• WIN Hrithik’s Mask & Band From The Krrish 3 Collection

    Posted by Team MissMalini
    November 2, 2013
    Krrish 3

    Krrish 3

    Q: What superhero power do you wish you had? Please post your answer in the comments below (also specify your city).

    Did you manage to catch Krrish 3 yet? If you did, you would’ve noticed that there are two things our superhero Krrish is always wearing: his mask and a Krrish band, which he gives out to everyone who uses his/her power for something good. Now, we’re giving you a chance to take home these fantastic pieces from Farah Khan Fine Jewellery as well – all you have to do is tell us what superhero power you wish you had, and if we like your answer, you’ll be following in Krrish’s footsteps soon!

    Krrish 3 mask

    Krrish 3 mask

    Krrish 3 band

    Krrish 3 band

    We’ll be picking three winners: the first prize will be a Krrish leather band plus an autographed photo of Hrithik, the second prize will be the Krrish mask, and the third prize will be another Krrish leather band. See what you’ll walk away with:

    Hrithik Roshan and Farah Khan Ali

    Hrithik Roshan and Farah Khan Ali

    Hrithik Roshan

    Hrithik Roshan

    So get cracking and post your comments below!

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    • Garvita Garg

      If I could get one super power, I wish it would have been to save, protect and feed all the needy animals in this world. A signal to brains that an animal is being treated cruelly, I would fly to him and save him. At least with this super power I could have saved those voiceless beings whose cries, shrieks goes unheard right now! :)

      Garvita, New Delhi

    • Guest

      If i could have one Superpower, it has to time-travelling. Every person’s dream!


    • Varsha Aggarwal

      To fly and travel all around the world and see we are not the only one suffering..

    • prerna varun dhawan

      i wish i couls have tht much power to remove cooruption frm my country all corrupte ploicies and make a better place for everyone to live

    • prerna varun dhawan

      i wish i could have all powers of krrish to fly high to helppppppppppppp all in needs …………the best power u would have in you tht u should be sensitive regarding ur society and have feeling of helping somene in great needs rather than ignoring it,….u will feel like superhero if u doing so ……go help

    • prerna varun dhawan

      i want to haev tht super cute band lil bt cute and ever one greddy fr tht

    • prerna varun dhawan

      the power of krissh inside me….if i start doing work i will do it like krissh does…he is nt artificial hero…krissh is the best superhero ……..meee too wanted to be like herrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    • prerna varun dhawan

      name- prerna gupta


    • deeksha sharma

      if i could get a super power that would be super power of love so that i can change negative thoughts.love can change the world………..

    • Radeeah

      TELEPATHY signals to know when anyone is in trouble humans (esp women and children these days) or animals with ability to FLY at supersonic speed to help them and SUPER STRENGTH to bash them up ..Super hero .. I mean Heroine hoon .. 3 powers tho banta hi ;)

      Radeeah – Kerala

    • Mayank Arora

      The Superpower to Read others Mind (Thoughts) .Without even letting them Know . How cool that would be i mean .
      – Noida .

    • Sharat

      I would like to have the super power to be Mr.Hrithik Roshan in my real life

    • Sharat

      The super power to dance like Hrithik Roshan and to make my body as Hrithik Roshan

    • Sharat

      The super power to teleport to any place within seconds by knowing the problems of the people through instant signals as soon as they face any problem.
      Sharat Chandra-Andhra Pradesh



    • TJ

      From all the superheroes I’ve seen I still think the ability to fly like superman would be awesome! Just imagine what you could do: rescue an animal in a tree, help people out of a cyclone, catch a speeding criminal, save someone from accident… The list of what more you could do would then be endless. And 10 of them? Wow! Life would indeed become better (provided all 10 of them are like superman of course and not his evil counterpart).

