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Samreen Tungekar
Admit it, you’ve stood in front of the mirror and re-enacted your favourite character from a movie. Don’t stress, we’ve all done it and it’s totally normal behaviour. Some characters are written exceptionally well and portrayed even better on screen, leaving us no choice but to fall in love with them permanently. So here are 10 […]
January 22, 2015
Swagata Dam
Having worked with Stardust for three years in the past, I am much aware of the brouhaha that occurs behind the scenes before and during their award function every year. I am sure it was no different this time. But this year, the Stardust Awards was definitely much bigger and better in terms of the performances, the set and […]
January 12, 2015
Sheefa Gilani
Manish Malhotra has been Bollywood’s favourite designer since forever. His outfits have been every bride’s dream and on every actress’ wishlist. The celebrity designer has dressed Bollywood’s leading ladies fairly occasionally – Kareena Kapoor Khan has been seen in his outfits the most – but we at Team MissMalini want a little more. So, we decided to […]
January 10, 2015
Swagata Dam
Our B-town is no alien to catfights amongst its heroines. Cold wars and tiffs are quite common when it comes to the leading ladies of Bollywood. So it’s always interesting to see them talking about each other or conversing with one another. That’s exactly why this video has got me rather excited. After all, it […]
December 22, 2014
Swagata Dam
Kamaal R Khan is known for his notorious deeds. And while he sends goodnight kisses to some of our B-town beauties, he also rubs many of them the wrong way quite often. One of his recent targets has been Sonakshi Sinha. From calling her a ‘flop actress’ to making fun of her body – he has […]
December 17, 2014
Mishti Shirke
After the Stardust Awards 2014 which took place last night, we couldn’t wait to see what some our fave beauty queens strutted on the red carpet – And boy, we weren’t disappointed! We picked some of the outfits we thought were most memorable – check out these divas and their glitzy, eye-catching ensembles! 1) Jacqueline […]
December 15, 2014
Anushka Mulchandani
Ace designer Manish Malhotra celebrated his birthday yesterday and how old is he anyway? Man never seems to age! What’s your secret Manish? Whatever it is, top points to you because we love you and we love all your designs even more. Obviously we aren’t the only ones. Bollywood as well as the city’s socialites […]
December 6, 2014
Priyam Saha
I have always loved the The Viral Fever guys. I have never been able to decide if I like their Chai, Sutta Chronicles series better or The Making Of series. Like I didn’t have enough choices to make already, they’ve come up with their brilliant new series called Barely Speaking With Arnub. Arnub spoofs Arnab Goswami; a job […]
November 19, 2014
Swagata Dam
We all know (by now) that Ranveer Singh has a penchant for all things quirky. The actor never shies away from experimenting with his looks and often steps out in outfits that most of his contemporaries would never dare to wear. That’s exactly why the fashion police loves him. And guess who else loves him […]
November 12, 2014
Priyam Saha
Funnily enough, chances are when you Google ‘Scorpio,’ you might be presented with a list of cars that Rohit Shetty blows up in his movies. However, on further digging, those of you who’ve been living under a rock would find out that it’s the 8th sun sign of the Zodiac calender (October 23- November 21). A […]
November 11, 2014