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  • 5 Super Cool Ways To Style A Crop Top

    Sheefa Gilani, September 20, 2014
    Alia Bhatt

    The crop trend was spotted everywhere this season and I love how this trend has dextrously travelled from spring to fall. It might seem daunting at first but when done right, the crop is sexy, chic and sophisticated all at the same time. Personally, I…MORE

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    BandraRoad Shows You How To Be Tomboy Chic In 8 Simple Ways!

    Surelee Joseph, September 18, 2014
    I love oversized jackets, if you feel like the sleeves are too big for your arms, cut them off to make it a cool oversized vest (Pic | thefashiontag.wordpress.com)

    I have had a long standing relationship with dressing up like a tomboy, maybe because growing up I always wanted to be a boy and since I couldn’t magically turn into one, I started dressing up like one. Till date, I feel more comfortable in…MORE

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    Dare To Wear Double Denim? Here Are 5 Ways You Can!

    Sheefa Gilani, September 16, 2014
    Kim Kardashian { www.facebook.com/kimkardashian }

    Are you are a jean junkie? Are you in love with the 90′s denim trend? You’re in luck! Now you don’t do denim just on the bottom! We’re showing you 5 super trendy ways to rock the trend of the season, on the bottom AND on…MORE

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    5 Sleazy Numbers You Can’t Listen To With Your Parents!!

    Shreemi Verma, September 9, 2014
    BandraRoad takes on Rihanna's animal instinct style

    There are songs and there are sleazy songs. Songs are nice, have a good beat, make you want to dance the night away or sing them at a karaoke. Sleazy songs on the other hand are nice *wink*, have a good beat *wink wink*, make…MORE

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    Miley Cyrus Spotted Partying, But Where Are Her Clothes?

    Anushka Mulchandani, September 7, 2014
    Twitter | @ExtraMileyCyrus

    So New York Fashion Week is on and Alexander Wang just finished showing his newest collection. Once the stress of the show was done, Wang decided to let off some steam and, well, threw a party. But this wasn’t some everyday party, this was a…MORE

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    12 Reasons I Absolutely Adore Cara Delevingne

    Parakram Rana, August 13, 2014
    Foodie Cara

    Just like how Kate Moss was the Supermodel of the 90’s era, I feel Cara Delevingne is that of the present era. I love how fun, independent and rebellious she is. In this era where social media has a lot to play, we have Cara…MORE

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    BandraRoad: Dress Like Rihanna, For Less!

    Marv D'Souza, July 24, 2014
    BandraRoad takes on Rihanna's animal instinct style

    Far away from pretty dresses and girly themes played by pop divas, Rihanna is one of the few stars who pushes the style envelope with her bad ass street style. She sure has a strong obsession with animal prints, and today on BandraRoad, we’re bringing…MORE

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    Bastille Is Brilliantly Covering All Your Favourite Songs! (And A Silly Miley Cy...

    Marv D'Souza, July 4, 2014
    Bastille's Dan Smith performing and Miley Cyrus (inset)

    From The XX to Miley Cyrus and even Michael Jackson, Bastille is giving hard core music lovers something to dance to. The hipster Brit brand covers popular tracks (apart from performing their originals singles) with their own twist to it. Front man, Dan Smith‘s, Brit-accent heavy vocals…MORE

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    Forbes Reveals The Most Powerful Musician in the World!

    MissMalini, June 30, 2014
    who is she?

    One of my favorite International bloggers Just Jared just shared ”Forbes 10 Most Powerful Musician’s In The World” list and guess who’s bang on top? (Oh man, JLo’s gonna be pissed, especially after that World Cup opening debacle with her Brazilian clone on stage, WTF was that btw?)…MORE

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    Rihanna Bares It All – Yet Again!

    Anushka Mulchandani, June 4, 2014
    Rihanna at the CFDA Awards (Pic | ImageCollect.com)

    At the recently concluded CFDA awards, the winner of the prestigious 2014 Fashion Icon of the Year, Rihanna, showed up in what looked like no clothes at all. How ironic! She raised all eyebrows at the event in a racy sheer Swarovski studded gown accessorized…MORE

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    BandraRoad’s The Dope On… Denim: History and Icons, Part 1

    Marv D'Souza, May 8, 2014
    British Skinheads in 80s Denim: The cast of 'This Is England'

    Denim is probably the coolest and most versatile garment that exists in all of our wardrobes. It can be styled in so many ways and it manages to maintain its own identity. What makes it iconic? Where did it come from? How was it invented and most importantly, how…MORE

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