    • E.j

      If i was a superhero i would like to run very fast so no one can see me coming
      Name Emaad

    • Pritha Banerjee

      I wish I had the power to save us children from getting tortured, labored. I wish people like me could have the freedom to be what they are _ Angels. They would have the right to enjoy their childhood with as much independence as our parents and grandparents had. They would be enjoying the fresh air, liveliness, activeness of the world and its people. I just hope that someone like Krrish, would come and save the innocent kids from the hard-work they have to go through everyday.


    • Nithi Nishipadma

      If I was a superhero the power I would like to possess would be to be “Invisible” so that I can punish those who do wrong like find proof against corrupt people to bad eve teasers, or even fight if I see something wrong and stop it at that moment itself and the best part will be they can’t stop me since they can’t see me :)

      I’m from Bangalore

    • Pratik Patel

      Healing, not only body but soul, in bulk.
      Any sickness, even the incurable and any trauma, no matter how severe. And more than one person at a time. (Marietta, GA)

    • Pratik Patel

      If I was a Superhero, I would like to have the power of Teleporting so that I can help anyone whenever and wherever needed…(Marietta, GA)

    • Pratik Patel

      If I were given such an ability I would wish it to be one that could be used to help alleviate pain and suffering across the entire spectrum of illnesses that plague this world.I would choose the ability to cure,to stop mankind being stricken down with terminal cancer and all life threatening ailments so as to enhance peoples lives with longevity and peace. (Marietta, GA)

    • Pratik Patel

      To be able to read people’s minds in order to change the mentality of those who do evil things. (Marietta, GA)

    • Pratik Patel

      To get rid and destroy all bad people in the world, so more people could live in harmony. Sounds far fetched but would,t it be nice to live in a world where there was no crime, murder, no abuse. (marietta, GA)

    • Pratik Patel

      To get rid and destroy all bad people in the world, so more people could live in harmony. Sounds far fetched but would,t it be nice to live in a world where there was no crime, murder, no abuse. (Marietta, GA)

    • Dhruvil Patel

      I would want to be Rajnikanth if I had to choose a superhero power, because Rajnikanth Sir is the baap of all superheroes; but if i couldn’t do that, I would want the power to bring peace and freedom to everyone in today’s world; most people don’t realize that there are many wars going on in this world and many innocent people are getting killed because of the differences of nations. It would be nice to have the power to fly or to have a lot of strength, but with those kind of powers, you would be able to stop some thieves and maybe save some people from getting killed, but with those powers, you wouldn’t be able to stop a war. I want EVERYONE in this world to have freedom and peace, but it is impossible right now. There is just so much diversity that nations and people are not going to get along with everyone. People think that we are more “civilized” than cavemen, because we dress “properly”, we have jobs, we have rules which we follow and all that bullshit, but they don’t realize that people nowadays KILL people for wealth, for power, for revenge, but those cavemen killed people only to survive, only for food. People are becoming more selfish, more greedy, more egoistic, more prejudiced, and more narrow. So that is the reason I want the power to bring peace and freedom to EVERYONE in today’s world, but it would be nice to have the power to be Rajnikanth. B)

      City-Richmond, Virginia, USA

    • Anisha Choudhary

      If I had super power it would be super intelligence so that I can built equipment’s to help people.


    • Puneet Madan

      Wants to fly like a plane in the air and create style and romance around the globe

    • Manpreet K Johal

      Invisibility (Birmingham UK) help people

    • Manpreet K Johal

      Healing factor (Birmingham, UK) heal people with injuries

    • Manpreet K Johal

      Time Travel (Birmingham , UK) go back in time and sort out mistakes made by others

    • Manpreet K Johal

      Psychometry (Birmingham, UK) to help people with there problems, try to solve them

    • JeniferLaura

      Teleporting :) because that could go to India and meet Hrithik
      Jenifer Laura, Perú

    • Hrithikian

      I wish I had the superpower to cure any illness .. The Power to take away everyone’s pain and make it my own.. Because superhero (superheroine in my case) ko dard nahi hota :)
      Name: Prerna Mehta
      City: London

