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  • Bipasha Basu Reacts to John Abraham’s Marriage News

    Industrywalla, January 4, 2014
    Bipasha Basu Instagram

    So I hear Bipasha Basu was unfazed by the news of John Abraham tweeting about his marriage. Bips who is in Goa holidaying and spending the new year with boyfriend Harman Baweja told friends that she was aware about John tying the knot (just like MissMalini…MORE

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    Airport Spotting: John Abraham Returns from LA

    Karen Alfonso, January 4, 2014
    John Abraham

    John Abraham arrived back in the city from his vacation in LA where wife Priya Runchal‘s parents are based. The actor had tweeted yesterday wishing everyone a very happy new year from John and Priya Abraham, finally admitting that the pair were indeed married. Before…MORE

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    Check Out The Hottest Bollywood Gossip This Week!

    MissMalini, January 3, 2014

    Here’s a recap of the hottest Bollywood gossip from the week gone by, JUST in case you missed anything, you know? :) Today’s big news is that John Abraham has FINALLY (and very subtly) come out and admitted that he’s M-A-R-R-I-E-D! Yup, he tweeted New Year’s wishes from “John and Priya…MORE

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    Industrywalla Confirms John Abraham & Priya Runchal’s Marriage

    Rashmi Daryanani, January 3, 2014
    John Abraham & Priya Runchal

    We already told you that although John Abraham took the plunge and officially announced his marriage to Priya Runchal now – in a very low key manner, on Twitter – he has been married to her for a while now. We first broke the news about his marriage in…MORE

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    OMG! Did John Abraham Just Finally Admit He’s Married?

    Rashmi Daryanani, January 3, 2014
    John and Priya Abraham

    There are many ways to break the news that you’re married, but instead of making a huge deal about it, John Abraham chose to do it in a subtle way. The actor, who was just in Los Angeles to bring in the New Year, tweeted wishes for…MORE

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    “I Want People to Know Me as John Abraham, The Person.”

    Rashmi Daryanani, November 16, 2013
    John Abraham

    Ever wondered what it was like, living an actor’s life? According to John Abraham, his life, at least, isn’t all that different from anyone else’s – and he’ll be proving it to you soon, with a show on NDTV Good Times called John Abraham: A Simple…MORE

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    Hot or Not: John Abraham in Superdry?

    Zina Tasreen, October 21, 2013
    John Abraham in Superdry, Diesel and Vans (Photo courtesy | Yogen Shah)

    I know, I’ve been much too critical of John Abraham’s sloppy sartorial choices for… ever, but his latest outing gets a full thumbs-up from me. (Hurray! No flip-flops in sight!) Yeah, he simply nailed the casual look in that “eclipse navy” Superdry premium appliqué t-shirt,…MORE

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    Spotted: John Abraham in His Sexy & Sleek Lamborghini

    Ranjit Rodricks, October 21, 2013
    John Abraham

    Back in April, we told you that speed demon John Abraham had bought himself a sleek black Lamborghini and taken Karan Johar for the first ride. At the time, he had not confirmed the purchase to the media. Given that he was spotted in the same…MORE

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    Super Cute! John Abraham, Nimrat Kaur Pose With Adorable Pets

    Rashmi Daryanani, October 19, 2013
    John Abraham

    Okay, this is probably the first time that we’ve received a picture of John Abraham and we’re not staring at him at all – in fact, the attention has completely been stolen by these gorgeous pets! This is a behind-the-scenes still from the shoot of the…MORE

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    John Abraham on Making ‘Hatke’ Cinema

    Rashmi Daryanani, September 20, 2013
    The Front Row with Anupama Chopra

    The Front Row with Anupama Chopra this week features an interesting theme: zara hatke. Anupama will be chatting with Bollywood personalities who have made an attempt to stand out with the kind of films that they do, whether it be Irrfan Khan (as an actor), John Abraham (as a producer), or Vikramaditya Motwane (as a…MORE

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    Vote: Priyanka Chopra vs. John Abraham – Who Wore Black Better?

    Ranjit Rodricks, September 6, 2013
    Priyanka Chopra

    It was quite the fashion black out at the airport last night as two of Bollywood’s most dazzlings stars, dressed-down and grungy, left on a long haul flight to South Africa for the SAIFTA awards. Dostana co-stars John Abraham and Priyanka Chopra were en route…MORE

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