Backstage with Shamita VII

MissMalini , 25 Oct 2008

Day 5 was a killer. It seemed like the longest day ever. All of us saturated by now. Tired and irritable but just the thought of it being the last day kept us going. And ofcourse not to forget the umpteen number of trips we made to the bar that also kept us going. Backstage was moving real slow and unfortunately there was a bit of an incident that occurred that wasn’t pleasant. One of the girls got her hair burnt by mistake while her hair do was being done. And she lost quite a bit of it. Poor girl howled like a baby but within no time she was consoled and everything went back to normal as the show must go on.

One of my favourite shows I did that day was for Lina Tipnis. I thought her clothes were fantastic and I really enjoyed myself during the show. The energy was right and so was the music. Chaitanya Rao and Raakesh Agarwal also outdid themselves. The earlier clothes were structured and well fitted while the laters were dreamy and drapey. All the girls really felt beautiful in the show and some of us wanted to keep some of the outfits which unfortunately we don’t get to do but Raakesh being a sweetheart never says no to us.

The finale show as usual was spectacular and a perfect end to the week. Sabhyasachi’s each piece was a work of art. All his clothes hung up backstage looked like faces, each with different but beautiful features. He patiently dressed up each and everyone of us personally and only then did his procession start. A standing ovation later we were all geared up to hop skip and jump to the finale party, of which I have no memory now!

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