      P. S. If I win this competition it would mean the world to me, so pray for me guys.. My birthday is coming soon too


      if i was a SuperHero, i would love to have the power to construct!! i would build houses for all the homeless persons, will try to make them happy as much as i can :D I’m Athar From Belgium


      Or as a hero i would love to be a SmileMaker, ting :)

    • Deepak

      I would like to have the power that would make people change their mind,so that i could use it to change the mindset of our politicians and bring back all the money that is kept at the swiss bank and then distribute it to all the charity centres and for the poor and make India a stable country and also reduce the value of Dollar is to rupee, which would bring our country the top position :)
      Name : Deepak.S
      City : Bangalore

    • Deepak

      I wish i had the superhero power of changing the time zone to future ,i.e 20-40 years from now to make people aware that the pollution which is on increasing day-by-day will result in destroying our planet and the climate would be changed completely,this will make them aware of it and start doing useful things like every citizen planting trees,doing pooling and offcourse concentrating on healthy foods :)
      Name: Deepak . S
      City: Bangalore

    • Deepak

      I wish to have the super power of HULK for i could use that strength against any terrorist attacks so if there is any in future like the 26/11,i am gonna go to that spot right away and make sure each and every one of them is dead and wont cause any harm nor will any human in the world dare to touch our country ;)
      Name : Deepak.S
      City : Bangalore

    • Hrithikian

      I would wish to have the superpower to SPREAD HAPPINESS everywhere.. Sort of like a cupid .. So if I see anyone upset I could just shoot them with my bow and arrow which will make them instantly realise of things they should be thankful and happy about in life, forget about all the negatives.. And SMILE.. Cause a smiling world would definitely be a better world.. As they say ‘smile is happiness that sits right under our nose’

      P. S. PICK ME!!!! ;D

      GOOD LUCK everyone :D xxx

      Name: Prerna Mehta

    • Rahul

      I wish I had the power that Krrish has. Mauritius

    • Rahul

      I am only 11

    • Rahul

      If I had his powers, then I would help anyone

    • Rahul

      When will you choose?

    • Swati Jain

      I would wish to have the superpower to fly…so that i can simply zooom zoom fly and go at any corner of the world in a minute..also superstrength to help the needy ppl and destroy the evil.

      City- lucknow

    • priyanka –Virus–

      Name- Priyanka Kumari
      City- Patiala
      i wish for power like Kaya intelligent,smart n touch emotional.

      • Varun Shenai

        I will use the super power for the less privileged children with ample of toys and books to read ………….which will bring a smile on their face and mine as well ……Varun Yogish Shenai …..8 yr old

    • ankur

      power like krrish help others
      city chandigarh

    • Shreya Prabhu

      I really really wish I had the superpower to make our country clean and green again like it was in olden days and by clean I not only mean the dirt and pollution that we see around with our naked eyes but also the hidden dirt called corruption that people have accepted as a part of the process.
      City: Bangalore

    • Krishna Maharana

      I would surely wish to be as powerful as our superhero Krrish ,who is helpful,emotional n charismatic,truly indian style !!!

    • Rajeshwari Kamale

      name: rajeshwari
      city: mumbai
      i wish ..i can hav all dose skills lyk flying n superpowers… to fight wid bad ppl… alsoo to help dem in difficulties….!!! i will find all dose bad ppl across the world.. to teach dem a lesson….. dat “Buraii ka khatma”….!!!

    • Bidisha Banerjee

      I wish to have the power to remove all corruption and ill practices from the world. I wish to have the power to make the world free from pollution and crimes. I wish to have the power to remove poverty and sorrow from Earth. I want to bring smile in all people’s faces.
      I wish to have the power to make the world a better place to live in.

      My City : Kolkata
      Email Id : bidishabanerjee@live.com

      Thanks for the lovely Giveaway.

