Reagent Street
Retail Therapy

Day 3 of my epic vacation and we decided to hit the shops. Oh My God. I have never seen so many things I’ve wanted to buy all in one place before in my life. However the fact that trying anything on requires the removal of 5 layers of clothing is an effective detterent! (I’m also trying not to cave since everyone says New York will be cheaper.) I did score the tights, skirt & boots outfit I’ve admired all my life and plan to take it out on the town tonight and then we went nuts at Hamleys toy store which is the ultimate destination for children of all ages. They currently have a “fake snow” mix on sale which feels just like the real thing. Wicked.

My Winter Wardrobe
My Winter Wardrobe

Part of the magic of Christmas I’m told is all in the window dressing. Selfridges has a dozen windows dedicated to Santa’s life behind the scenes. I highly recommend a visit and walk down to get you in the “jingle bell” zone. I’m told Harrods has a magnificent one too and will check that out tommorow. Tonight I’ll be catching up with Reshma Bombaywalla who’s moved here too so watch this space…

Santa's Ride
Santa’s Ride