Can you Handle This?

MissMalini , 30 Oct 2008

Flobots are an alternative rock/rap band from Denver, CO. They consist of Jonny 5 (vocals), Brer Rabbit (vocals), Mackenzie Roberts (viola), Jessie Walker (bass), Andy Guerrero (guitar), Joe Ferrone (trumpet) and Kenny Ortiz (drums). Their single “Handlebars” (from their upcoming debut album Fight With Tools) is a huge hit on alternative rock radio.

Directed by groundbreaking video production/animation collective Dirty UK, the video’s “breakthrough animation style perfectly captures the provocative Denver band’s deft mixture of prescient hip hop, combustible funk/rock, and socially aware wordplay that has made them the standout newcomers of 2008.”

Jonny 5 says, “I had a friend a few years ago who asked me if I ever tried to ride my bike with no handlebars. I hadn’t, so I tried it. Got to thinking about all the other things I could do – we could do. The song came so fast to me I actually called my mom’s answering machine to record the lyrics and make sure I got it all down. Of course it’s also about how even our best intentions are laden with some sort of opposite. We like to think that FLOBOTS are about directing that positive energy into real change.”

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