    • shruti m

      I wish i had the power to stop Mumbai traffic jams and make everyone reach their destination on time ! i also wish i had the power to find out if the opposite person is telling lies :)
      Shruti Madgavkar (Mumbai)

    • Rinky Kundnani

      I wish I had superpower to remove the ageing effect from all the beautiful and extraordinary women around me.


    • Sabah Ahmad

      I WOULD WANT TO BE KRRISH!!!! I want all of his powers because I WANT O BE HIM!!! im from America and I’m just 14 and i luv krrish more than all of the american heroes!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Rahul

      I wish I had the power to hear people say they are in danger. I would also like to have the strength that krrish has. I also wish I had the power to fly so then I can save people in danger

    • Hrithikian

      Another superpower I wish I could have is to be able to relive moments.. I waited 13 years of my life to meet HRITHIK and now when I Met him, I just wish to relive that moment again and again. He is more than an actor to me. He has been my inspiration, my idol, someone I look up to. So that one moment when he hugged me, means a lot to me.
      I couldn’t say much to him because I was gobsmacked. . But hrithik if u are reading this and u remember me from the apple store event.. You are AMAZING. . Thank you for being the person you are.. We are all so proud of you! And I am proud to be a hrithikian. And I also wanted to ask you, How does it feel to be so good looking??? LOVE YOU Lots :D
      Name : Prerna Mehta
      City: London
      P. S. This bracelet means much more than just a band to me. My idol believes that it gives him strength, and I believe him.

      • Chirag Jain

        ooh god such a lucky girl u are seriously…that uh gotta chance to meet Sir HR…i wish i could ever meet him in my life…just like you…a big big fan of HR sir…truely a HRITHIKIAN…lucky you seriously :D

    • Ronak Baj

      I want to be super fast , I am very slow in doing things whether its reaching to a place or doing my work , being super fast will end all problems

      City – Jaipur

    • Evin Vinod

      name-Evin Vinod
      I wish to have power to save the world from evil and intelligent brain to solve any problems.

    • faisal kaifee

      For My Son (shaizan Raza)…if he become a super hero he likes to fight with evil powers for humanity and save the world..

    • Kaizeen Patel

      I would like to have the powers of both krish and kaya so krish can fly jump and do many thing and kaya can change her forms into many different people so i can change in to many corrupted politicians and can remove corruptions.

      Name :- Kaizeen Patel

      City :- Mumbai

    • Abhijeet Chatterjee

      I wish I had Superman’s x-ray vision, I could detect bombs planted by criminals in crowded places and throw away the bomb far away from Earth and save innocent lives

    • Rahul

      I wish I had the power to fight. Then I would help people in danger!!! That would be so cool if I could

    • swati.juneja

      If i wud have a superpower..i wud fly to hrithik..handover my diary which i had made since knph n maintained till date.spend a day with him..tell hom how much i adore him.n tell him i m her biggestt fan..hug him..n say let fly together n save d world..! :)

      p.s…superpower for my superhero..
      Swati juneja

    • anush

      I would wish for a power of pausing and skipping certain moments things that happen so that me as well as someone else could avoid unwanted situations including accidents………………………..place:bahrain

    • Karan Bhatia

      i want the superpower to tell hrithik not to make krrish4 because u either die a hero or see urself become a villan

    • AKSHIT


    • anish thakur

      I have power that hritik have in krrish all parts that is love towards our nation . I can make the the whole earth green by growing the plants everywhere.I can help the environment by getting polluted by telling all factories to remove all the hazdarous chemical by retreating the smoke which is thrown away by factories through chimenies in the air

    • trashi singh

      Name- Trashi Singh
      City- Indore
      I wish to have power to increase greenery n decrease pollution to make earth a better place to live. Also I want to use the power to finish the crime all round the world…

    • Ishrat Tariq

      Name: Ishrat
      City: Birmingham
      If I had Powers I would do what krrish did with good hopes :)

      Thank You,

    • Aryaman

      Name: Aryaman
      City: Delhi

      I wish I had the power to spread positive energy over everyone like krrish spread the antidote to make people see the brighter side of life and then there wudnt be misery hatred and evil around so we wudnt need any special powers to fight it. This world would be a much much happier place to live in.

