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  • No Clash Of The Chopra Sisters This Year!

    Divya Rao, August 14, 2014
    Priyanka Chopra

    Remember when Priyanka Chopra and Parineeti Chopra were pitted against each other last year? Their films Zanjeer and Shuddh Desi Romance clashed at the box office with Parineeti taking the lead! History was all set to repeat itself this year too with Mary Kom and…MORE

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    Amitabh Bachchan Is All Praises For Priyanka Chopra As Mary Kom!

    Herliscar, August 11, 2014
    Priyanka Chopra as Mary Kom

    Priyanka Chopra has been kicking solid ass as Mary Kom and the entire industry and us (because we are very important as well) have been raving about it since day 1! So when Priyanka visited the sets of Kaun Banega Crorepati hosted by Amitabh Bachchan…MORE

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    7 Bollywood Couples We’d Like To See in Chetan Bhagat’s Adaptation o...

    Divya Rao, August 10, 2014
    Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone

    Okay okay, we know the book isn’t being made into a movie just yet! But considering the fact that every book written by this author has found its way onto the silver screen, with all of them doing so well, we couldn’t help but speculate…MORE

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    Look, Priyanka Chopra’s Wedding Selfie!

    MissMalini, August 3, 2014
    Siva from The Wanted, Anjula and Priyanka Chopra

    Look who’s hanging out! Priyanka Chopra was in LA last night for her cousin’s sangeet and posed with Siva from The Wanted & Anjula Acharia-Bath (founder of Desi Hits). PC also posted this selfie on Instagram nine hours ago so I’m guessing that’s the bride :) cute!

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    How To Take Selfies Like a Bollywood Diva!

    Devanshi Kapadia, August 3, 2014
    Priyanka Chopra

    We all know, unless you’ve been living under a rock, that “selfie” was 2013’s word of the year, which turned into plenty of different variations of the selfie. Like the ‘belfie’ (I’m sure you remember that that from this year’s IIFA!), basically a selfie of your butt….MORE

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    The #SELFIE Song Gets A Desi Twist! Also Discover The Hidden Meaning In Every Se...

    Herliscar, August 3, 2014
    Selfie Song

    The Oxford Dictionary called it the word of the year and we have already told you how much we laughed our butts off at the #SELFIE song! Now what more could this band, The Chainsmokers song add to it to pique our interest again? Include…MORE

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    8 Fashionable Instagram Stars Of The Week

    Anushka Mulchandani, August 2, 2014
    Who's Your Agency?

    Don’t you just love Instagram? You can follow all your favourite celebrities and keep up with what everyone’s doing – all you have to do is scroll. Suddenly Facebook and Twitter aren’t the only things you can procrastinate on. While it’s a great source of…MORE

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    Deepika, Katrina or Priyanka? Who Will Make The Cut?

    Divya Rao, August 1, 2014
    Priyanka Chopra, Deepika Padukone

    Madame Tussauds, London is looking for the next big Bollywood figure to add to their existing list of Bollywood wax statues! Amitabh Bachchan, Kareena Kapoor, Aishwarya Rai, Shah Rukh Khan and Hrithik Roshan are a few of the chosen celebrities to have their statues at this…MORE

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    10 Bollywood Actresses Who Can Pull Off A Nose Ring

    Rimple Guron, August 1, 2014
    Priyanka Chopra in Ram Chahe Leela

    A nose ring is THE accessory that Indian women have been wearing for hundreds of years. Our very own Bollywood beauties have also been seen sporting the accessory in numerous movies. The fun thing about the nose ring is that each actress that wears it…MORE

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    10 Must Have Make-Up Shades For Every Desi Girl

    Jyotika Udeshi, July 31, 2014
    Priyanka Chopra in Mikhael Kale

    Gone are the days when fair skin and light eyes ruled the world! Desi girls, like Frieda Pinto, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, and Priyanka Chopra are on top of their game. Follow these colour schemes to enhance your inner desi-ness! Gold, bronze and copper No, we…MORE

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    7 Bollywood Celebrities Who Know How To ‘Normcore’

    Anushka Mulchandani, July 30, 2014
    Jacqueline Fernandez

    The word hasn’t been added to any dictionary just yet but I feel like if ‘bootylicious’ can make it, then ‘normcore’ can’t be far behind. An adjective used to define the type of clothing that isn’t meant to stand out but actually blend in, celebrities…MORE

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