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  • Have You Met Johnnie Bombay?

    MissMalini, February 22, 2014

    Going by his Instagram feed he knows everybody in Bollywood :) I think this is pure genius and exactly what we need a little more of in the Indian film industry – funny people who don’t take themselves too seriously!  Johnnie Bombay claims to be L-I-V-I-N…MORE


    6 Celebrity Tweets That Deserved a RT and One That Deserves an Answer.

    MissMalini, January 29, 2014

    Well at least I think so :) I was strolling through the Twitterverse this evening today and these 6 celebrity tweets just somehow caught my eye, so of course – I retweeted them! I totally agree! Wow, where is this place?! Gotta love a beautiful…MORE


    Industrywalla: Are Bollywood Actresses Pressured Into Plastic Surgery?

    Industrywalla, December 20, 2013

    MissMalini reader Mocha sent in this question for our Industrywala: Are actresses under pressure to have plastic surgery in Bollywood? Do they ever feel discriminated during screen tests if they don’t look a certain way or a certain size? Industrywalla: Interesting question. The biggest production house in the country Yash…MORE


    Exclusive: Sid Mallya Talks Career, Love and Deepika Padukone!

    MissMalini, December 19, 2013
    Sid Mallya

    Look who dropped into the Team MissMalini office the other day! Sid Mallya is back from LA looking like a lean, mean health machine! In fact he spent Tuesday morning shooting for the cover of Men’s Health and told us all about his special tricks…MORE


    Finding Bollywood in Madrid!

    Melissa Wright, December 10, 2013
    Crowd at BollyMadrid 2013

    In September 2012, I left the United States, the country of my birth and my home for thirty years, and moved to Spain’s capital and largest city: Madrid. In preparation for a new life on a new continent, I packed two pairs of shoes, three…MORE


    5 Amazing Bollywood Makeovers You Won’t Believe!

    MissMalini, November 26, 2013
    Urmila Matondkar in Rangeela

    Anybody who has followed the evolution of “western fashion” in Bollywood since the late 80s has probably done so with their jaw on the floor. (I’m saying this because I’ve grown up on movies like Nagina and Khoon Bhari Maang and hopefully so have some of you!) So…MORE


    Is Saif Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor’s New Stylist?!

    MissMalini, November 22, 2013
    Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor

    Aha! As expected, Kareena Kapoor might just be digging into hubby Saif Ali Khan‘s wardrobe (for her accessories at least.) So it’s not the EXACT same bandana agreed (and we certainly hope not considering he wore his one nearly 5 years ago to a Bachna Ae Haseeno special screening!) BUT…MORE


    Tuk-Tuk Diaries: London

    Sabah Khan, October 14, 2013

    Hello Fashion lovers!! I am your very own tuk-tuk girl (Sabah Khan) and I am currently here in London, having a great time post my brother’s Big Fat Indian Wedding!! Speaking of weddings, I started exploring the fashion scene here and I must say, I…MORE


    Nida Mahmood’s Advice on How To Dress Like a Bollywood Villian!

    MissMalini, October 13, 2013
    MissMalini and Nida Mahmood

    Nida Mahmood loves Bollywood, and it shows :) This time at Wills India Fashion Week I asked her for some advice about our next dress up day at Team MissMalini (which happens to be Halloween so we’re doing Bollywood Villains as per Nowshad‘s choice!) and she…MORE


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