      • neer

        Name: SAURABH
        city : Delhi
        I want to be Invisible and help people without them knowing of it.and want to be super fast -lightening speed

    • Parth

      I wish I have power such as my close buddies never ever forget me &
      Power to maintain humbleness like Hrithik :)

    • sreehari

      indian super hero krishhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    • aditya

      name = aditya
      city = Jalandhar
      I want the power that I have in me


      I will use my super-power for my friends at an orphange where I donate all my old clothes , books and toys on my birthday …………..Varun Yogish Shenai …….8yr old ………MUMBAI

    • sheetal pawar

      Name Sheetal Pawar
      City Mumbai
      I wish to have superpower which will help to remove all the evil things poverty corruption and have a world of peace and hormony…l

      • somesh

        good thought.. my fb id is – unclebnc jodhpur

    • meeth jain

      it is the best power of krrish when he flies,when he beats he is handsome and he is best in the world,if you not liked my comment so i will try next time so see you soon for krrish 4

    • meeth jain

      and i want to power of krrishna so i can also save the city,the state,the country and the world

    • meeth jain

      you are my favourite four……. hero,actor in the world

    • fozan

      name fozan khan
      city -lahore valencia town g 200

    • nisarg suthar

      i wish to had power of strength
      ahmedabad bopal

    • Arsh Kohli

      accutally i m really in a need of this mask n band, coz it is so costly in the market and, i do want the krish could be a hero with his technology, like his dad, coz we dont know jadu arrives and took his all miracle powers. so want to be like iron man or krish dad., I wish to be iron man, a man with the technology as simple as that
      name arsh kohli
      city :- bhiwadi, rajasthan
      # 9352323209
      @ arshkohli@hotmail.com
      please send me the gift m oblivious form u.

    • sainikhil

      I think that i have krrish powers

    • Nuyan

      I wish I Had the power of Krrish so can save the world like Krrish did in the movie Krrish 3 City:NewZealand

      203 Great South Rd Manurewa 17 Beamounts Way

      I Love Krrish

      8 Year Old


    • Arpita Pramanick

      I wish i had the power to help street peopls specialy street children who dont get to dress up properly and dont even have to eat food properly everyday.

      Name : Arpita Pramanick
      City : Kolkata
      Email id : arpitapramanick04@gmail.com

    • Illiyan Malik

      Name: Illiyan Malik
      City: Dubai
      Email: rockilliyan.2005@gmail.com
      I wish for a power of Krrish with Batman I will use these powers to destroy bad people and I will stop crime in the world and I would like to help people in danger and even poor and needy people and I will be famous!!!
      Thank you!!! :)

    • Arjun Konda

      My favorite super power would be to magically cure any disease I came across.

      City, Birmingham UK

    • prerna varun dhawan

      i wish i could save the country frmm all kaals act like krrish bt nt have attitude and -ve proud regarding…………i want tht cutty stylish band tht is given by krissh to all krissh in humans ….

    • TARUN

      krrish 3 bestest film i have ever seen

    • TARUN

      iwish that i have the power of krrish to save the entire world from evilness,poverty,currption

    • TARUN

      from tarun,city name-muzaffarpur,bihar mobile no.-9334909119

    • rahul

      i wish i could have krrish powers

      city Faridabad

    • Jigar Shah

      I wish to have the power to remove corruption and crimes all around the World I like to make every one Happy by using my Extra Power

    • Sachin Balagopal

      name:sachin balagopal
      I wish for power like lord shiva,who is the most powerfull god among the every god and helpfull.if my wish come true i will surely save the world.
      e-mail id:sandra.janu2000@gmail.com

