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  • In Pictures: Imran Khan, Aamir Khan & Shah Rukh Khan Step Out On Eid

    Team MissMalini, July 30, 2014
    Imran Khan

    During the festivals, between spending time with their families, meeting their friends and taking some time off work, the celebrities always find time to come out and wish their fans. So on the occasion of Eid yesterday, we spotted some celebrities doing exactly that. Imran…MORE

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    When Farah Khan Got Tipsy With 2 Directors (And Other Fun Things Celebs Did This...

    Rashmi Daryanani, July 28, 2014
    Farah Khan with Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Vishal Bhardwaj

    If you’re spending this Monday recovering from an exciting weekend, you’re not alone: our Bollywood celebrities too were out-and-about these past three days, whether for work – promotional rounds! – or parties. We’re rounding up some of the most fun and interesting things they did…MORE

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    3 Celebrity Wives That Are So Much More Than Arm Candy!

    Devanshi Kapadia, July 27, 2014
    Gauri Khan

    These celebrity wives may not have seen the limelight until, of course, they fell in love and married some of B-Town’s biggest superstars. But don’t get it twisted. They’re not just sitting around getting mani-pedis. Here are 3 amazing women who have supported their spouses’…MORE

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    Shah Rukh Khan Answers: Qualities of a Husband, Dealing With Critics & What...

    Rashmi Daryanani, July 25, 2014
    Shah Rukh Khan

    There’s no doubt that Shah Rukh Khan is one of the wittiest, most profound people in the industry. We see it in press conferences, during live events, and even on Twitter. So when we realised that the superstar was hosting an #AskSRK session on Twitter, where his…MORE

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    Why Won’t Rohit Shetty Work With Karan Johar?

    Industrywalla, July 25, 2014
    Rohit Shetty

    Remember the announcement made earlier that Rohit Shetty had been brought on board by Karan Johar‘s production house, Dharma Productions? At that time, Karan had even gone on record to say that he admires Rohit as a filmmaker and a person, and his track record as a…MORE

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    Can You Handle It? Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, Abhishek Bachchan, Yo Yo Ho...

    Dhruvi Shah, July 24, 2014

    If we said Bollywood, you’re thinking Shah Rukh Khan, stories and music. And we also know Bollywood is ‘world famous’. So, get ready world, SLAM! THE TOUR (STT) is coming your way! Some of the biggest Bollywood stars, Mr Shah Rukh Khan, Mrs Farah Khan…MORE

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    Revealed: The Brains Behind 10 Stylish Men In Bollywood

    Anushka Mulchandani, July 22, 2014
    Ranveer Singh in Versace at the nomination party for the 59th Filmfare Awards

    One thing I found out while gathering information for this post, the men in Bollywood do not stick to just one stylist. They keep switching it up and while clothes might not be their main focus point when they get out of the house, considering…MORE

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    Want to See Photos of Shah Rukh Khan’s Son, AbRam?

    Industrywalla, July 21, 2014
    Shah Rukh Khan

    Have you been waiting to get a glimpse of Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan‘s son, AbRam? While other star kids have been spotted out and about, SRK has not brought AbRam out in public, in an attempt to avoid him being photographed. Like I told you earlier, it’s…MORE

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    How Dreamy Does Shah Rukh Khan Look in These Photos?!

    Rashmi Daryanani, July 21, 2014
    Shah Rukh Khan

    I’m not generally a fan of men with facial hair, but Shah Rukh Khan is one of those Bollywood guys who definitely make it work! In fact, I generally prefer him with scruff – and these pictures are proof that he can look so handsome while…MORE

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    Shah Rukh Khan is Going MAD!

    Team MissMalini, July 16, 2014
    Shah Rukh Khan and Saahil Prem

    Shah Rukh Khan has decided to lend his support to Saahil Prem‘s upcoming film, MAD – Mad About Dance. The film, which also stars Amrit Maghera in the lead, had its trailer launched today (by Farah Khan). Apparently, Saahil made sure to show Shah Rukh the trailer of the film before…MORE

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    Bollywood’s Take On the FIFA World Cup!

    Shivani Bafna, July 15, 2014
    The 2014 World Cup and the official match ball, Brazuca

    Interested in all your favorite Bollywood stars’ take on the FIFA World Cup final match? Well, we present to you the B-town celebs’ tweets regarding the final game that took place the other night in Brazil! From celebs physically present at the event to celebs…MORE

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