So I made it! The airport was smooth and Virgin Atlantic rocks. I do have a suggestion if you’re listening though;

Dr. Mr. Richard Branson,

Might I suggest that you take the whole “SMS any seat on the plane” to the next level and  introduce a little “single-mingle” program for the not-so-frequent-flyer? The thing is, after all the movies we’ve seen where girl-meets-boy and the forces of nature take over its really quite heart-breaking to end up trapped at a lonely window seat next to (without fail) the most boring person on the plane. So wouldn’t it be great if you could synch your facebook profile to your online check in and end up seated next to a potential “match” for the flight? Just a thought.




So to combat my co-passanger blues I did something I’ve never done before. I walked up to a few people who looked friendly enough and struck up a conversation. I know this is a major breach of protocol at 30,000 feet but I highly recomend it. The last 3 hours literally flew by and I think I made some new friends!