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  • Team MissMalini’s Fabulous Photo Shoot!

    MissMalini, July 30, 2014
    Team MissMalini (photo courtesy Society Mandate)

    I’m sure you’ve seen some of these pictures floating around my Facebook already, but I’ve been meaning to blog them AND show you a longer glimpse of the awesome #MissMaliniDreamTeam shoot we did with Society Mandate Magazine in living motion, where Nairita Mukherjee and team made us…MORE

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    Watch: In Conversation With Vidya Balan For Bobby Jasoos! #MMFridays

    Rashmi Daryanani, July 4, 2014
    MissMalini and Vidya Balan

    We hope you’ve already caught Bobby Jasoos in cinemas – or are planning to this weekend – since the film looks like a refreshing, fun watch! In the meantime, though, MissMalini will hosted a LIVE Google+ Hangout with none other than Bobby herself, Vidya Balan! Not only did MissMalini speak…MORE

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    Who Tweeted What? Indian Comics Decode Funny Bollywood Tweets!

    MissMalini, June 14, 2014

    Remember I told you how much I died laughing when celebrities read out the mean tweets they got on Jimmy Kimmel‘s TV show? This is nothing like that :) But I thought it would be fun to get some of India’s funny people to read…MORE

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    WATCH NOW: India’s Funniest Stand-Up Comics On Fridays With MissMalini

    Dhruvi Shah, June 13, 2014
    Fridays with MissMalini

    India’s funniest stand-up comics Aditi Mittal, Tanmay Bhat, Anuvab Pal, Danesh Irani and Atul Khatri are on Fridays With MissMalini to tickle your funny bone. Tune in for the LIVE Google+ Hangout at 2:30pm for a good dose of laughter. Don’t forget to tweet @MissMalini…MORE

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    WATCH NOW: Rahat Fateh Ali Khan Hangout With MissMalini

    Dhruvi Shah, June 10, 2014
    Hangout with Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

    In the very first episode of ‘The Sofa’, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan is chatting with MissMalini in a LIVE Google+ Hangout. Catch the singer talk to his fans about his brand new album, ‘Back 2 Love’, his music and life. Don’t forget to tweet @MissMalini…MORE

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    WATCH NOW: MissMalini, Chetan Kapoor & Ashwin Mushran Talk #FIFA On #MMFridays

    Dhruvi Shah, June 6, 2014
    FIFA For Dummies #MMFridays G+ Hangout

    Are you gearing up for Football season? FIFA 2014 in Brazil promises to be a super exciting time, and we’ve got our favorite footie boys, Chetan Kapoor and Ashwin Mushran to fill you in on all the action to watch out for and teams to…MORE

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    Ladies! What If You Could Photoshop Your Face In Real Life?

    MissMalini, May 22, 2014
    MissMalini and Nishka Lulla

    A chance to model Nishka Lulla‘s easy-breezy “Fly Away” capsule collection for her collaboration with one of my favorite make up brands? I don’t mind if I do! Who knew blogging could be so glamorous eh? ;) Plus I got to hang out with these lovely #geekchic ladies -…MORE

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    Here’s How to Work the Blues Into a Cool Summer Look

    Marv D'Souza, May 12, 2014

    As the temperature rises, here’s one way to beat the heat. There’s a key element from the ocean or the blue skies that you can bring in to your summer-style. We’re talking about the calm tones of light blues. We’ve picked out a few celebrities…MORE

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    WATCH LIVE: #7DaysForMom MissMalini’s Hangout With Tara Sharma!

    Dhruvi Shah, May 7, 2014
    Hangout with Tara Sharma Saluja

    As you know, Mother’s Day is on 11th May and as part of #7DaysForMoms, MissMalini is hosting a special, LIVE Google+ Hangout with the lovely mummy, Tara Sharma Saluja. Make sure you RSVP on Google+ and then tune in RIGHT HERE at 3pm IST to…MORE

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    Now Everyone Knows #WhatsUPIrrfan

    MissMalini - Advertorial, April 17, 2014

    The second half of April 7th saw a major blip on the Twitter radar when Raveena Tandon (@TandonRaveena) said this about something that Irrfan Khan (@Irrfan_K) apparently did. Her followers immediately picked it up, and the speculative convos started pouring in on twitter under the…MORE

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    #MMBackstageJury: Team MissMalini Votes on Varun Dhawan & Ileana D’Cruz’s Style

    Team MissMalini, April 7, 2014
    #MMBackstageJury: Varun Dhawan & Ileana D'Cruz

    You won’t believe the conversations/discussions Team MissMalini has over Bollywood celebrities and their style (and the amount of drool accumulating on our floors!), so here’s a peak BACKSTAGE at the MissMalini HQs before we reach a verdict! Rashmi Daryanani: He looks cute and I really…MORE

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