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MissMalini , 20 May 2008

Here it is Antilla – in all its glory!

The partially completed home of Mumbai-based petrochemicals giant Reliance Industries head Mukesh Ambani, will stand 27 stories high and is expected to cost $2 billion. Ambani, the fifth richest man in the world, his wife Nita Ambani (who everybody knows is the real boss) and three children currently live in a 22-story Mumbai tower the family has spent years remodeling and refashioning to meet its needs.

Incidentally Antilla’s shape is based on Vaastu, an Indian tradition much like Feng Shui that is said to move energy beneficially through the building by strategically placing materials, rooms and objects. As an extra challenge at Nita’s request no two floors are alike in either plans or materials used, for example if a metal, wood or crystal is part of the ninth-floor design, it shouldn’t be used on the eleventh floor.
At a glance:

Antilla's Interiors
Antilla's Interiors
Antilla's Interiors II

9 elevators
crystal chandeliers that will take up approximately 80% of the ceiling
a full-fledged theater, indistinguishable from a cinema
a wine room, snack bar and entertaining space
a lap pool and Jacuzzi
Yoga and dance studios
a solarium with a juice bar
six floors of parking
hanging vertical gardens
outdoor entertaining space with panoramic views of the Mumbai skyline.

The only remotely comparable high-rise property currently on the market is the $70 million triplex penthouseat the Pierre Hotel in New York, designed to resemble a French chateau, and climbing 525 feet in the air. When the Ambani residence is finished in January, completing a four-year process, it will be 550 feet high with 400,000 square feet of interior space.

Jealous much?

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