The Fight Club

Malini Agarwal

After the very filmy spat between the show’s host Sajid Khan and best director award winner Ashutosh Gowarikar at the recent Star Screen Awards, it seems the industry has put Sajid in the dog house despite sister Farah Khan’s attempts to smooth things over on stage (which I’m not sure she did very well either…)

Subhash Ghai has gone all out by sending text messages to everyone in his phone book saying “All respected filmmakers and artistes fully support Ashutosh Gowarikar’s stand to speak on Screen awards against the cheap and humiliating jokes on industry people in public, where they are supposed to honour the contestants and the winners… it was height of making commercial awards function as a cheap entertainment show at the cost of celebrities, artistes and individuals. Industry shall stop going to attend such functions in future if such arrogance continues.”

If you’re just hearing about this,  the drama went down in Mumbai on January 14. As a co-host of the Star Screen Awards, along with his sister Farah, Sajid had been cracking jokes at the expense of several celebrities. When Ashutosh Gowarikar came on stage to accept his award, he voiced his displeasure at Sajid’s humour and also the fact that he was not allowing many award winners to give an acceptance speech. He also said that the people would rather listen to the artistes than Sajid’s jokes.

When Sajid told him that the jokes were part of the script, Ashu asked him to shut up and walked off. Not one to let things slide, Sajid put in the last word saying, “Nobody’s father can ask me to shut up”.

Now play nice boys or I’ll tell mom.