    • MEHTAB




    • SBK

      i wish to have the power -the speed of krissh ,to help lot of people from less time

    • sharath tendulkar

      I would like to be krrish because kick in this power

    • Rupanshu Grover

      i will use power to save the world and save the nation just like krrish.
      Name: Rupanshu
      email id: rupanshugrover1206@gmail.com

      City: Mandi Dabwali, Haryana

    • Saim Shakeel

      Name-Saim Shakeel
      I wish i had very fast running super power

    • Anuarg Sharma

      the best way to embibe good quality in chidren

    • Ojas

      Name: Ojas aggarwal
      City: delhi
      I wish to have a powerful mind, strong soul and kindfull heart who can help humanity and save humanity.
      4 yrs old

    • bharti dua

      if i would get krish mask then i will make all the fruits and vegetables pesticide free and try to eliminate poisonous gas due to which everyone is suffering from diseases especially old age citizens and childrens.

      city Delhi
      ph no 9711158069

    • meeth jain

      hi friend nice to see you back,when your krrish 4 will release and please i want the mask please say your answer

    • rajshergillin

      i wish to have the power of all – what Rohit mehra had in Koi mil gaya , Krrish had in Krrish 2 and Kaal have in Krrish 3 so that combined all can be a such unbeatable power to save the planet in many ways

    • Sundas aziz

      sundas aziz from lahore Pakistan
      i wish that i have the power of saving humen lives…..

    • anita sharma

      i wish to become responsible son and responsible citizen of india, also I wish to have a powerful mind, strong soul and kindfull heart who can help humanity and save humanity.

      dheerav sharma

      5 yrs, belapur navi mumbai

    • Neer

      Name: SAURABH
      city : Delhi
      I want to be Invisible and help people without them knowing of it.and want to be super fast -lightening speed.

    • prerna varun dhawan

      when u gonna announce winnnnnnnnnnnnerssssssssssssssss

    • prerna varun dhawan

      itsssssssssssss being so longgggggggggg

    • vishnu vardhan nayak

      I will help the people who was in difficult situation

      • anvar sadat

        Name ashfaq zafarullah
        City qatar
        I would like to be krrish.I will save people from danger

    • Anwer

      i would wish to have the power to control minds……………….. :)
      city: lahore
      country: Pakistan

    • Dilli

      I wish to Had Krrish power only because his power saves so many people. I like krrish power only.
      My City: Tirupati

    • Vasu Somani

      I will wish to the super power for my god shreenath ji

    • mohammad faisal

      name of movie==krish generation or krish returns
      i want you to change the power of hritik,son after krish3 and make him a green hero with a green mask the green hero has powers to change any trash place or destroyed places and make them rebuild again and there is the evils kingdom who has krish and his wife in a cage with them and the emperor of evil is very strong and bad on people and the son of krish is not under the arrest of evil and he lives alone and he really works for the evil and his powers are all not into him he is not aware of them and the sudden he understands and he makes smaller changes and improvements in his powers and becomes a hero but cannot alone fight against evil and here comes the kaya’s son with more better supper powers and they help each other to fight evil and free ritik’s family and make the live in democracy level free not under the marshal law of evil

    • mohammad faisal

      if you want to make a big story movie then make the krissh 3 son die and and hritik in prisson of evil and they dont have any hope and there comes two super powers with split powers and identity and they get together and then they know that they are childrens of katrina kaif who was once sexed by krissh and she got pregnant but no one was aware of even krissh and these brother and sister get together with the son of kaal

    • anvar sadat

      Name ashfaq zafarullah
      City qatar
      I would like to be krrish.I will save people from danger

    • utkrisht singh chauhan

      I will use the super power that is inside my body means my heart of love and care i don,t want to become like superman and spiderman. I am hero itself without super powers but with power in my heart.

    • swaroop

      I wish that i would have powers like krrish

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