down my building to give me gifts i just gave her a few chocolates n the best part is she didnt complain n just said u gotta cover for this ;)

    from mumbai :)

  • Rashika Vazirani

    Warm Greetings Miss Malini,

    Ur giveaways are terrific & this one definitely stands out! It reaches out to the heart of all those who missed Valentines for one reason or another.

    Mine was a filmy one though! My Monster Mother-in-law played the perfect spoilsport! Just about when we were to leave 4 an exotic dinner, she carved the most cliched filmy Excuse! Holding her chest, eyes like Lalita Pawar, she said hungry for sympathy ” Beta, I am having acute chest pain ! Don’t know why & Ur dad is also out of town; but don’t worry! I will be fine, u both have a great Valentine! My hubby was damn worried & he immediately whisked her to a nearby doc thinking it was some kind of heartattack! I was left alone at home coz by the time they were back it was 11.30 ! I felt cheated as if my feelings were thrown out of the window.


    Rashika Vazirani, MUMBAI.

  • Shweta Mirani

    Hey Malini, I missed Valentine’s and why? EXAMINATIONS! My boyfriend planned the perfect day (as it was our 1st Valentines), but my dean had different plans altogether! So, he announced that 14th will be a Viva-examination and those who won’t attend can bid good bye to their hall tickets! Angry and disappointed I called my boyfriend but he smiled and said, “its okay,baby! I’m here, get sorted with your exam, then you are all mine”. I was heart broken and was in no mood to study, so I went without any preparation. My viva started and I could only look at the teacher with a blank face with my mouth mum.

    Turns out my Valentines and viva was pretty much the same – WASTE! :(

    Shweta Mirani, Mumbai! :D

  • Neelakshi Singh

    Well It’s the same old saga with me Being in a long distance while I am at it!I am studying in Nift Kerala He’s in Mumbai.And since there is no way out that I’m flying down to Mumbai just before I need to appear for my jury next day , The phone calls have my sobs tabbed :( Now that I’m here I want to ensure I relive my valentine the entire month!It being my birthday month too I think I can totally fit in a romantic dinner at Piccoli Tortini :P
    I’ am from Navi Mumbai.

  • milonee

    mine is so embarrassing because i forgot valentine’s day was coming up in my busy schedule and planned a trip with my cousins, did prior bookings, still havent had the time to make it up to him even for coffee. but honestly that day i enjoyed out of town , had a photo booth, props, cupcakes, nail art, karaoke, dance etc..

  • MissMalini
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